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Hello everyone and by everyone I mean nobody, because who would honestly be reading this right now at this time of night or day (depending upon where and when you are). Right, back to the journal. So this year I officially went to my first Con (Ikasucon 2012) and all I can say is "Amazing!". And to make this as quick and painless as possible I will write this short and sweet as I am unable to express the shear amazement and excitement I experienced in words.

*For any of you that were at Ikasucon 2012, I was the stocky man clad in all black clothes, black combat/airsoft gear, wearing a large helmet and an undersized gas mask with "red lenses". And just to be clear I was cosplaying as the ever elusive and secretive character HUNK from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or perhaps, if you prefer it that I was an anime character, your everyday generic anime soldier*

July 13 2012, Friday: DAY 1

Right, so first day of I-Con wasn't bad though not even 10 minutes in the building and I get in trouble. So I'm standing in a hallway waiting for this security officer to come back and tell me what I did wrong and all the while I was thinking "Great, my first con and I'm gonna be escorted out of the building", but that wasn't the case (thank god). The real reason I was stopped was, because my toy gun looked "too real" and was forced to put one of those crazy zip-lock like ties on it to differentiate it from being real and not real. After that terrifying experience me and my brother and friend head off to the game room to play some video games to kill time until the event we wanted to attend started.

While playing games I decided to play them with full costume on, including helmet, gas mask, and balaclava! Which was probably the worst idea to do, especially since the first game we played was Mario Kart. So about an hour and a few games later I took off the helmet, mask, and balaclava and me, my brother and friend head to one of the first few events! We witnessed a couple teach us about the ways of the samurai and how they honed their skill for battle in both and informative and comedic way (with lots of dirty/implied jokes).

An hour or so later we three headed to the Sonny Shadows panel, a panel that was about Sonny Strait's comic 'We Shadows' (go support it at and support We Shadows by voting it up to reach #1 as best web comic!). After the panel Sonny offered to speak to fans about either his comic, voice acting, or his band White Girl. Before reaching his table, and I must tell you about this as it is both funny and will be brought up later, but a man cosplaying as Maes Hughes confronted Mr. Strait and while I turned to wipe my eyes I hear a WHOOSH and when I turn back both of them are overly excited about a giant foldout frisbee with a giant picture of Elicia. A couple of minutes later, upon reaching the desk, I thanked Mr. Strait for a previous shout out he did for my brother which was a present to me, and though I didn't want him to do it I got him to say Destructo Disk in his Krillan voice!

Around the night hours and end of the first day we headed towards Jamie McGonnigal's panel which ended up being very funny. It first started out with questions, but then turned to him ranting which was hilarious.Very funny guy, and very awesome. After his panel we left Ikasucon to go to sleep for a couple of hours until day 2 came.


JULY 14 2012, Saturday: DAY 2

Day 2 rolls around and I decided I wouldn't wear my HUNK costume again, for the heat was unbearable in all black, and instead wore some normal clothes, normal for me anyway, which was composed of black shorts, a kingdom hearts shirt, and a TRON hoodie. During this day we, again, played games and then decided to check out the vendors (little shops).

Here we saw an assortment of strange and awesome things. Saw tons of Final Fantasy Figures, as well as other anime oriented figures, Anime DVDs (They had both versions of GUYVER: Bio-Booster Armor!!) and I got to try some japanese soda which was quite good.

After awhile the famous Eric Stuart (Voice of Seto Kiba and James of Team Rocket and Brock from pokemon) showed up. After several moments of psyching up, me, my brother and friend went to his vending table and started to chat with him, though it was mostly me and him talking. I didn't really bother him with voice acting questions (as I would assume that he always gets bombarded with them) and instead asked him about his music which he had laying out on his table and I found out that he was in the music industry first before he started doing voice acting.

After a couple of minutes I was caught in a corner in that I now had to owe my brother something because he got Eric to do a shout out to me and after joking for a minute about I said he was being "evil" and so asked Eric if he would like to be on my list of (fake) Nemesis', a list of actors, musicians/composers, or voice actors that always seem to be in something I'm watching and not even notice, such are Danny Elfman, Willem DaFoe, and Tim Curry. Needless to say, I now have two new nemesis', STUART and ERIC. I also bought one of his albums, 'Blue, Dressed in Black. I also got him to do a shout out to two of my friends, Sam and Kenny.

*Fun Fact: I swear after meeting Eric, he started popping up everywhere I went! It was actually quite funny.

After awhile the cosplaying competition came and went and judgements were cast. After the costume competition the Warky/White Girl (Sonny Strait's band) concert started! (After necessary set up procedures of course).

First up was Warky T. Chocobo, an awesome keybordist, who played familiar/augmented versions of some old school video game songs we all know and love (some Zelda, Sonic, Kirby, etc.) and blended them together so perfectly to make a melodic masterpiece with only a keyboard! It was so amazing that everyone danced to it, except for myself, because I have no motor skills for any kind of dancing whatsoever. Before White Girl started Warky and Sonny decided to do a musical number that I couldn't help but laugh at and though it seemed that most people didn't get it I did and understood the hilarity.

After some major applause more set up was required as White Girl was up next! Once everything was set up White Girl started performing and yet again everyone enjoyed the music and danced. After several songs Sonny started dancing with everyone while the rest of White Girl performed. Lastly, White Girl was going to perform the Dragon Ball Z Kai theme song and wanted everyone who knew the words to get on stage and join with him on singing it. All, but me and my brother and friend were up there.

Finally came the "Voice Acting" competition, a little short game of sorts that Sonny wanted to do. Only seven people were brave enough to go upstage, myself included. The rules were simple, we had to immitate the voice of a character that Sonny himself did before. Someone did Krillan (classic!), 2 others did Drossel (Black Butler), one did Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist), one did Ragnarok (Soul Eater), and I decided to do Usopp from One Piece.

In the end I ended up in 3rd place, the one who immitaded Ragnarok placed 2nd (the impersonation was very good), and the man that did Maes Hughes (the guy I mentioned earlier who was cosplaying as Maes Hughes) stole the show with quite a funny and character accurate display of Maes Hughes and his obsession with his family. Although I only got 3rd place, Sonny Strait had quite the shocked look on his face when I did my Usopp impersination and even said I did a good job :D (My ego and self-esteem raised through the roof!). This also gave me some recognition amongst those who stayed for the "Voice Actor" competition in which people later, before and during the rave, said I did a pretty good job, so I felt pretty good about my vocal imitating abilities (if you can even call it that), though everyone that participated did really good as well.

(video link below if anyone wanted to see, [sorry if I seem pretensous, I'm not trying to be, it was just my favorite part of Ikasucon])…

After this the rave came an passed and finally for the long drive home.

So there you go, that was my experience of Ikasucon 2012 in the "short and sweet" version. Can't wait for next year, already thinking of other possible costumes (was thinking as going as a generic S.T.A.R.S member [another reference to resident evil] or a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sky knight-esque character, and the latest one was a robot [daft punk kind of style, but I definitely will NOT have a daft punk helmet. Takes too long to build and too much money to buy a copy mold]).

Anyway, can't wait to see you all at the next one, bye.



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