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[SCRIPT] Map Connection Overlap fix

By KleinStudio
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This script fix what you can see in the gif.
This is already fixed in Essentials BW so you don't need the script if you're using it.

Download: pokemonfangames.com/script.php…

How to install
Copy and paste the script above main
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Broken :/ Can you upload again? Ty :D
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I have a problem with this script.  Whenever I add it, the window that says what town or route you're on doesn't show up.  That's not what I want either.  Think you can fix that?
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what do you mean by "main"?
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There's a script called "main"
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Sorry, I'm new to scripting. Are you saying I should go into "main" and paste the text at the top or should I create a new script above "main" and paste the text in said script? Just want to be sure.
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You need to create a new script above main and paste the text in that script, yep ;)
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Really awesome script, Klein, but I found a bug, unfortunately.
When you enter a new map, the location signpost doesn't show. (The one in the corner that says "Pallet Town" or "Route 1", etc.)

Could you take a look at it?
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That's odd because the script shouldn't be touching anything related with location, I'll look at that and see if there's a bug to fix ;)
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It is possible that it's a bug of conflicting scripts just for me, but I highly doubt it.
Thanks. :dummy:
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It's working fine to me, what Essentials version are you using?
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Version 16.1.
Like I said, there is the possibility that it might be a conflict with other scripts, but I still don't see HOW it could conflict. :I
Besides, the only other scripts I use are a bunch of your scripts + a custom menu + an item-recieve-animation.
And I assume your scripts don't conflict with eachother. xD
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Nope, my scripts shouldn't conflict with eachother.
I tested the script using that version and you're right, it seems like the location window script has been changed.
Try adding this after the map connection fix script: pastebin.com/MTrA2XTX
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Yep, that seemed to fix it.
Thanks a lot! ^^
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Master! Aunque no comente taaanto tus actualizaciones, va cabronazo el Essentials. Espero que termines con una versión definitiva.
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Espera, me he liado, ¿hablas del Essentials BW? x'D.
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Si, redacte como las pelotas. Dx
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Ahem, sorry. Got carried away from excitement. ^^
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Haha, thanks you!
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You are incredible
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You are a god I love you, thank you OMG
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I'm really confused as what the problem is?
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Look at the gif, the upper map is over the player
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