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Convenience Store

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RV by Klegs City Lights by Klegs Street Night by Klegs
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Nice colours and lighting.

Hi! I used this amazing artwork in a YouTube video of mine <3 here is the link for it: I really love your style! keep up the good work! <3

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love the lighting effects once again
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A very comforting as well as unusual and inspiring piece of art all-around.
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I like how the store appears to be bordering a forest, with no additional lights to be seen but that of the store itself. By strongly implying it's at least on the edge of town, if not in some entirely remote location entirely, it creates a calm, slightly lonely vibe that's totally and refreshingly at odds with the standard convenience store mood.
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A curious location for a convenience store. Then again, truly convenient stores tend to be in unexpected places. However, I digress.

You have succeeded in creating an enchanting nocturnal atmosphere. It is inspiring. The reason for this must have something to do with colours, yet it is not limited to only that. The concept of the scene itself is enthralling too.

The lone occupant of the scene complements the overall impression of the scene as well.
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i always like reading your thought out comments , thanks tenkaido! ^.*
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I am glad that my scribblings bring you joy.
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you create amazing atmosphere in your drawings, as always <3
beautiful work!
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i've never seen someone with such a unique ability to create a beautiful piece of artwork like this.. please keep it up! ;)
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These night paintings are all so beautiful! They are realistic but with suck a peaceful atmosphere.
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so realistic.. amazing job! :sluglove: 
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PogChamp someone knows
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Beautiful place
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Just love these static everyday scene. It tickles the imagination of the viewer of something fantastical beneath it at same time ground itself to commonplace happenings of everyday life.
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