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Groot Sketch


Started a Groot drawing. :D
(Yes I'm late on that bandwagon, but the movie started 2days ago in sue me.)

I actually only wanted to sketch it out with my pencil to add markers later…now I’m not sure if I even want to add markers as I like the pencil version so far…mhhhh.

What to do, what to do…?
While I'm deciding on what to I will just watch him dance.
I love Groot Stamp by TheCupcakeCow 

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This is fantastic!
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This is so adorable!!! Groot!!!
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Looks great!
OMG UR Profile image freaked me out!!! XD
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Its beautiful just the way it is!  
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It's so clean and full of detail *_* The pencil version is amazing. I'm not very good with art myself, so I don't know what adding markers would do. I want to suggest printing out the picture and trying the markers that way but it's probably not the same since the paper has a different texture and the markers blending in with the actual pencil would be different @_@

Don't mind me and my noviceness. *just watches Groot dance- FAVORITE THING*
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Groot!!!  Great job!
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Very good sketch :D
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This is cool! I like the expression :)
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Loved the movie and wasn't it great how well his only friend could read between the lines to know exactly what he meant.  Great piece here, beautiful capture of his inner personality.
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wow love it. Truly, truly great work!^^
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"I AM GROOT!" Ha ha
This one is just before he chomps the flower, right? :D

Amazing art, you've done :) :thumbsup:
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that's awesome !
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