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Night Diner

By Klegs
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Mako Mankanshoku (Eating) [V1] food time with friend 

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Hi bro/sis, what software did you use? I was about to make a night street illustration, so I searched on google for night steet images, but I happen to see one of your work of art aand it brought me here, upon seeing all of your artwork, omfg im your # 1 fan now, your art is on a Godly level. :D

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I like that you take the time to make some amazing backgrounds~
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love how casual they look. and the background is really well structured.
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Just found you through ChilledCow your artwork is amazing and i really love this piece. Do you have it available in higher resolution?
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The draft for this story is up on Reddit; as mentioned before, it was posted as an image prompt.  (And the featured sidebar image prompt on Reddit, too, so a few stories are up now.)

The story I wrote for this one is located here:…

I just want to say, your images have a lot of depth to the characters portrayed.  I've said it before, but I'm betting you know what's in her cup and whether that guitar is acoustic or electric.  I mentioned that the characters here were vague, but they still have a lot of personality and character.  The stories I've written for images from this series - particularly this story and the first one - are some of the best characterizations I've written, period, in my estimation. 

I'm curious if you have an image you'd like a story written for?  I like challenging myself sometimes, and I feel like I could find a story in almost any image in your gallery.
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Thanks, Lurk! I gave it a read as well.Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1] hmm As for an image this one might be cool to write a story on  Paranormal Activity by Klegs  ^^
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I already have the scene in mind, I think.  I have some things I need to work on in the meantime, but I won't forget this.
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Someone posted this as an image prompt.  With such a well-developed character from the last two stories, I'm almost certain I'll write a third for this one.  I'll post a link when I do that.

I had a question.  The characters here are vague, while the background is very detailed, almost as if the background is the focus.  Was this a practice piece for environment?
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Ah no this isn't a practice piece ^^. I would mention it in the description. A good chunk of my pieces are scenery focused so I don't have much to put into characters
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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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Your drawings are AMAZING! Fantastic detailed background and awesome work on perspective, characters and colors!

Cant wait to see more!
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I just love the calming atmosphere you put into each and everyone of your pieces. I've always found going to diners relaxing. They're not fancy like other restaurants, but they do have their charms Emoji02 
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I wish the burger shop near me had half the menu options as this place. Just another night for Sasha and her friend enjoying the evening at their favorite spot.
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