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Chapter 3: Captive Audience

A single strike knocked Lewis's mind from the blackness.
His eyes shot open, and he found himself staring up at the cavernous roof of the Nether. The realm's infamous heat pressed down on his weary body, trapping rivulets of rapidly-flowing sweat in rancid pools underneath his nearly unsalvageable clothes. The mournful wails of Ghasts hovering in the distance filled his ears, interspersed with the dull ringing brought on by the impact.
Terrified and confused, Lewis made an admirable attempt at struggling to his feet, but he realized quickly that he lacked the ability to move any part of his body. Even his eyes were fixed straight ahead, forcing him to gaze up at a thin stream of magma pouring down from a crack in the Netherrack.
A dark shape strode into his field of view, eyes flaring white through a shadowy gas mask.
Oh, Notch.
Memories crashed through the barrier of disorientation, and such was his shock and rage that he was able to force a choked groan out of his paralyzed body.
I'm a prisoner again. I'm HIS prisoner again.
Sben paced over to a spot several feet away, and stomped down hard on something he couldn't see. The barely-audible creak of a bone pushed to just below the breaking point reached his ears, followed quickly by Simon's familiar half-roar, half-panicked sob. "Bloody fucking coward! Whatever the hell it is you've done to me, take it back RIGHT NOW so I can kick your ass in-!"
"Oh, shut up."
Faster than Lewis's eyes could follow, Sben struck his foot down again, and Simon's outraged threats became a sickening gurgle before cutting off entirely, leaving the cavern silent.
Sben's hiss of a chuckle echoed into the distance as he strode calmly back to his place between the heroes. "Now, then, boys. I have something I'm going to show you tonight, and it's something I'm sure you'll love." He turned his head to face Lewis, and one of the ethereal lights shining through his eyeholes blinked out quickly, as if winking. "I have a feeling that some of my men are giving a similar speech to Ms. Rutherford right about now, if you catch my meaning."
At Hannah's mention and the implications it carried, a sudden shot of adrenaline surged through Lewis's system. A deafening, primal scream of fury split his frozen jaws apart, and with as much momentum as he could gather from his position on the ground, he launched himself at the masked man.
Sben waited calmly until Lewis was within a hair's breadth of him, then casually kicked one foot out. The combat boot collided with Lewis's face dead-center, and he felt his nose not just break, but split; the cartilage was instantly reduced to powder under the immense force, leaving the supporting skin in two loose, veiny flaps. A fountain of bright crimson blood immediately spurted out from the wound, sparkling gently in the ambient orange light, and he managed only to stem the flow with one hand before his strength abandoned him again. As his head smacked roughly into the Netherrack, he saw Sben staring at him again, chuckling softly under his hissing breaths.
"Notch, Lewis, you could really stand to not be so touchy. I'm not that much of a sadist. The concubine you refer to as your girlfriend is safe and sound in a heavily-guarded prison cell. So's the blonde kid, if you give a damn about him. But I don't, and that's why you two are the only ones I'm showing this to."
One gloved hand slipped between the folds of his jacket, bringing to bear what seemed to be an ordinary rifle, fashioned of Aether Stone and a grey wooden material Lewis only distantly recognized as skywood, another substance exclusive to Notch's home realm.
That... that must be a Valkyrie weapon. How the hell did this psychopath get his hands on it? And more importantly, why does he see it so important that he's-
All questions vanished from Lewis's mind as Sben raised the rifle, trained its sights on a swarm of nearby Ghasts, and tapped on the trigger.
With barely a shiver of recoil, the barrel released what appeared to be a quick burst of heat haze, which disappeared as quickly as it had been fired. At the same time, the Ghasts exploded in hazes of red mist, releasing cries of shared agony as their lives spluttered away. Sben pulled the trigger several times more, and the maimed survivors crashed down into the lava, huge chunks missing from their swollen white bodies.
As Lewis lay motionless, silently uncomprehending of what he had just witnessed, Sben pulled the barrel in close to his mask's filter and blew on it theatrically. "This lovely little instrument is apparently called the Elephant Gun, and it's probably the LEAST powerful of the Valkyrie weapons we found inside that lovely vault that was just left in the open for us."
Lewis's memory flashed with recollection as the masked man continued on. "And for reference, I had this tested out in Minecraftia. It took just under a dozen shots to completely flatten the highest mountain range we could find. Imagine what we could do if we decided to storm New Icaria with just this... AND IT'S THE WEAKEST THING WE TESTED!"
No... NO... Oh, please, Notch, stop this...
"Oh, that's rich. You two are absolutely terrified, aren't you? I should get a camera... Notch, this is priceless... If that little demonstration almost soaked your trousers, you'll love to know that the men in the labs have reverse-engineered these weapons, and we're in the middle of cooking up a few of our own. I can fuck with anybody I damn well please, and nobody -- not even the fabled heroes of the Yogscast -- can lift a finger to resist. You getting what I'm saying?"
Sben pulled Simon close to Lewis's head, so that they were almost touching. Lewis could hear his friend's severely labored breathing without even listening for it, and silently thanked Notch that Ironstorm's doctors were some of the best in the realm. Then the masked man crouched down beside them, somehow looking directly into both sets of eyes.
"I own Minecraftia, I own you, and I'm going to see to it that you both die in the most horrible ways possible. Nod if you understand me."
Lewis struggled to nod, but was only rewarded with an open-palmed strike across the cheek. His mutilated nose leaked a fresh stream of blood onto the Netherrack, and a deep purple bruise began to form over the entire side of his face where he'd been slapped. And in the midst of his pain, he heard the masked man cackle mirthfully once more.
"Oh, and seeing as I was speaking of the labs earlier, I thought I'd mention something else..."
A pair of bare, leathery hands wrenched Lewis up from the ground to a shaky standing position, and he heard an almost intimate whisper in his ear. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lewis..."
The voice was familiar, remarkably so, but as he was trying to place where he'd heard it last, the hands gripping his shoulders spun him around to face their owner.
Staring back at him was another Lewis Brindley.
"Peek-a-boo," the mirror image roared mockingly, before a savage grin of inhuman bloodlust spread over his face. He reared his head back, and Lewis was just starting to grasp the situation as the clone smashed his own head forward, met by the sickening crack of shattering bones.
For the second time in as many days, Lewis drifted off into unconsciousness.
Bit of a shorter chapter (or it feels like it, anyway), but it's an important one. Many major developments are revealed within. ENJOY.
© 2013 - 2021 KleinerKiller
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I'b gurious do see how Lewis fares widoud a dose frob dow od...
TyrantosaurusDREAD's avatar
Was in the mood to read a bit, BUT NOPE. NOT READING THIS. SAW THE NAME SBEN, FLEE!!! FLEEEE!!! D'X *Hides*
KleinerKiller's avatar
Awww, you missed out. :3 
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One of the things I really like about your writing is how human the characters seem. A reader can easily relate to the character, shout along with them 'nononooo-' and watch in horror at what happens to them. And with this you even evade a quite popular problem most (fanfiction-)writers have; showing a character being weak.
It's what makes a story interesting, not knowing if the character is going to survive...

And it was just a matter of time until they made some new clones... The Yogs could really use a vacation from all the kidnapping and being tortured by now, they had this nonstop for how long, a week?
KleinerKiller's avatar
Oh, you flatter me so. :blush: I've actually thought the opposite of most of my characters in the past; that they were too wooden, too basic, too... action movie-esque. Pawns to move from one end of the board to the other, relying on pre-established attachments to create emotional moments. But if your continued feedback is anything to go on, I should have more faith. :3

Oh, I wouldn't say NONSTOP... they had a break of a few months between escaping the Ironstorm Complex and being taken to Peva's mine, then about a day's trip to the Far Lands and a night beating Peva senseless before being brought to Netherstorm. So, not nonstop kidnapping, just small breaks of suffering and brutality. XD
In all seriousness, time spent in Netherstorm's only going to comprise about a third of the story here. I won't spoil what faction or character is going to break them out, or if they worm there way back to Minecraftia in a spurt of luck, but the situation will be shaken up quite soon. ;)
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While you could think so, in order to succesfully write something that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat or emotional moments you need believable, strong (character-wise) characters. Because no one would care anywhere near as much about what would happen to a unlikeable 2Dimensional Mary/Gary Sue/Stu as they would in comparesion to a good (not neccecary nice), well rounded and relateable character.
Also, I'm kind of thinking about doing a review/critique-like text-wall comment of your Yognapped 3 series one you're done with it, where I would try to analize the story and the writing as a whole as detailed as possible for me when I get the time of course. Would you like that?

:D Well I guess beating your enemy senseless for a nightcan be considered as a short holiday, too ^^

Mhm, I think I can interpret some possible hints in that sentence... :iconiseeplz:
KleinerKiller's avatar
Thank you, thank you. :bow: I try my best. Good to know I'm avoiding the Mary Sues.
And I would LOVE that. ADORE it. It would make my freaking day if you did that. :D

Ooh? Do hint to me what hints you're inferring. :3
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Minecraftia is f***ed.
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Understatement of the century.
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AHH! I can't wait for the next one!
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Your feedback is much appreciated.
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