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More Night themed paintings!Hatsune Miku-05 (Sleeping) 
Mainly drew this to study a bit of hard-surfaced materials ::shriner: 

City Lights by Klegs Street Night by Klegs
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Its awesome how the picture can still have a lot of variety even though it primarily focuses on using the color blue

I used this painting in a music video of mine and gave you credit.

Here's the link:

Thank you! Keep up the good work! I really love your style! <3

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I love the somber feeling here the warm inviting light coming from the van. I can almost hear the gentle guitar strums in this scene.
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Thank youu!!

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Wow!!! your art is beautiful! *O*
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I remember seeing this piece in a YouTube video for lofi hip-hop beat mix!
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This is stunning!From the light to the details it is just sooo amazing-
I really want to be hanging out with these people they seem cool
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So nice you have a great creative Mind!
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ahhh~ for some reason, this really tears at the heartstrings...
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so beautiful!!! :O
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O_O nice view
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I used to have an RV although only drove it once due to the tires blowing out X-D. Camping in itself is a lot more fun especially when you get to just take all the sights of nature in it tranquil state.
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Man I have never step foot into a forest my entire life T-T
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All the more reason to go one day. Even if you're not a knowledgeable outdoors person there are plenty of different ways to camp. Even if you don't want to camp you can always try nature trails walks.
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Ha, acoustic bass guitar. Serenade those ladies dude.
The atmosphere's great in this. You can tell they're enjoying themselves and at peace by more than their expressions. And the smoothness of the surfaces just adds to the calm.
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Oh, hey, it's her!  I think I just got a look at this 'Brian' guy.  Remember, the guy who thought she should take pictures in the mountains?  

Someone posted this up on /r/WritingPrompts as an image prompt.  I'm gonna think on this one.  I might write for this one, too.

Looks like she's quite the gadget-phile.
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