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[UPDATE] Pokemon Essentials BW V3.1.1

By KleinStudio
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V3.1.1 is release. This version is a minor but really needed update, I've remade the scripts for tilesets and maps to work better, now the game will be working better and with more fps than before, also I've added as a little feature a modification to the Xtransceiver script, now you can use variables as names (for rivals for example) using \\v[variable].
Before update, make sure you've saved in a .txt or something your Xtransceiver conversations because the update will modify the scripts.

*Remade Spriteset_Map script for work better.
*Remade CustomTilemap script for work better.
*Added function for show variables as name in Xtransceiver.

I'm sure the kit will still have bugs that nobody has found yet, betatesters did an amazing work but we're humans! I've fixed most of the known bugs (or that's what I think, I've looked too much things and maybe I forgot something but I don't think so), and added the new functions. If you find a bug, report it please.
Also, if you want to test the mystery gift switch function, use this password: KLEINBW

Download: pokemonfangames.com/p-pokemon-…

Note that all new scripts has instructions and in the full project there are examples.

How to update
Download the update from your version and extract it in your game root folder.
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Hi, @KleinStudio. Could it be possible to work in the perspective mode to make it work? It would be great!!

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Good Morning! Do you know if I can use this Trainer card in version 17.2 of Pokémon Essentials? Would he be allowed to do so?

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it cant be download anymore from these web (pokemonFanGames). maybe do you have another link ? please
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How can I change where the player respawns after losing a battle? I can't seem to update it. It doesn't work when I treat it as if it's normal Pokemon Essentials. I still get sent back to the Pokemon Lab from the default region... :cries:

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When I make a Cuttable tree the game crashes at the script pbSmashThisEvent. Can somebody help?
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I have a problem. Can someone help me please? Everytime I get 5 Pokeballs, there is written: "\PN obtained Pok Balls". How can I fix the Problem? It sucks that there is written "Pok Balls"
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The problem has to do with the PBS files. For some reason, every instance of Poke has a space where the e should be.
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That is not space, that is empty character. The e in pokemon is like é as in Pokémon. The font which Klein uses does not have the é.

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I can't download now. :(
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tienes que seleccionar a jiglypuff y luego a descargar
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I cant' download it. :(
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las Sprites Battlers se pueden utilizar en el escencial normal?, o existe una manera para que las sprites de batllers tengan ese efecto de animacion 3d? es que lo he intentado subir copiando y pegando y con programas como el PBS+ pero siguen saliendo sin animacion y ocupando todo el largo de la pokedex.
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Hi! I saw that Pokémon Uranium used your menú scripts, but pokémon uranium has just one screen, not two... how is that possible? could i do the same? how?
Thanks a lot Klein, your scripts are awesome!
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I don't know if you're still active or if you'll even answer this but I'll comment anyways just to see if my question will be answered

I've been trying to add in the Fairy type with this, and it has been mostly successful, but I can't get the type to display properly.

It looks like this:
1 by ihatepineapplepizza
when it should look like this:
2 by ihatepineapplepizza
I double-checked to make sure that Ralts was set as a Psychic-Fairy type, and it is (Type 1 is Psychic, Type 2 is Fairy in Pokemon.txt)

To prove that this isn't just a problem with Ralts -and it doesn't have only one type- I got a picture of Jigglypuff's type. I'm pretty sure a typeless Pokemon would crash the game, so what's going on here?
3 by ihatepineapplepizza
I'm fairly sure this is a scripting issue, but I probably just missed something while adding the type.
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Did you put in the fairy type icon into types BW? I know for sure it has nothing to do with the Pokemon Data or the Types Data, I think that the problem is either with your graphics or with the summary script.
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(my dumb ass thought Jigglypuff was a fairy type lmao)
Thank you, but I won't be able to check if it works anymore... My computer got wiped along with the game xd
But when I start working on a new one and run into this problem again, I'll try what you suggested! Thanks
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I thought Jigglypuff was a fairy type too for a sec, LOL. Also, this is why you need to back up your stuff on SD Cards
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how do you mega evolve?
ihatepineapplepizza's avatar
Here's something explaining it: pokemonessentials.wikia.com/wi…
hopefully it helps
th3w01f85's avatar
I actually figured out that to use 5,0, after the item name!

I think this guide say 6 or 8 as key items
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KleinStudio: Are all of the Gym Leader overworld Sprites in this?
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Where can i report bugs, i just started using it and ive already run into bugs
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