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Pushing a white-hot door open with your bare hands sounds like a foolhardy endeavor, but making your way through a path of broken glass on your knees? Screw that. Holding your breath and mentally steeling yourself, you shove forward as hard as you possibly can.
You thought getting your feet crushed by tires was a torturous experience, but you clearly haven't seen anything yet. The instant your hands make contact with the metal, the skin on your palms and fingertips begins to redden. Then it blackens, and turns crispy, before slowly peeling and melting away. Perhaps this wasn't such a great idea, but you have to see it through to the end.
As pure agony spreads up your arms, you force all of your strength into what muscle fibers still remain there. A rattling creak mixes with the slow crackling of the approaching flames, and the door grinds open just enough to allow you a relatively safe passage.
You release the scorching metal and fall forward into the next room, only vaguely aware that the fire has not spread past the door. Once the pain subsides to a throbbing sting, you glance at your hands to see what damage has been done.
A ring is seared directly around the center of your palm, one that has rendered the bones of your knuckles mostly visible. The remainder of your inner hand is now a bloody slurry of tattered, reddish-black flesh; you're going to have a much harder time holding things from now on, which just might screw you over somewhere down the line.
Once you're finished contemplating your condition, you take a look at your new surroundings.
This room is large and cylindrical, with several scattered furnishings -- including a folded-up stepladder, which does not signal fun times ahead. On a small desk is another mobile phone, which, as you somewhat expected, begins ringing. This bastard must be watching you on hidden cameras, and he must also have a crap-load of phones. With some difficulty, you pick the device up and receive the call.
The man orchestrating all of this sounds bemused, if not disappointed. "Pushing open the door? My lord, I overestimated you. That tarp was there for a reason, dumbass. You're going to regret burning your hands off in a minute, I can promise you that. And by the way, I had to break a couple dozen bottles of good alcohol to spread all that glass for you. Hopefully, getting to fish your bloated, frozen corpse out of that room will be worth not getting enough to drink tonight. So long..."
You hear the rushing noise before he's stopped talking. By the time the phone is out of your hands, the water is up to your ankles, stinging your still-wounded feet.
Looking around, you see that it's being piped in through several hidden vents in the wall, and it's coming down fast. The currents have forced the metal door shut, so that way is probably out, but you never know.
It does not take long to notice that the water is ice-cold, likely somewhere far below zero degrees Celsius. So drowning's not the only problem you're dealing with, but frostbite and hypothermia as well. You have to move fast, especially since in the time you spent thinking these thoughts, the water has risen to your shins.
A vent panel on the wall seems to be your best chance. That stepladder is promising, but with your compromised hands and the water's currents, you don't know for sure if you can get it fixed by the wall. And even then, how will you force it open?
Perhaps the water can be beneficial to you. If you tread water until you can reach the vent, perhaps you can allow the water's force to work with you and force it open, then let it push you through to (hopeful) safety. But it's a long shot.
The metal door is still slightly above water. If you can manage to even crack it open, you might be able to let the water out; if the fire's still going, then this could work in your favor, maybe even allow you to find another path. But the water presents a powerful opposing force, and the longer you stand here thinking about it, the less likely it is that it can be pulled it open.

- Set up the ladder by the vent.
- Tread water until you've reached the vent.
- Try to pull the door back open.
Guess it's... SINK OR SWIM from here on out! Oh, Zalgo, I have so many terrible situational puns...
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"You have to move fast, especially since in the time you spent thinking these thoughts, the water has risen to your shins"
Well, considering you're on your knees on the floor.....That's not exactly a high amount of water at all... ._.