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[SCRIPT] Simple Bird Fly Animation

By KleinStudio
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Too much work lately, I can't work on big scripts for a while, but I'll try to release some scripts like this one.
I think fly looks better with an animation, so I did this.

Download: pokemonfangames.com/script.php…
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Hey, Klein! What's wrong with your Website, I can't download your files. Could you check it, please?
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Can't do anything until next monday, btw I just downloaded it with my phone and everything seems to be working fine.
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Here is what's happening to it, even other files
- Sometimes, I can't download it because of this thing keeps appearing - imgur.com/2sMbBrQ
- After refreshing the tab, I can download it but I can't extract it - imgur.com/koSVTrV and imgur.com/koSVTrV
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Hmm... I'll work on the download script tomorrow so, sorry!
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No problem, eh... Could you tell me how to make the window horizontally?
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What do you mean?
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How can I make Pokemon Essentials BW Window vertically?
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Is this already included in pokémon essentials BW?
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i'm sorry but do we put it in main or create a new script
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Insert a new script section above main, name it what you want and paste the  
bird fly animation in there. 
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Muy muy chulo *^* falta ver si puedes fixear lo de las burbujas que te mencioné xD
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Cierto, he estado ocupado y se me ha pasado eso 
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Awesome; can't wait to try it out! :D
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It need You need permission, can't download. :)
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This script looks amazing, will try it out soon ;)
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