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Chapter 6: Griefed

Ridge stared at the man whose window he had just crashed through, enjoying the expression of shock playing across his mustachioed face. He briefly wished that the charming, cocky smile set in his own face wasn't his standard expression, if only so that he could genuinely pull one off at that moment.
"Good morning, Jasper. I hope I didn't frighten you too much." That was a tiny lie, of course. His enjoyment of the situation only increased as the renowned Skylord reeled back from his youthful, yet disturbingly hoarse voice.
Jasper took a step forward, readying his sword arm and rifling through his inventory for said sword. "And just who in Notch's name might you be?" 
From Ridge's perspective, the Skylord's commanding tone, imposing glare, and assorted battle scars failed to make the same impact as they would if he were not wearing a rainbow-striped leather jacket.
Ridge rose to his feet with surprising speed, smile never faltering as he tugged a large glass shard free from his abdomen. "It's funny that you should mention Notch, dear Jasper, because I'm here on his behalf. Seeing as you're a very influential man with a major city under your wing, you should be aware that the militia known as Ironstorm have risen back up from their hovels, and they now possess the weapons forged by the great Valkyries eons prior. They may target New Mistral City or even your home once again, and... you might not be as lucky as you were in the last attack."
As Jasper stood speechless, processing the news, there was a gentle creaking noise from the foyer. He ignored it, focusing on the matter at hand. "I'll... I'll hire more security right away. Thank you for notifying me, soldier of Notch."
"Hold on, now. I did not come down here just to make this known to you."
Jasper sighed in frustration, inadvertently drowning out another noise just behind the wall.
Ridge continued, feeling around in his jacket pocket for something. "There are... two persons of interest whom Notch needs located and reported to him. Finding them would extremely useful to our cause. I have been tasked with spreading the word so that they may not escape us any longer."
He withdrew his hand, carrying an extremely dated and weathered photograph. Jasper reached for it, wary of accidentally touching Ridge's waxy skin, and looked it over.
It appeared to be a picture taken just after the First Sand War, wherein the demon lord Israphel was sealed away until the heroes of the Yogscast could defeat him for good. Jasper recognized the faces of legendary heroes Karpath Antioch and Horatio Grizwold mixed in amongst the common miners and indistinct blotches, but he immediately drew his attention to two faces that had been painstakingly colored in and circled a number of times.
The first was distinct for his pallid skin and the dark purple half-mask covering the lower portion of his face. He stood at the back of the crowd, projecting a very powerful presence even amongst the aforementioned heroes.
The other, a young woman standing near the masked man, seemed less intimidating. Her vivid blue eyes, flowing crimson hair, and cheery smile made her seem more like a particularly beautiful waitress than a Sand War veteran. The visible scars and dashes of war paint across her cheek told another story entirely.
"Their names are Rythian Enderborn and Zoeya Proasheck."
Jasper took in the two faces for a moment before handing the photograph back to Ridge. "What's so special about them? And how do you expect me to find them? Assuming they still live, they'd have to be at least a century old by now!"
"Those details are for me to worry about, Jasper. All I ask is that you... oh." Ridge's smile remained perfectly frozen, only the slight droop of his eyelids betraying any change in the situation.
"What's the matter with you?"
Ridge briefly flicked his eyes towards the nearby exit into the foyer, slowly making his way towards it. "You appear to have some... unannounced arrivals in your home, Jasper."


Liam Nilesy had almost finished his work when the kitchen door exploded open.
Startled, he kicked the upturned wool block into its hole in the flooring, raising his hands above his head in the process. Samuel Thorne hurriedly did the same nearby, almost forgetting to sheathe his sword as he did so.
Into the foyer stepped not their flamboyant and immediately recognizable target, but a smiling, greasy-haired stranger in a black-and-gold robe. The expected Skylord tagged along moments later, staring dumbstruck at him with a glimmering diamond sword drawn and ready.
Oh, shit.
The smiling man threw up his hands, and a web of thick stone chains sprung out from the ground, arcing towards him and his comrade. Liam was too overwhelmed by the rapid series of developments to stop them -- if doing so was even possible -- and so within a matter of moments the two Griefers were firmly and helplessly immobilized.
"Nilesy? Liam Nilesy?!" Jasper's pitched but imposing growl filled the spacious chamber. Liam cursed to himself again, as his hopes that the old man wouldn't recognize him had been dashed.
The stranger turned, expression somehow never faltering. "How do you know him?"
"We were... sporadic business partners, before the world went balls-up. Entrepreneurs know entrepreneurs, rich men know rich men, open men know curious men..." Jasper coughed amusedly at Liam's sudden, muffled protests.
A short distance away, avoiding all gazes in the room, Samuel quietly scraped his lower chains against the edge of a pillar.
The smiling man knelt down beside Liam, piercing the Griefer's soul with his cold green eyes and polished, perfect teeth. "Liam Nilesy... My name is Ridge. I am a demigod sent to Minecraftia by Notch to warn the powerful heads of cities of Ironstorm's renewal, and to locate two others like myself through hearsay. I was planning on visiting you directly before this... However, when I flew to the location of your eponymous Dell, I found only a vast lake whose waters were clogged with ash. Can you explain where your town went, Nilesy?"
Liam felt the chains around his mouth split apart, but he chose to instead release a rapid stream of foul curses.
The smile, as predicted, never dropped from Ridge's face, but a flicker of irritation passed by his eyes. "So be it. Maybe I should talk to your partner in crime...?"
As if on a rehearsed cue, Samuel chose this moment to spring up and charge Jasper, though his arms and mouth were still tightly bound. Jasper reacted instantly, bringing his sword to bear with the tip pointing towards his attacker's throat, but this seemed not to faze Samuel.
He had moved no further than half of a meter from his target when Ridge lazily extended an opened hand towards him.
Instantaneously, the chains binding Samuel shattered, freeing him. A moment passed where he was convinced that Ridge was aiding in his mission, perhaps being paid off by the Griefer Collective's notoriously calculating leader.
This moment ended when he felt the pinching.
Liam, watching the dreadful event play out, recognized the stone making up several of the chains as too light and smooth to be of a normal variety, and his days installing pools by hand had given him great experience with burrowing creatures. Too late, he decided to shout a warning to his partner, telling him to back down and wait for a rescue party to be sent out.
The warning, of course, fell on deaf ears as dozens of bloated, wriggling silverfish clamped their obsidian fishhook jaws down on Samuel's tender flesh. They scurried all over his body as his screams of torment turned distorted and bestial, hissing almost gleefully at the young man's pain. One decided to force itself between his eyelids and chew away his cornea, sending him reeling back to the floor in a rapidly-spreading puddle of blood. At last, a particularly strong specimen tore away the skin of his neck and buried itself in his throat, and with a final choked sob and a gush of vital fluids, Samuel Thorne's short time in the Griefer Collective ended.
Ridge ignored Liam's horrified screams, watching as the silverfish slowly gorged themselves on the fresh corpse. After a brief minute, he pivoted on his heels to face the Skylord once more. "Terribly sorry to leave you with a mess, Jasper, but I believe my work here is over for the time being. If you have any information regarding Mr. Enderborn and Ms. Proasheck, I will gather it on my next visit. Fare thee well."
As quickly as he had first entered, Ridge shot off into the air and smashed through one of the skylights, disappearing into the early morning sky.
Jasper stared numbly at the hole in the glass for several moments, then at the bloody pile of quivering insects that remained of Samuel Thorne, then at the loose chains amassed on the floor, then at the ceiling once again, then at nothingness.


He woke up chained to a chair.
Liam Nilesy stood in front of him, an inactive Fire Charge in one hand, the diamond sword in the other held to his throat. The flooring around them appeared to have been shattered inwards, revealing, much to his horror, a vast quantity of TNT. More could be seen piled haphazardly over the various stairways and supports throughout the foyer.
Jasper attempted to demand his release, quickly discovering that he had been silenced with one of his own disused, humiliating ball gags. Instead, he resorted to his thoughts, pondering any possible way out of the unfortunate situation.
The chains holding him seemed loose enough, but he could detect at close range the minuscule gray dots of silverfish eggs mixed in with the stone. They intertwined throughout every chain link, leaving no room for him to make even a crack; he uselessly surmised that Liam had chipped through the portions of chains that were composed of normal stone, before silently slipping free of the rest. The aquatics magnate was unfortunately intelligent enough to leave no room for that strategy here.
Jasper snapped out of his desperate brainstorming in time to see Liam walking towards the open entrance, tossing the Charge up and down in his hand. "When you find Lysander on the other side, tell him he still owes me twenty ingots for that plumbing job on the Skyhold..."
Jasper closed his eyes, and waited for the inevitable.


Liam paced a comfortable throwing distance away from the mansion, quietly mourning the partner he had met little more than an hour ago. One less Griefer alive, and according to the Collective creed and his own beliefs, every Griefer mattered.
He sighed, twisted around to face the doorway, and took one last glance at the face of a man whom, in days of normalcy, he had considered a friend. If circumstances were different, and there was no need for his actions, then they could have been sitting at his own mansion's poker table with his beloved Kim and assorted consultants, making lighthearted accusations of cheating and filling the house with drunken laughter.
He inhaled to calm himself, gazing up at the sky, where his enemies resided. If Ridge was that cold, that indifferent to the life of a fellow being, then he didn't know if he dared imagine what Notch himself must be like. All the more reason to do whatever he needed to do and set things right.
He let out the breath, catching sight of an airship headed for the nearby New Mistral City. In moments, he was going to erase that glorified slum's entire method of survival and send its inhabitants screaming down an inescapable path of ruin. Inhabitants who, he reminded himself, had fought and given up their livelihoods to protect what they completely believed to be a sacred, deserved homeland.
"If what you've told me is the truth, then I was born ready."
Liam Nilesy stepped forward and heaved the Fire Charge through the mansion's doors.
My return to Yognapped 3, in the form of an extra long chapter, several major story developments, and expansions on previously minor characters. Enjoy!
© 2014 - 2021 KleinerKiller
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You terrify me. It's the first time I want the characters I love, and love to torture, to NOT be introduced into the story, for their own protection! *Holds tightly to Rythian and Zoey, only to see them slip away-* NNnnuuuoooooooooooo!...
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Mwooohahahahaha. ^3^ You're going to LOVE what I have in store, particularly for the iconic Blackrock crew. Make sure to keep reading as the chapters come!
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I like the idea of Ridge's face always somewhat frozen in a eternal smile, just like his MC skin really :D
Interesting chapter, as is usual with you ^^
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Ha, thank you. This was the chapter I was so stuck on that I pumped out Stalked to inspire me. Hopefully, the quality will continue to rise on and on as the saga continues.