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Yognapped 3: Minecraftia Falls will obviously never be completed. I've completely lost my passion for the universe (though I still enjoy the base game itself) and I simply would never be able to find the time to unwrap every idea I had in mind with the career I've got ahead of me. But for those who were left hanging two years ago or were just curious how the gigantic clusterfuck of differing perspectives and character arcs was to come to its epic conclusion, here's the overall summary the plot was to follow -- as well as the plot of the final installment of the saga, Yognapped 4: Rising Ashes.

It has been two full years since the last chapter of Yognapped, so you may wish to refresh yourself on its tangled lore and convoluted plot arcs before reading.


Rythian and Zoeya (previously teased in Ridge's introduction) are introduced traveling the wilderness to continue evading Notch's pursuit. They stop to rest on a lake shore, where Zoeya is badly wounded by an arrow fired by the newly released "Teep", who was leading a squadron of Peons to Nilesy's Dell -- it is revealed that the lake is the flooded remnants of the Dell. Just as violence is about to break out, a bounty hunter codenamed Saberial (aka Fiona Riches) ambushes the Peons, forcing them to retreat. She then forces Rythian and Zoeya to return with her to her employer: Professor Grizwold. Meanwhile, Xephos and Lomadia's squads arrive at New Mistral City, which was turned into a starved-out anarchic shell after Skylord Jasper's death, and they are attacked by Griefer operatives. Honeydew begins his assignment to destroy Forgeholm by impersonating Simon and murdering Moira Magmabloom.

The Netherstorm Complex slowly sinks into the lava fields as the embedded Griefer agents continue to reveal themselves and spread destruction. Liam and a crew of Griefers rescue Lewis, Simon, and Hannah from their cells and guide them out of the collapsing headquarters, though Simon is injured trying and failing to jump across a series of chasms. Commander Sben, recovering from his bullet wound, is forced to make a painful escape by jumping into the lava, relying on his functional immortality to regenerate the damage. He emerges from the Nether Portal back into the overworld, followed by a small number of evacuated Peon loyalists.

The Griefers take the Yogscasters back to the overgrown shell of the old Ironstorm Complex, where Griefer Alpha unmasks himself as Duncan. He explains how he managed to evade Sben during Phase Three, suffering a serious head wound and losing his goggles in the process, and escaped to witness the carnage wrought by Ironstorm in the main world; he then sought out Professor Grizwold and used his knowledge and creed to gather together an army opposing Notch. At the same time, Rythian and Zoeya meet the centuries-old Grizwold, who now relies on advanced life support. He tells the trio about the history of Minecraftia and reveals a virtually fossilized copy of the agreement between the sibling gods that Notch secretly defied. This convinces Rythian and Zoeya to fight for the Griefer cause, but Fiona remains unconvinced and makes preparations to leave now that her job is done. While Rythian prepares for their journey, Fiona and Zoeya share a tender moment as the latter recuperates from her wound, causing Zoeya to struggle with her feelings for Rythian.

After recovering from the news of Duncan's survival, the Yogscasters depart with a Griefer team (unaware of their destructive goals) to Forgeholm, which has gone silent. Simon infiltrates alone and discovers that his clone has massacred the residents single-handedly, and has now set up the Volcano Beacon (one of the Far Lands superweapons) in the center of the complex. Simon and Honeydew engage in a grueling fists-and-pickaxes duel, but Simon fails to reach the Volcano Beacon in time to destroy it, and it activates. Honeydew is pinned by the newly formed volcano and dies engulfed by the lava, while Simon narrowly escapes with his life. Forgeholm and the surrounding area are completely destroyed by the eruption, accomplishing one portion of Sben's plan. Back at Ironstorm, Duncan receives news from his New Mistral operatives that Xephos and Lomadia have been subdued and captured, and both are placed in a special obsidian cell deep within the complex. Their Nova Bomb is seized, and Duncan realizes its immense destructive potential when he analyzes it. Meanwhile, the Yogscasters interrogate Xephos and Lomadia and learn of their plans to assault New Icaria with the Mega Nuke, the oldest and most powerful holy weapon in Sben's possession. This weapon was not seized with their possessions, causing them to realize that the elusive Peons are still carrying it.

Rythian and Zoeya revisit the lakeside and encounter a lone Teep. After a close-range duel, Teep surrenders to the duo and silently makes clear his ambitions to join them. While Rythian is skeptical, Zoeya eagerly welcomes an apparent convert into her circle of friends. Teep's Peon squad then returns to the site, and all are slaughtered by the trio. Night falls. Back in the woods where Peva was killed, Sben trains in the mob spawning while his dwindling team weathers the night in a crude shelter. Ranting in rage, Sben inadvertently reveals his possession by Herobrine's spirit to the Peons while vowing to track Griefer Alpha down in vengeance.

In the Aether, Notch and Ridge discuss the recent events and the projected locations of Rythian and Zoeya. Ridge informs Notch of a conflict near Nilesy's Dell that resulted in numerous dead Peons, with signs nearby pointing to the demigod duo having encountered Grizwold, whom they have been trying to find and kill for centuries. Knowing they can no longer be recruited to strengthen his army, Notch revises his plan to "Operation Blackrock", a kill list targeting Rythian, Zoeya, Grizwold, and any associates to prevent Notch's crimes from being exposed. Notch reluctantly gives Ridge the Biome Buster pulled from Herobrine's possession, telling him to swap the Buster's instant detonation trigger with the Mega Nuke's extended timer, so that the worst case scenario of detonation will result in the immediate incineration of all parties present. Ridge and the Valkyrie Commander depart to carry out the new mission, while Notch astrally projects to the overworld, trying once more to locate the Yogscasters.

Using her smoke ability, Lomadia manages to escape captivity and regroups with hers and Xephos's combined teams, ordering immediate mobilization of all Peon regiments to New Icaria with the Mega Nuke in tow.

Using evidence from the Nilesy's Dell shore, the Valkyrie Commander locates Grizwold's hideaway and ruthlessly executes the old man, having been told by Notch that he is a war criminal and terrorist organizer. Fiona stumbles into the scene and manages to hold her own against the Valkyrie Commander despite being a mere human, but she is scarred while escaping. Realizing that Grizwold was telling the truth, Fiona journeys to New Icaria, intent on finding help. Meanwhile, Duncan and the Yogscasters discover that Lomadia has escaped, but soon receive word that New Icaria is under attack by a huge force of Peons with newly constructed airships. Duncan has his Griefers abduct a Peon guarding the city's perimeter and personally interrogates him for information, but is unsuccessful and winds up killing the young man when he refuses to break.

Rythian, Zoeya, and Teep stumble upon Sben's campground, initially coming into hostile contact with the masked psychopath before Herobrine realizes their age and importance and forces Sben to let them go. Seething, Sben receives a message from Lomadia that New Icaria has been successfully taken over, and that while the Mega Nuke is resisting attempts to detonate, the Peon Elites are slowly figuring out its complicated mechanisms. Lomadia also tells him that she escaped from the Ironstorm Complex and that all of his targets of wrath are still there, leading Sben to fly into a rage and mobilize his troops for the complex. Within the complex, Duncan allows Lewis to beat and torture a restrained Xephos for information about the wider schemes and Lomadia's involvement, and Lewis nearly kills him before Duncan gets a message from Fiona through a number of embedded messengers and ciphers. Fiona, having learned of the Griefers through the undercover agents within the city, goes into detail about the guard patrols and security weaknesses, urging the full Griefer force to reveal themselves and crush Ironstorm's invasion. Duncan and the Yogscasters make plans to assault the city at the dawn of the next day, though the Yogscasters are still unaware that the Griefers also want to destroy Minecraftia. In the night, Sben forces his Peons to cover the area while he breaks into the complex on his own. He single-handedly blows through a number of guards and soldiers before sabotaging the complex's nuclear reactor.

Duncan, the Yogscasters, and all surviving Griefers manage to evacuate and stage an immediate assault on New Icaria, leaving elite Griefers behind to hold Sben and his men off. Exploiting the security holes, the Griefers manage to slip into the city unnoticed and blend in among the hostage populace until Duncan and the Yogscasters reach Lomadia's command position. At Duncan's signal, the Griefers begin to wreak havoc and succeed in turning the tide of control back from Ironstorm. While Simon and Hannah assist in the battle, Lewis and Duncan attack Lomadia together; though she proves a formidable opponent thanks to her smoke ability, their persistence allows them to eventually catch her off guard and run her through with their blades, killing her. Duncan then starts to make his intentions clear to Lewis, but is interrupted when Sben and his forces march into the city, uniting with the still-large Peon forces and entering a standoff with the Griefers.

Rythian and Zoeya enter the city at the same time, and Rythian steps between the sides, making an impassioned speech about how they are all fighting for the same cause: the defeat of Notch and the destructive balancing of reality before it collapses into the Void. During his speech, he takes off his facial mask and implores the Peons to do the same, which they do, sparking a moment of understanding between the two groups. However, Ridge, all along disguised as a Peon, promptly shoots Rythian in the head and attempts to kill Zoeya while flying away. Zoeya, who is already starting to receive Rythian's awe-inspiring magical power due to their close bond, survives the attack in tears.

A massive war breaks out citywide between the Peons and the Griefers, while the Yogscasters are caught in the middle. Teep spots the fleeing Ridge and shoots him down with an expertly-placed arrow, proving his loyalty to Zoeya once and for all, and Zoeya battles the wounded demigod and almost defeats him. However, Sben ambushes her, knocks her unconscious, and tosses her away. Drawn to him due to his association with Notch, Sben overpowers the already crippled Ridge and force-feeds him a Splash Potion of Weakness to paralyze him on the ground, after which he bashes Ridge's smiling face in with a nearby brick. He then discovers the Biome Buster within the folds of Ridge's coat, causing Herobrine to start wrestling for total control over Sben's body. The Valkyrie Commander, arriving ahead of her army, sees Ridge dead and attacks Sben, entering a titanic clash with him that results in Sben being weakened enough for Lewis and Simon to take him on in a grounded duel. The two heroes manage to mortally wound Sben, and as he lies bloodied on the ground, they finish him off with simultaneous killing blows, finally getting their revenge and leaving to find Hannah and Duncan.

Upon Sben's death, a mysterious force other than Herobrine is revealed to have coexisted within him the whole time, and it now wrests control away from Herobrine and causes Sben's mutilated body to limp toward the center of the city, carrying the Biome Buster and a single redstone nugget that has spawned in his hand. As this happens, Wither Skeletons erupt from the corpses littering the battlefield, and the battle becomes even more frantic and chaotic as the Skeletons begin to gather weapons. Realizing that the war is hopeless, Duncan orders his Griefers to evacuate into all available airships Icaria-made and Ironstorm alike, bringing the Mega Nuke with them. Hannah finally learns what the Griefers intend to do with the Nuke and stands in Duncan's way, claiming that Duncan would never hurt her after they've known each other for so long. When she turns briefly, Duncan unhesitatingly shoots her in the back of the head in full view of Lewis and escapes with the Mega Nuke in tow. As the Griefers rise into the sky, Sben finally stumbles into view and plants the Biome Buster at the exact center of the city, then smashes the redstone chunk through the weapon's casing. The Biome Buster detonates, destroying Sben for good and evaporating New Icaria in a blinding explosion.

Lewis and Simon, having been saved by the Valkyries, wake up in the Aether and learn that the detonation has compromised the bedrock barrier's stability and kickstarted the fall of Minecraftia into the Void, and that surviving citizens are being evacuated to the newly rebuilt and expanded Skyhold. Duncan watches the fall from the deck of the lead airship, but grimly states that the overworld's destruction is nowhere near enough to prevent the dimensions from collapsing in on each other; balance must be achieved by raising hell on the Aether, as it is the only one of the three dimensions not to have suffered a cataclysm. Zoeya wakes up in another airship's infirmary with Teep and Fiona, learning that Fiona saved her life by carrying her to the Griefer fleet; she nearly kisses Fiona, but hesitates at the thought of Rythian, promising herself that she will capitalize on the next opportunity. At the center of Aether, Lewis and Simon kneel before Notch and swear allegiance to him, promising to hunt down Duncan and the Griefers at any cost.

Far below on the ruins of Minecraftia, a pale woman with reddish-black hair emerges from the Void with Herobrine's imploring voice in her head. She is revealed to be Rana, whose bitter and vengeful presence lurked inside Sben since the resurrection. Herobrine tells her that it is finally time, and in accordance with the broken agreement, she begins to summon the full forces of the Nether and the End, ready to kill Notch and prize control over creation from his hands.


Lewis and Simon, leading a crew of Valkyrie warriors, assault a suspected Griefer meeting location in the Skyhold. Questioning nothing Notch tells them, the duo kill everyone in the area on suspicion of Griefer association and dump the bodies into the Void below. Miles away, aboard the Griefer fleet, Duncan discusses a new attack strategy to break through the impenetrable defenses in the Aether: an implanted operative team dubbed "Area 11", disguised as a rock band to draw in public support. He then tries to call up Zoeya on the cross-fleet network, but Liam informs him that she is on a date with Fiona, which Duncan allows on the basis of keeping morale high and the human spirit alive. In the middle of the date, Zoeya and Fiona come close to kissing once again, but are distracted by noises on the deck of the ship.

In the shrinking ruins of Minecraftia, Rana viciously beats some surviving creatures for being Notch's creations, but she then turns her attention to a large, newly discovered village in a server that the fall has yet to overtake. Knowing that they will eventually be evacuated as it draws nearer, she takes the opportunity to besiege the village with Endermen, Wither Skeletons, and Ghasts. When nothing is left, she mentally projects the image as a vague taunt to Notch. Notch receives the taunt as he evaluates the success of the earlier raid, and, with his paranoia rising higher, sends Lewis and Simon to investigate the ruins. 

Zoeya and Fiona investigate the noises, and are disturbed to find a small pack of Endermen shuffling around with the dismembered bodies of the Griefer deck crew. The women slay the Endermen and hurry to send a report to Duncan about the inexplicable slaughter. On the Skyhold, Area 11 unveils themselves and plays their first live concert, amassing a large crowd; their lyrics are interpreted as vaguely anti-Notch, but are received with such wild acclaim that nothing is done about them. While everyone is distracted by the music, three Valkyries are ambushed and killed by hidden Griefers, and their bodies are hung from the location where Lewis and Simon dumped the bodies from their raid.

Arriving at the destroyed village with the Void slowly becoming visible on the distant horizon, Lewis and Simon do battle with the forces of the Nether and the End while searching for what is spawning them. They catch sight of Rana in the distance, but have no idea who she is and are forced to retreat as more Ghasts are brought into the fray. They report the woman's appearance to Notch, who almost goes into shock as his late sister is described.

Now this is where it gets choppy, because I never fully fleshed out the middle part of the story -- just the start and the climax. The following would have had to have taken place:

- Notch somehow confirms Rana's presence and comes to understand that she is trying to wage war on him.
- Zoeya and Fiona grow progressively closer, eventually share their kiss, and become an official couple. Zoeya also masters her magic boost, gaining the ability to summon and manipulate plants from out of nowhere among other abilities.
- Area 11 continues to play in larger venues, gaining supreme adoration from the populace, as simultaneous Griefer attacks targeting strategic locations around the Aether draw the suspicions of the Valkyries.
- Lewis and Simon attack make further strikes against the Griefers while Notch orders them to make further inquisitions as to Rana's activity.
- Notch fervently ignores the impending collapse of the realities -- hereby referred to as the Collapse -- and has Valkyries execute anyone who starts noticing strange effects caused by the worlds' proximities to each other. He also starts alluding to a "failsafe" he is putting all of his godly power into perfecting.

Now back to the full plot.

Duncan, Liam, Zoeya, Fiona, Teep, and the rest of the Griefers collaborate to draft up the plan for the final assault: Area 11 will announce that they are disbanding due to pressure from the Valkyries and will host one last farewell concert, drawing the majority of citizens to them and allowing a Griefer team led by Teep to take them hostage. While the Skyhold chaos distracts Notch and prevents him from immediately taking decisive action, the fleet will move into Aether airspace and deploy the main force of Griefers. Duncan will personally escort the Mega Nuke to the optimum detonation point for perfect balance, and with Zoeya and Fiona as backup, he will be able to arm and detonate the weapon. With reality stable, the army will be able to expose Notch's crimes to the populace and the Valkyrie Army, leading to his downfall.

As preparations for the attack come to a close, Liam confronts Zoeya, telling her that her relationship with Fiona has brought to mind his relationship with Kim, and that no matter what happens, the two must not share the same fate. Below, Rana finishes her preparations for the holy war by returning to the End, which has drawn closer to Minecraftia thanks to the Collapse's approach. With Herobrine's instruction, she summons the Ender Dragon and bends it to her control. With the unstoppable beast at the vanguard, she takes off for the Aether with her army.

With the plan in action, the final concert hits its peak as every citizen on the Skyhold attends, allowing Teep and the Griefers to seal the gathering hall and take thousands of hostages, effectively turning full control of the Skyhold over to them. As planned, the massive station is forced to move into the Aether, and strained hostage negotiations begin between the Griefers and the Valkyrie Commander. As Duncan moves the fleet over the boundary to hostile territory, he stands at the bow of his ship and broadcasts a rousing speech to his forces, telling them that the fate of all continued existence rests in their hands and that though they will have to shed even more innocent blood, the worlds of the future will remember them all as legendary heroes. Just as he starts to wrap up, Rana arrives at the Aether and immediately delivers a crippling blow to the Valkyries. As a three-way war begins and everyone struggles to understand what is going on, Teep executes several hostages in an attempt to force a ceasefire, but is forced to flee into the Aether. The Area 11 crew meet their ends in the chaos, and the Ender Dragon causes the Skyhold to fall once more.

Zoeya, Fiona, and Liam surge into the inner halls of the Aether, but as they near their respective destinations, Simon triggers a massive TNT trap that destroys much of the sector and incinerates Liam. Zoeya and Fiona rush ahead and briefly duel Simon before he retreats, only for the Valkyrie Commander to then confront the girls and engage them in a devastating duel to rival Sben's final stand in New Icaria. Meanwhile, Simon regroups with Lewis, and the duo start hunting down Duncan. However, they are ambushed by Teep, but they overpower him together and gut him with their swords. In his dying moments, Teep imitates Martyn's voice in a whispered growl, rattling the duo -- Simon especially.

The battle between the FiZo pair and the Valkyrie Commander is interrupted by Rana, who is on her way to personally murder Notch. Rana easily blocks the Commander when she attacks and reveals the true history of Minecraftia and Notch's crimes to her, with the same intent as the Griefers of turning the Valkyries against Notch. Instead, the Valkyrie Commander is crippled by the realization of all the damage she has helped Notch wreak, and she starts to commit honorable suicide by stabbing herself with her sword. Despite Zoeya tearfully pleading with her and begging her to understand that she can still do good for the world, the Commander lifts her gun to her head and finishes herself off with a single shot. Unfazed, Rana turns to Zoeya and Fiona and contemplates killing them for being more of Notch's creations, but decides against it upon detecting Zoeya's demigod power and the incorruptible purity in her heart. Zoeya is enlisted partially against her will in Rana's mission to kill Notch, preventing her from regrouping with Duncan at the detonation site.

Lewis and Simon find Duncan at the site where he has placed the Mega Nuke: a grand fountain in the center of the Valkyrie barracks. Lewis rushes ahead and duels Duncan, who expects Zoeya to come to his aid at any moment, while Simon is struck with a resistance to attacking someone who used to be one of his best friends. Lewis effectively ends their duel by grabbing an arrow and ramming Duncan through the side with it, crippling him. When Lewis has Duncan cornered and accuses him of wreaking so much havoc because he wanted revenge at being left behind in Ironstorm, Duncan sadly reminds Lewis that he allowed himself to be left behind to buy his friends some time, and that he founded the Griefer Collective simply because it was the best thing to do to fight off the Collapse and seek justice for Notch's sins. However, while he is distracted, Lewis -- blinded by his devotion to Notch and refusing to believe Duncan -- rips out the arrow and forces Duncan face-first into the fountain, holding him there until he stops struggling and drowns. He then tosses the corpse and the armed Mega Nuke out of the Aether, while Simon numbly watches.

Notch then projects himself to the duo, thanking them for halting the Griefer threat and giving them separate orders: Lewis is to report to Notch's throne room to help hold off Rana and Zoeya, while Simon is to reach Notch's private chambers and locate the prototype failsafe technology that he has privately alluded to, which he supposedly perfected. If it works, this failsafe will send the universe hurtling back in time to the point where Notch's rule was unchallenged by anyone, secretly burying all evidence of Notch's crimes for good and allowing him to stomp out the threats of Herobrine, Ironstorm, and the Griefers before they take root. The duo separate to complete their tasks.

Rana and Zoeya make it to Notch's throne room and engage the god in the most difficult battle yet, with Rana directly engaging her brother while Zoeya fends off his environmental attacks and Valkyrie reinforcements. Just as Notch is on the ropes, Lewis reaches the throne room and does battle with Zoeya, pushing her away and making Rana's task more difficult. When Lewis and Zoeya's duel reaches the outside, however, Fiona reappears with numerous battle scars and plunges her dagger through a chink in Lewis's armor. Wounded and furious, Lewis disarms Fiona and strikes her off the edge of the Aether; when Zoeya summons vines to halt her lover's descent, Lewis capitalizes and impales Zoeya, sending both women plunging into the Void in a bloody embrace.

Rana's battle with Notch reaches a head with her countering his environmental strikes with her own masses of mobs, sacrificing all further defensive opportunities in the name of reaching Notch. She is successful in defeating him, and while he tries to make amends for originally killing her and desperately reassures himself that he has done nothing wrong in the end, she tears his throat out with her nails, finally killing him.

Just as Rana's death ravaged the Nether and Herobrine's powered up the Void, Notch's death twists the Aether into a chaotic ruin. The ambient white skies turn pitch black, the wind howls with hurricane force, the islands and bridges splinter apart, and airborne waves of boiling water smash into what remains of the land. As everyone who has survived the war is killed around him, Lewis struggles through the unnatural massacre and makes it to Notch's private chambers, afraid that Simon has been killed before he could reach the failsafe.

He finds instead that Simon has started to sabotage the device. Overtaken by the realization that they have been fighting for the wrong side, Simon angrily calls Lewis out on their actions and threatens to dig a hole through to the outside, corrupting the failsafe and giving the worlds one last chance to balance out for good. Lewis appears to surrender and accept this, but as Simon turns to do his work, Lewis stabs Simon in the back, mirroring Notch's murders of his siblings. Shrouding his sorrow over his best friend's death in fanatical rage, Lewis attempts to make the failsafe work. However, the damage Simon dealt to it allows Herobrine's energies, which Rana has released from her body, to infect and control the failsafe, causing it to instead wrench Lewis personally back in time.

He is first transported to the scene of Rana's death and the ensuing transformation of the Nether into the fiery hellscape he knows it as, causing him to finally accept that Notch was in the wrong from the beginning. As he grapples with his faith shattering, he is then transported to the Far Lands vault shortly after Herobrine's death and Sben's resurrection. The vault has been fully engulfed in the fire Simon set during their attempt to kill Herobrine themselves -- the same fire that Sjin's impaled body was thrown into by Herobrine.

However, as Lewis contemplates his reason for being here, a mangled, screaming form bursts through the flames and into the open night air. Lewis realizes from its slowly decaying voice that it is Sjin, somehow having survived to crawl through the flames over the course of hours. As some of Sben's Peons reach the vault to extinguish the fire and secure the weapons within as they are fated to do, Lewis extinguishes Sjin's body, picks off some of the Peons, and flees with Sjin and a few scavenged Peon suit parts in tow, intent on saving one last Yogscaster with the chance he has been given.

Lewis does his best to help Sjin recover and covers his body in the Peon suit parts and several more scavenged clothing pieces over the course of several nights. Sjin starts fading in and out of silent consciousness and nearly dies trying to manually breathe through his damaged lungs. Realizing this, Lewis makes modifications to the Peon Elite gas mask until it acts as an air purifier and rebreather, which he then hooks up to Sjin's face. Sjin's next bout of consciousness is permanent, and he is able to sit up. Lewis asks him if he is okay, but as question after question fails to provoke any answer, he desperately asks Sjin if he even remembers who he is. Too late, Lewis realizes that Sjin has been mishearing his name through his damaged ears since his first attempt at waking up.

"S... Sben. My name... is Sben," he whispers.

Just as Lewis realizes what he has been led to create, he and Sben are both catapulted backward in time to the end of the Second Sand War, the night after Israphel was defeated. Disoriented and driven mad by the pain he is still suffering, Sben flees through the darkened forest while Lewis pursues. However, Sben ends up striking Lewis with a torch, severely burning and mortally wounding him. Lewis realizes that Herobrine has sent him back in an attempt to start a new cycle which will be successful in destroying Minecraftia, and he manages to plant the seeds of a desire to see Minecraftia burn in Sben's head before being sucked back to the present.

As the sun rises, Sben stumbles through the forest and meets up with the remnants of the Cult of Israphel, who are now displaced and vengeful for the death of their master. Sben, still possessing the natural charisma of his former identity, persuades them into joining him to form a new army, as he also wants to see Minecraftia burn for reasons he can even now only vaguely remember. Sben is unsure of where to start, but the Cult members promise to lead him to the wreckage of the Jade Sentinel, which contains a vast wealth of materials, nuclear fuel, and the blueprints for technologies far beyond what even they were able to build and harness -- including a primitive cloning system, which Sben decides may bear fruit for any number of potential schemes if they can reverse engineer and improve upon its design. Describing the Yogscasters to Sben during the trek, Sben recalls the vague image of Lewis's face, which he associates with the figure who pursued him while he was still in agony rather than the man who saved his life, and is filled with an undying hatred for Lewis and his group.

Lewis reappears next to Rana in the Aether, and she is distraught by his appearance and the continuing existence of this timeline, as it means that her brother's desperate balancing attempt has merely formed a closed loop which even the gods cannot redefine. Looking outside, Rana bears witness to the final moments of the Collapse as the Aether and Nether collide with every previous world's remains in the middle of the Void. Lewis dies of his injuries just before the disaster's effects reach him, and with her last breath before being caught up in it, Rana curses Notch.

Lewis then wakes up in an endless dimension of white sand and blank skies. Herobrine and Rana, walking past as he appears, tell him that this is a "placeholder" dimension that will vanish from existence when the rules of reality fully process that the Collapse leaves no more room for anything. Lewis gets up and starts walking as the deceased gods head to their destination.

Around this dimension, everyone who has ever died in Minecraftia is brought back to a state of partial life as well, and various scenes are shown of them settling their relationships and letting go of their grudges. Sips roughs up Peva for murdering him, then forgives him and extends the olive branch to welcome him back into the Yogscast for however long the world exists. Duncan and Sjin make up for their rivalry as Griefer Alpha and Sben, and reminisce how things might have turned out differently if they had successfully formed their alliance. Rythian allows Zoeya to spend her last moments with Fiona instead of him, knowing that she was faithful to him for all of the centuries that he was alive; Zoey and Fiona then kiss one last time and comfort each other over their impending non-existence. The Yogscast crew, sans Lewis and Simon, fondly recall their adventures together and crack their last jokes with each other.

Finally, Lewis stumbles upon Simon sitting alone and half-heartedly digging his fingers through the unchanging soil. The two of them greet each other and awkwardly joke that they always knew one of them would end up killing the other eventually, and they lament that Notch had them fooled for so long. Lewis makes up with his friend and dies in peace as the air vanishes from existence, silently and painlessly suffocating all of the resurrected individuals. Shortly thereafter, every soul ceases to exist.

Herobrine and Rana reunite with Notch in a zone temporarily protected from the Collapse by their combined godly powers. Each wills one item into existence with their remaining creation abilities: Herobrine brings forth a bottle of Aether wine to dull his pain, Rana summons a pillow, and Notch creates a single block of cobblestone from Minecraftia that he simply holds and regards. The two younger gods chastise Notch and ask him if he feels guilty now, to which he breaks down in tears and replies that he does. Satisfied, Rana takes her pillow outside the protected area and wills herself asleep before vanishing. Herobrine, much more bitter, drunkenly beats Notch up in revenge not only for his murder and the destruction of reality, but for the abuse Notch visited upon him while they were all still alive. Herobrine makes clear that he refuses to acknowledge Notch as a brother just before disappearing. Now alone, Notch absentmindedly plays with the cobblestone block and reflects on everything that has happened in his life before vanishing along with the protected zone.

A long blank space follows.

And the series ends.
So it goes. It's such a damn shame I got distracted by side projects in 2014 and couldn't bring my flagship series to the proper ending it deserved.

You know, once I get into the swing of actual novels, I might start an original pseudo-fantasy series and incorporate some of the better ideas I came up with here (the sibling gods and their backstories together, the stalwart hero slowly pushing himself to fanatical villainy so he has something to fight for, the mortal factions, the most bittersweet ending ever, etc). Maybe. We'll have to see whenever that fuckin' happens.
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