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[SCRIPT] Water Pond Bubbles

By KleinStudio
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I've include two pictures for the bubbles animation, you should put the pictures in Graphics folder
I've ripped the BW style one but the GBA one is ripped by Richard PT so if you use it, you should give credits to him.

Download: pokemonfangames.com/script.php…

How to install
Place the script in "script.txt" before main and "waterpondbubbles.png" in Pictures folder.
If you want to use the BW styled, don't need to place the "waterpondbubbles.png" picture, just the "waterpondbubblesbw.png". Make sure you rename it to "waterpondbubbles.png".

How to use
Invisible events will not have effect for water bubbles. Also, if you name add "/noWb/" to an event name or create a comment in the event with NoWb, it will not have water bubbles too.
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The puddles render on top of the player, can I fix this somewhere?
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Got it to work by adding the little snippet of code you added in the comments of the footprints one (Which does work very nice now). Only problem with this one is that the puddles render on top of the player, can I fix this somewhere?
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I love it!
Do you think you can make the gras overlay effect you see above the player/NPC?
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I can't see the image, can you upload it to imgur or something?
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Oh I see, that's easy to do. I'm so busy but when I got freetime I can make a script for that too
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Awesome, thanks!
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Awesome once again! Now do you think you could do a trail of water behind the player while surfing?
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What do you mean? Is it in any Pokémon 2d games?
Also; thanks!
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This is the best image I could find for now. It was in BW2, maybe BW and HGSS too, possibly even DPPt. Don't remember for sure. Just ripples in the water appearing behind the player as they surf, almost identical to this script I think.
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Oh I see, I think that was a feature in BW, if I'm able to rip the animation I can do the script
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Muy bueno :3 Ahora solo falta un retoque en el de guardar mapas para que salgan esto también :)
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Anda, se me había olvidado. De paso podría añadir también los reflejos del agua, a ver si saco tiempo de algún lado que estoy muy atareado
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That was... that was very fast. I saw Richard's request and I refreshed after a few hours of work and BAM. Done. 

Nice one. xD
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It's just a little modification to footprints script, so it was easy and fast to do haha.
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Please help me ! I do not know how to install I'm not very good at it ...
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Just copy and paste the script, read the description
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I already know, I just do not know how active the event tileset in case the water .
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It's the same one that ponds, terrain tag 6
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You're so brilliant.
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Thanks you so much!
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