Who is your favorite "Star Trek" Character? I may draw the winner! ;)
224 votes
Captain Fine...I mean Kirk
Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Montgomery Scott
Pavel Chekov
Nyota Uhura
Hikaru Sulu
Another character (Tell me who!)

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In the original series, Bones(:heart:). In TNG, Q(weird and random, I know, but for some oddball reason I like him.)
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McCoy wins forever.
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Captain Fine :XD: i loled when i read that, but it suits him well hehe.
I voted spock, but I wish I could vote both :D
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Star Trek, the movie? Or the original series? Most certainly Spock, on both counts. ;)

Though, the movie was a dream come true for me, with Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, and John Cho all in the same film. They're my geek crushes. :lol:
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I should have said the movie..but the show works as well. ;)

And they choose the actors so VERY well.
I'M in love with the whole crew, really.
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It is a very hard choice between any of the characters, even Uhura usually I do not like the female character who takes the main hottie, but in this case she rocks. But of course I had to choose Spock (Sylar fan all the way, even into another character :))
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I'm not surpirsed so many pick Spock. Zach played him so well!
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Oh, man!! It was so hard to choose between Spock and Captain Fine(and his fine fanny)lol. but i ended up choosing Spock who is also mighty fine. :D
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I ended up choosing Fine. XD
Can't help myself...I'm falling for Chris.
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:D that's okay. I almost fell for him, but Spock is more my type. Though if he was my boyfriend I would take some tweezers to his eyebrows. ;)
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The eyebwrows are great...I like eyesbrows that look like something lives on his face. *LOL*
He wouldn't look like Zach without the eyebrows.
(And yes I'm a sucker for eyebrows. XD)
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:XD: lol I was just meaning that his eyebrows are too bushy for me. He just needs to thin them out a bit. Well, that's my personal opinion at least.
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i LOVE SPOCK. i feel like the sylar fangirls have definitely got the upper hand, though, seeing as how we were in love with quinto before anyone else had even heard of him.
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:D i first heard of Quinto in Heroes. Ever since then he's been mine. ;)
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god he is soooo insanely gorgeous. not to mention hes a brilliant actor!
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i agree full heartedly!!
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Starbuck aka Kara Thrace... XD ... sorry, wrong tv-series.. ;)
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*lol* Well...at least I know who it is.
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How could you make me choose between Chekov and Bones ;_;
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I'm sorry?
Pick one of the others and you don't have to choose between these two?
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