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Tango-styled Shopping cart

Shopping cart icon done for Got_It, a web-based digital asset management system.

Thanks to Jimmac, TheSheep, kallepersson from #tango for the idea and help.

Source available from CC BY-SA 2.5 licensed; see the license link above for more info.

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I know this is a blast from the past, and I dont even know if you check this anymore, but I get ahold of the SVG? I'd like to make and use a high-res version.
Yeah I would love to have it too :)
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Ooops! I've got "Got_It: icon revisions 130-239" icons, and converted basket icon with Inkscape. Thanks!
Hi there, I'm very interested, but I can't got the linked file(shopping-cart-wired.svg).

Can I got it plz?

Thank you.
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I can't seem to get the source to open in anything. :( What did you use to edit this?
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Very nice work, although it might look even better without the dropped in image icon.
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True, but it the cart icon was developed originally for a digital asset management application focussing on raw photographs. :)
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