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Lomo LC-A Photoshop Action

I read a tutorial of this effect months ago. But my PS-skills were that bad, that i wasn't able to redo that tutorial. Now, a few months later i am able to do the tut. I like the effect so much that i did this action for all of you to share this effect.

some of you might know the tutorial. it can be found here: [link]

to explain, what a Lomo LC-A is, here's a explanation: [link]

you can use this action as much as you want but it would be nice to leave me a note or a link to the picture you added this effect.

made with photoshop cs2.
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thanks for this action :)
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Great action! I knew the tutorial already from that site yeah, but this is loads easier!:) Used the action here: [link]

Thanks again:)
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looks nice,but,however - real lomo photographs don't need any photoshop or digital improvement - that's the whole point of analog photography,imho :)
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Yay! My laptop crashed awhile back along with all my lomo-actions. I'll be happy to play with this one.

Thanks for sharing~ :+fav:
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you are soooooo welcome!
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I downloaded your action. Look cool!! I can't wait to try this out!! thanks for sharing :D
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please share, what you did with this action! :D
vamos a probar , gracias
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Hello :aww:

I did a News Article about Photoshop Actions and I'm featuring this one. In case you want to see/comment/fav the Article, it's on [link]

Take care and thank you for sharing :love:
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thank you so much!!!
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great! thats the same tutorial i used to learn lomo "faking" in photoshop :D thx for the action! i'll try it out. seeing the preview not sure if there shouldnt be a more clear vignette effect...or maybe its just bcoz the original pic had more light. anyway, thx for it!
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LOMO photos look nothing like that dude. Do some research beforehand... ;) A plastic lense, light leaks, black points and white points, take it all into consideration.
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maybe i'm just stupid but this doesn't work right in 7.0 :(
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The efect is really nice! But I think it's a pity that it's used on a Lomo-Foto. The whole concept of Lomo-mania is embracing the flaws of the foto. If the foto isn't worth for itself, then photoshopiong it kind of goes against the whole Lomo-concept. :/
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äh... nochma auf deutsch bidde... nicht das ich da was falsch verstehe ... :P
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Der Effekt ist wunderschön! Ich finde es nur Schade, dass es auf einem Lomo-Photo genutzt wird. Die ganze Idee von Lomo-Mania ist, dass man die kleinen Fehler von einem Foto bewundert. Wenn das Photo von alleine es nicht Wert ist, dann geht "Photoshopen" gegen das ganze Prinzip vom Lomo-Konzept. :/

(hoffe, dass der Deutsch halbwegs verstänlich ist - ich wohne in Berlin, bin aber keine Deutsche und es ist früh :P)
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du, ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das original wirklich ein lomo bild ist. ich glaube nämlich nicht. hast du die aktion denn mal bei einem "passenden" bild ausprobiert? sieht das für dich nach lomo aus?
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Nein, ich habe es nicht ausprobiert, weil ich nicht mal Photoshop habe. Ich war auf der Suche nach Lomo-Bilder, habe das Bild gesehen, das Ergebnis hat mir gut gefallen, aber ich wollte dann auch mein Senf dazu geben. ;) Ist aber dann alles geklärt. :)
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how i add level layers?
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well thank you i guess i can do it haha ....iwas trayig and i arrive thank you too much
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that's effect is really good and really interessting ...i guess i can do this without this action but with it its better lol thank you soo much ...plz tell me how to use this action caus i relally dont know :$....and again tkx
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I've been looking for something like this, thanks a ton.
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