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Got_It: icon revisions 130-239

I've been working on the Got_It icons in the past few weeks. Many of the icons were 32x exports made from 48px-optimized SVGs. I've been going through re-exporting and correcting anything else by hand as well as making a few new icons here and there. It's really cleaned up the interface.

If anyone wants them please contact me: licensed CC BY-SA.

Original Tango authors:
Ulisse Perusin
Steven Garrity
Lapo Calamandrei
Ryan Collier
Rodney Dawes
Andreas Nilsson
Tuomas Kuosmanen
Garrett LeSage
Jakub Steiner

Edit: Had to remove an icon but updated the newer revision to 239 (from 205).
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good job, thanks! :D
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cool man.. fav!
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These are very nice. Tango is quite pretty, but these look better.
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They are essentially still Tango icons—the follow the guidelines. Thanks. (:
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The Sansa e200 icon is in gnome-icon-theme-extras. I'd recommend grabbing that because it will generate support for a lot of other devices and mime types (file formats). If you want just the Sansa icons, you can grab them from [link]
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Will you please upload these as zip files? I keep getting a bigger preview whenever I hit download.
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Done, including SVG sources. Have fun dude. (:
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Thank you so much! These are great! Could you also send me your e260 icon, or set it to a zip? I myself have an e260, and I thought it would be that much cooler to have its icon.
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Oops... reply below.
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um.. I'm a bit silly, but... What's the point of this? You have the Tango set anyway...
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Got_It is a web-based digital asset management system. We're using Tango icons for it but we needed to edit and create new icons for some of the functions.
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hehe :-) I tought that its an icon theme. Excuse my stupidity.
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Well guess it counts as an icon 'theme' for Got_It. :)
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