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[UPDATE] Overworld Shadows

By KleinStudio
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Update 2/11/15
1. Fixed this with Dependent Events (gif/project by Spinda94)
2. Now the shadow disappears when the player is surfing.

The script will show shadows under the events and the player.
The script supports dependent events and jumps.

Download: pokemonfangames.com/script.php…

How to install
Place the script in "script.txt" before main and "overworldshadow.png" in Pictures folder.

Making event shadowless
Method 1
- Add /noShadow/ to the event name
Method 2
- Add the event name to Shadowless_EventNames
this is useful for doors for example.
Method 3
- Create a new comment in the event and type "NoShadow"
If the event is a dependent event you have to put the comment
in the common event.
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For anyone wondering how to get this to work in Essentials v17, or if there's an alternative: check out Marin's v17 overworld shadows script here: reliccastle.com/resources/161/

(If Klein updates this script, let me know and I'll take this down! 👍 Just trying to help!)
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No funciona en las versiones nuevas puto
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Why won't it work for me?
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¡Hola! Primero de todo, muchas gracias por todo el trabajo que haces, es increíble ;;
Tengo una duda... No sé cómo quitar la sombra del protagonista en un momento especifico. En una parte del juego, quiero que se cambie el punto de vista para mostrar X escena. Lo que hago es bajar la opacidad del jugador a 0 para que no aparezca nada, pero la sombra sigue ahí, obviamente. 
Siento las molestias, soy bastante novata en esto xD
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Hey i have a little graphic bug:

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That's really not a bug because the script but you can solve it reducing the shadow picture or doing this little trick: www.pokecommunity.com/showthre…
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The script is really comfortable and well made. But when I go into a building with my Pokémon Following its shadow remains. example i.imgur.com/6RiSv2Q.gif
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This is the second glitch I see with this script in my feedback today, if I'll try to get some time this night and fix it with a new update.
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Hey,hice!:D estas haciendo un buen trabajo :)
Yo cuando pongo lo de seguir el NPc me sigue pero a la vez va como le da la jodida gana por ahi,se puede arreglar eso para que solo te siga?ya sabes,hacer lo tipico de tu vas por ahi por libre y que el MPc este siempre detras tuya siguiendote(es que a mi me sigue,pero a la vez se va por ahi por libre porque...yo que se,querra ver mundo o algo(?) XD
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por cierto,entonces pongo la imagen de shadow en el folder de pictures y luego...sustituyo el script.txt pero...luego en donde poner scripts encima del main...donde tengo que poner lo de los shadows?O sea...creo algo nuevo encima del main,lo llamo shadows y pego lo que pone en el .txt?

Y sry si te molesto con preguntas estupidas como estas D: 
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Te has contestado tu solo; únicamente tienes que copiar y pegar el script y poner el .png en la carpeta Pictures. Una vez hagas eso los eventos tendrán sombras.
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ah,o sea,que he de crear un script nuevo llamarlo asi y poner lo que pone en el .txt,no?gracias!:)
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Exacto, solo eso ;)
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Lo malo es que lo he hecho y me ha saltado un error al iniciarlo...como es posible....?xD
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I just noticed there is a guy jumping in place! How does that work? XD
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RPG Maker XP has jumps for events x'D
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Well I know that, but I didn't know you could jump in place, I only thought you could jump in a direction.
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Yeah, if you leave the jump options in 0, the event will jump in the same position.
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Awesome work! I went to download, but it looks like your Dropbox is down, too much traffic. :/
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Wow, I didn't know that was possible, I'll upload everything to another server or maybe the own website ftp, check again in some hours!
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Yeah, it's pretty annoying. >< Sometimes reuploading the files to Dropbox works as well. Thanks!
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