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[SCRIPT] DS Evolution Scene for Pokemon Essentials

By KleinStudio
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Updated 22/9/15
Added support for old Essentials versions, if you're using V15 or up, you don't need to update.

A HG/SS styled evolution scene for Pokémon Essentials for those that doesn't like the original evolution animation.

Download: pokemonfangames.com/script.php…

How to install
Copy and paste the script in script.txt above main.
Also, if you want the bg, paste evolutionbg.png in Graphics/Pictures
Image size
256x192px 6.69 MB
© 2015 - 2020 KleinStudio
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Link is off :/ Can you upload?
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Nice script! But i get this error when the evolution is done (I think it has something to do with the move which the Pokemon learns at the same level it evolves)

Exception: ArgumentError
Message: wrong number of arguments(5 for 4)
New Evolution Screen:343:in `pbLearnMove'
New Evolution Screen:343:in `pbEvolution'
New Evolution Screen:341:in `each'
New Evolution Screen:341:in `pbEvolution'
PItem_Items:306:in `pbChangeLevel'
PItem_Items:303:in `pbFadeOutInWithMusic'
PSystem_Utilities:882:in `pbFadeOutIn'
PSystem_Utilities:882:in `pbFadeOutInWithMusic'
PItem_Items:303:in `pbChangeLevel'
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I've updated the script, it should works now, if you still get the error after update, tell me ;)
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It works, thank you! You are awesome!
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I hated the essentials spinning evolution. So nasty lol. Thanks for making this. Do you plan on making the gen 5 evolution?
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Well this is just the Pokemon Essentials BW evolution scene with another background (a static one), so just change the background if you need a 5 gen animation. Maybe in a future I'll do the real 5 gen evolution scene, but not for now
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I don't even remember how the gen 5 one went lol. At any rate, good stuff as usual!
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So much better than the current look of evolution in PE. :nod:
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Yeah, the original evolution scene is so weird.
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Si no hubiera hecho ya el mío para mi juego, incluía sin duda este. Muy buena ^^
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Yes, I've always wanted this!
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I hope you like it ;)
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Nice :3 as always ^^
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I inserted the script, but at the time of evolution crashes!
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Do you get an error or something? And also, what Essentials version are you using?
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Using Essentials 15, I do not think you've entered the wrong script, the instructions are simple, like you said I put the script before main.
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The game crashes in the evolution screen (if it does, where exactly) or before you see the Pokemon sprite? I'm using V15 too and it's working fine. I need to recreate the error to fix it so also what pokemon was evolving?
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Then the error starts to appear before the sprite. The Pokémon Bulbasaur. And I did it evolve through Rare Candy.
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Still working for me, I've send the script to some friends and it's working for them too, anyway I'm trying to recreate the error, if I get it (and fix it) I'll tell you :)
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Thank you so much you are very kind! Heart 
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You're welcome, I like to help!
Can you test this and tell me if your game is still crashing?
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