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Yatta, yatta, yatta. Uh, well. There's so much to learn for exams and so little time. I can't get my ass up to learning properly, though I do some stuff every day. But not enough, tells me my bad conscience. Oh, well. At least I - once again - rediscovered Anarchy Online for me. Purrfect in the exams-time. Hum ... no. Not really. ;) But I love it so much. And at the evening hours when there's nothing more to learn, I just let my soul dangle from the rooftop and share a good time of play with my friends.
And poppa bear is ill (thats my boyfriend - what are ye thinkin'?? :P). So that's the other field I tend to. :D
Nevertheless I am so wacking out for the upcoming weekend next week - a good friend from the UK is coming around. And we will have soooo much fun; I hope. :D I'm sooo excited to acually finally meet him, for we know each other for four to five years now and talked and chatted, but never met, although he is often in Germany for furry stuffs.
So, not so boring, much to do. And hopefully all exams will go well. :)
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No time to make *any* art-stuffies. Just working and learning all the time. Really time consuming studies atm. Buuuut I finally managed to watch X-Men Origins and Star Trek at cinema. And I have to say: those are the fucking best movies I have seen in ages (besides Operation Valkyrie is a good one too, even if you don't like Tom Cruise).
Last wednesday I went to the university film club to watch the "Baader-Meinhof-Komplex", which was quite good as well. Only thing is, that if you don't have any idea of the 70's in Germany, you just won't get the idea and intention of that movie. And I can tell you: read the book first, if you don't have any historical background; it helps a lot.
Oh, jeez, there are sooo many good films coming to cinemas atm. And I neither have the money nor the time to watch them all. :'( At least they finally filmed Illuminati (which actually is the first of the two books "Da Vinci Code" and "Illuminati" by Dan Brown and not vice versa as the films were made), which should be a good one too.
Anyways - sitting at university at the moment. Listening to a totally boring lesson about automats and epsilon-stuff... Maybe my laptop battery will fade in some minutes - so I'll shut that blog now...
See you all!

PS: I just swooped round my gallery and found all the scans of my pics suck in some way (like grains). Is there anyone round Dortmund who might help me with scanning and reworking those photos? Or maybe you know someone? Thanks.
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Today was the first day of the summer semester at my new (well, frankly it's not new anymore ^^) university. I passed all exams of last semester with really, really good grades (even A's, which was unthinkable of at my old institution). I so :heart: it there.
Do you know the feeling the day before school starts, all that anxious waiting for the new year to start and to see all the good old mates again? Well ... I was absent from university just one week - my personal holidays before the classes started again today. But the feeling was just like that. All new and glossy and ... oh, I love it. :D

Today I got a print request which made me even happier. I'd have a look through all those twiddeling knobs you can choose about. ^^ Will take some time though. But - still active in doing some spring cleaning at my harddisk, since like three years or so ^^ - I stumbled over some old pictures, which I'd like to share and will hopefully get up some time in the near future. :)
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Twentyone days ago I got a proposal to switch university. Finally my struggle is over! The last some month were a mere stormy way to walk upon - I had some quarrels with my workload and myself about what will be in the future. I had dark thoughts, yeah. What will be - but I finally managed to get the jump off the bridge into the water. The technical university of Dortmund is gone for good, the university of applied sciences of Dortmund is here. Hail thee, for thou art my future. =)
It only took some seconds to make the descision to change to another institution. And I feel free again. I love that feeling sooooo much! It was a really good descision, for before my way was blocked by me, by the university, by everything in my life. I didn't know anymore what it is good for to learn, when you finally fail mostly all exams - but hopefully it will be another story here. I already loved it here the first day I walked into the building. So sweet and all the profs are caring and the ppl in student council are simply amazing (and friendly!). I never have seen that before in the university.
It's like a flower blooming in the dark days of autumn and winter. And everyday I wake up with a smile on my face.
I just :heart: it!
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Ah, yeah, well. Again long time no see. Blah. You know the rest I would tell you. Stressy life and stuff. ^^
Yesterday we (thats two good friends of mine, my honey and me) went on a small night-geocaching tour.
We were on the closed hump yard in Dortmund. Creepy but nevertheless soo beautiful at night (except for all that crushed glass on the floor of the old houses).
I absolutely loved the atmosphere - we did all our cashes at night, not only the "night"-titled ones. So I know a bit bout atmosphere there. ^^
Well, yesterday I finally did not forget to take my cam with me and made some shots. Not the best ones, I only did bring my small tripod along. But nevertheless I love how every single one came out. Have a look - I'm uploading some of them atm.
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Well, the storm hit us the day before yesterday with brute force. Our cellar was flooded like all of the cellars in our neighbourhood. The university was a desastrous stream of water. It rained 178 litres in three hours. That's more than twice the amount of a regular july here!
All lost what lied in the cellars. The assurance guy told us that they don'T pay because it was a "force majeure" ... Oh well, that means lots of cleaning and driving to get the stuff gone - and yeah, I HAVE EXAMS! So - what do I do now? Clean the cellar before it smells like rotten ass, or learn like hell? I simply don't know.

Made lots of pics, will upload them in some time, I think.

Until then: The weather warning for tomorrow from DWD (German Weather Services) is as follows:
Tuesday storm again, thunderstorms or even heavier, heavy rain over 25 litres per m², squalls round about 85 h/km and lots of hail.

I only can say: YAY FOR THE WEATHER, normally I don't complain. Today it's 30 C° in shadows, nice warm and cosy - uh, and very sticky, but ah, what the hell.
Finally yesterday was the day when the Loveparade arrived in Dortmund. What a great party. I have never seen soooooo many young people in Dortmund in one day. The newsreader spoke of 1,6 million Ravers and Partypeople in Dortmund yesterday. What a great, great experiecence - even if the weather was more shitty than good. It rained most the day, but everyone was cheery and happy and full of dancing power. ^^ I made some pictures, but most of them are more like snapshots.
Maybe I take some time and redo them, or cut them down to some sneaky little detail worth of showing DA. ;-)

Ooooh, and I finally found a series I searched long for, well, for its name. ^^ "Tripping The Rift" - if you like funny computeranimated series, with lots of wits and even more good plot - and you can get your hands on those three seasons - get it and watch it. So hilarious!

Oh, and I finally took some time to move my favorites into collections. Much nicer and somehow more ordered and ... ahhh ... soooo clean again. It feels like a fresh shower. ;-) Or like a new installed version of Microsoft Windows. ^^ Feel free to peek around ... it's all clean and tidy now. ^^

Oh well, and I'll go to grab something to eat now. :-D

PS: Why can't I use a "<"3 in the title of a journal entry? O.o
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Wow, again soo much time has passed. And I'm still not seeing the horizon where it all ends. Stressing days and wokring nights, much learning for the soon to come exams for university. But DA version 6 leaves me be highly happy. I've managed the 1400 deviations (I wanted to sort them out some time in the future) in like 1 1/2 hrs. That was the time I needed to go through perhaps 200 - 300 pics before. Ah, such a nice clean inbox for new deviations is a fine thing. ;)

Well, and off I go again, Java's calling, math, softwareengineering and much more funny things. :)

Hopefully I'll be back in round one or two month for more deviation-ing.

To those I knew better here: I always think of you all, please don't think I forgot you! My prayers are with you, if you are sad or in trouble and my laughter are with you when you are happy!
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I did my math exam.
And I succeeded.
Finally I can tell you why e^(i*pi) = -1.
But who really wanna know that?
It's the worldformula:…

Translated to english:

The four fundamental numbers Pi, e, i and One in one formula: You could get the impression to name this formula "worldformula". But nevertheless it is a really neat equation, think about it - how much math you need to really understand it.
Some mockers also say that this formula tells you not more tan: "If you turn around, you just look another direction." But this never make the grade to this equation.

Well, more or less translated - my translation skills are pretty lousy i have to admit ...

But: Yay. I passed math.

And new semester started this week. Good to know that nothing had changed. =)
And I need to get a kick in the ass for getting up and doing some new creative stuff ...
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Oh jeez, yeah, when I look up my journal entries ... it really is long time no see. ^^

Since August there had been lots of stuff running round my brains, first and foremost my new home where I moved in over a year ago (last January) - and it is still not finished. ;)

Then there were some music stuffies to attend to, and some more working for my job (like a new web presence to be build up in least than a month O.ô).

Non the less there had been some major issues that had my full attention. And now, sitting at work, nothing else to do, I wondered how my DA was doing...

What can I say?

3,415 deviations since I was gone. 992 messages and one note. Aww, lots of work. :) But I'm happy to be back.

I am stuck in writing. For my roleplaying group. I wanted to give them a christmas present - their first story in novel style ... yuh, I wanted. Well, now I am stuck cause I just can't focus on it properly. Damn. -.- Always trying to move on with it, but it just won't come out of my brains. Arf. Anyone got a real big sledgehammer?

My english is a bit rusty for I did not use it very much in the past - no english MMO's to play, just a bit NWN - with a new character.

Hmm, lemme see ... what to tell more ... hmm ...

I was featured in the Australia Day 2008 from waratha. See:… Very beatiful shots there!

And I'm thinking bout getting a wee bit more photo practice, after my roomie just bought a new Olypus E-510. Or maybe get a bit more creative in the general way by getting up my booty and getting some work done here, which lies like over a year and not being finished.

Also I finally have pictures of my last painted PC. Just have to edit them and get them up here. ^^ A LotR related work for my last and best roomie Katy.


For all the game loving guys and gals: Have you seen the trailer to Battlefield Heroes? It's sooooo hilarious! I literally laughed my lungs away, my eyes out and, oh mi gawd, it'S soo funny. Well, maybe as a german you are mostly laughing because of "die german akzent". :D Nevertheless I am so waiting for this shooter.

But before I go on with random blabbering bout the weather and stuff - now hopping over to all the deviations which came up in the last months. :)

Luv ya!

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"These Boots Are Made For Walking"

After one week walking the soul out of your body (well, not me, I was more one of the Packmules in this week ^^), I finally collapsed onto my bed. Well, actually the week wasn't really stressfull, just a full packed tight timetable to run after and soooo much fun, soooo many unbelievably nice and interesting people. We were on "Hikingweek" ("Wanderwoche" for all the germans and "Vándorhét" for the hungarians) "With Christ on the street" as a very free translation of "Mit Christus unterwegs".

We made a way of 136.1 km's in 6 days from Detmold to Meschede.
We collected 153 blisters on roundabout 70 people walking this way.
We hat much beer and even more fun.
We had only two casualties which is a really low rate for this event.
And I had the best time ever in the last 7 years (and it was my first holiday which I'd call like that again).

Sooo much fun and sooo relaxing. Well, a bit tired am I, but well, who cares. I can sleep when I'm dead, right folks? :)

I wanna gooooo back and have another week of this fun. After I slept. ^^
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10 ppl watching me so far. I'm flabbergasted. :)

I'm so sorry folks - that I haven't submitted much in the past.

Moving and stuff kept me from scanning old pics or writing (or even living out my hidden passion of scribbling "the worst crappy scatchy paintings you can imagine" :D). And my internet connection is crappy most of the time until Versatel will find the problem-maker and turn it into dust... I hope that will come true before the next iceage peaks round the corner... ;)

Last tuesday and thursday the ppl from a small videofilming company have been at my last home and did some shoots for "die Hausmeister" on RTL. It's kinda scripted reality, sometimes based on things that really have taken place like that. Some others just stupid and scripted. Yeah for information soap tv. -.-

Well, it was quite fun nevertheless those two days. We had much fun there. :D Ah, btw. it's my "Hausi" from Dortmund. That one in the students house. And noooooo! we are not such idiots. Well, most of us aren't. :p

Ah, and I caught the flu working there. I think. :D At least the last three days were quite "fun" lying around, sneezing, coughing and not being able to look straight. I hope it will be better (muuuuch better) tomorraw. Just can't wait anymore with learning. Have to do some stuff for my mathematics class and *ugh* for a summers party. Sometimes I ask meself why I can't say "no" at all. -.-

Oh, however - my bed calls for me. ^^

Nightey, everybody. :hug:
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... no Internet.
... have to wait for the end of my work for today *looks at watch*.
... nothing special in the radio, except for Mika with "Grace Kelly".
... only rain and not much sun.
... hoping to come home and my new appartement is finished - nothing to be moved anymore and everything in its rightful place.
... waiting for my destination to be mentioned. Dunno where to go.

Oh, so many sad things and so many fun things.

Luv ya all! Hope to be able to submit again soon and to give some comments and favs to the ppl. :)
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... gently down the stream. ;)
Well, finally I took my seven things and moved out of my beloved place where I lived the last 5 yrs. Its a students house here in Dortmund, and I really am sad bout going. :(
But a good thing besides is, that I move in together with a guy I first met here at university. We became good friends and are now moving in together. I like the idea but still ....
Uh, nevermind - the new apartement is a dream! I love it. Only thing is that we have to decide which colors to use for the livingroom and the hall. :-D
Maybe will scrap some pics from my new home here someday. ;)
Ah, and no internet till march - so will only hop on occasionally to watch what's up here and if no-one has died.

Luv ya all!

*maaaaaany hugs*
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Its like *argh!!1* - winter just won't come. I miss the white stuff, I miss the cooooooold weather, I miss Glühwein in paper cups hidden in big gloves.... the soft puffs of your breath in the air .... the silence when you walk (alone) in the crunchy snowtracks. It's as warm as late autumn, just a bit too cold to walk round in a Tee, but a lil to warm to get that old wintersjacket out of the storage.

Anyways, I stumbled over one of :iconamzarahgunn:'s journal entries and found it interesting. :) So here's how it goes:

The first 10 people who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose three of your deviations I like most and post them in my journal for everyone to see! It's pretty much to show you off. Who doesn't want that? ;)
The catch? You gotta put this in your journal as well if you posted. And remember, if you don't post this in your journal, I'm not going to put your art up.

So, everyone got the bottomline? :D Now - keep posting. ;) I will hop back to work now - and start watching out of the window again, wondering when it will start to snow.
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Life hit me yesterday evening. Can you imagine? Wow. Full impact. Dunno what to do... Kinda feels weird, like being in love and at the same time not. Have to get everything in order first ...

Ah, *reads again* just some random nonsense with lots of Jägermeister and Tequila in my blood, i think. Just wanted you to know that I am not dead nor out of the world lately.

This time, its Mai Tai which did its work... Just wanted to share a great songtext with you german talking folks. If you can get a grip on that song, listen to it. It is besides Kettcar (with their song Balu) one of the sweetest love songs i've listened to lately. Maybe Bablefish may help you with translation. I am far too drunk to do it anyways. :D

Sportfreunde Stiller (with Ein Kompliment)

Wenn man so will bist du das Ziel einer langen Reise
die Perfektion der besten Art und Weise
in stillen Momenten leise
die Schaumkrone der Woge der Begeisterung
bergauf mein Antrieb und Schwung

Ich wollte dir nur mal eben sagen, dass du das Größte für mich bist
und sicher geh'n ob du denn das selbe für mich fühlst
für mich fühlst

Wenn man so will bist du meine Chill-out Area
meine Feiertage in jedem Jahr
meine Süßwarenabteilung im Supermarkt
die Lösung wenn mal was harkt
zu wertvoll, das man es sich gerne aufspart
und so schön, dass man nie darauf verzichten mag

Ich wollte dir nur mal eben sagen, dass du das Größte für mich bist
und sicher geh'n ob du denn das selbe für mich fühlst
Alle für mich fühlst

Ich wollte dir nur mal eben sagen, dass du das Größte für mich bist
und sicher geh'n ob du denn das selbe für mich fühlst
für mich fühlst
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Nothing so far from me... Just much work to do for my job and university. Sometimes I can catch some time to do my other stuff - like writing, making music or painting miniatures. Maybe I take some pics and submit them, dunno.
I also have a heap of pics that want to be scanned and submitted. I just have to steal time for it from something else I'm doing... O.o
Life goes on, winter comes with big steps - I fear it. Well, not exactly the winter itself, I love the snow and everything. But as its called the dark season, my mood changes to the dark side, too. Its not exactly depressions I have, but close to it. :(
Ah, never mind. Just had to write some nonsense here. ;)
Will hop to bed right now, I think. There won't come anything usefull out of my mind atm. ^^

G'd Nite you all.
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Well, actually not you lot out there. But my RPG friends. After beloved Alaine was taken away to dwell in the Great Hall with Olidammara and her family (her two brothers were left behind on earth), my new char showed up last monday.

She is a green haired human monk. And she became main suspect in a crime scene. Dunno why. Okay, she *was* the last one seen with the barmaiden (she acutally got her undressed so that that maiden could lay down to catch some sleep), but does that matter? Someone else could have killed that poor girl.

Ah, never mind. Belkala, as she is called, just has to find some way to fit in the group somehow next monday. I hope she can manage that. :D
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Yesterday my beloved Alaine Cobbleton died in a heavy fight with wolves.

Well, don't worry, it was my D&D char. But it hurts nevertheless. She was a halfling rouge. A pretty tough one. She so often cheated death. But yesterday Olidammara took her away into his great hall where the Seven Sisters dance and sing.

Calim, Lannak and Craig have been too kind and buried her under an old oak.

With a tear in my eye and a smile in my face for the many adventures that will surely come next week, I say:

Farewell hun, may there be many traps to discover and many friends to find.
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I am finally back (with all head and heart) at home.

Hmm, or maybe mostly back. O.o

Had some really stressful weeks since my last journal entry. Had to help my dad and mum at their home. There's so much to do at their house and my dad has some probs with his back so he can't do it all by himself anymore. And my grandma's condition got worse and worse the last 3 month. I'm happy that she still knows me, even though I am at my parents only two days a week. She is 84 and slowly dieing. I hate watching this once so powerful woman, that took up a fight with almost everyone who wanted to, become so vulnerable. She always sleeps, can't get up in the night to go to the toilet (she cries and is disoriented), she wants to go away from this house where she lives for about 30 yrs now, she quarrels, she always asks what she should do.

Ah, the brain is such an amazing thing - maybe I just can't understand that it, too, can break like a leg, but never mend again. I feel so much pity with her, with my mum (it's her gramma) who cannot cope with that situation, with my dad who has so much to do with the house (he seems to be the only one who works there) and with grandma and my mom (who had a back surgery just about five month ago). But I also feel pity with my bigger bro, who has to look for a new job again (I have lost the count about his jobs), because I find in him a good worker and don't know why the companies don't keep him ...

I can't help it but feel responsible for all this. So I go to my parents every weekend, not like before only once a month. I help my dad, try to help my grandma in the nights so my dad can have one nights full rest a week (which became nearly impossible in the last month), try to help my mum and bro with taking some of the stress from their shoulders (by helping my dad and grandma).
But I'm not happy. Dunno why. Maybe cause I can't get all those thoughts out of my mind during the week. I don't get my work finished here, which makes me kinda unbalanced.
But I am happy to have some distraction in going to my weekly DLRG swimming sessions and my music association. These meetings are like a light at the end of the tunnel. They give me some strengh to go through this. And my friends. I love every single one of them. But I can't show them. I'm a stupid person. -.-

When I came back yesterday I met a good friend of mine. We hadn't met for two or three month. It was soooooo good to talk to him again. I missed his smile and laugh. And even though we met yesterday night, I still miss it. *sighs*
Can anyone tell me what's goin on with me??

Eventually I'll get up now and dress and have some breakfast.

Good mornin, world, good morning DA!

Ah, and finally I can update my journal with a nice lil dev club icon. ;)

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