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Shadowrun Suspects Wallpaper

Shadowrun 20th Annyversary Edition (4th Edition). Only did two illustrations in that book. This is one of them. All 5 major races from the gritty and cool Shadowrun universe in one pic. Published by catalyst game labs here: [link]. Get more infos on SR here [link] at Shadowrun4.
Check it out, it's awesome!
At 1920 by 1080 pixels this wallpaper should nicely fit your large 16:9 flatscreen monitors. Enjoy!

PS: Shadowrun auf Deutsch? Na klar! Hier:
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Used this in a campaign I did recently. The players loved the art. Seth got particular notice, as they thought he was funny. Well done!

GonorrheaBreath's avatar
Amazing art! 😲👍
CCGlazier's avatar
Perfect. Just perfect.
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Hey I picked up the 20th anniversary this was one of my favorite images 
bunzaiko209's avatar
LOL, This is awesome! A great way to measure their heights as well! =D Excellent! =D
typeandkey's avatar
Hmm... I wonder who it could be? Definitely not the guy in the middle, though.
orcus35's avatar
Who could be in the next line of suspects ?
witzki's avatar
nice well done mate!
pyropaul87's avatar
thanks a lot, i was locking for something like that all the time! :D
ItsukoKokonoe's avatar
Nice picture, I like it. Please, can you make one with girls, too? I'm going to create some new characters and I need help for designing them..
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always wanted to try out Shadowrun, never could find anyone who would run it.
DementedButterfly's avatar
my friends just started playing. It seems like a very interesting and enthralling setting. I am liking imagining the drawings. ^_^
phantomdotexe's avatar
This is awesome! I love Shadowrun and I think you captured the essence and style well. Very modern!
QuickSilverArtist's avatar
I play Shadowrun and absolutely love this. Great work.
FreeCry's avatar
Sehr schönes Bild, wirklich ! Besonders die Farbgebung gefällt mir gut :)
PyroDrakon's avatar
LOve the tech effects
Larissa83's avatar
mein absolutest number one Bild
besonders gut kommt der kurze ;)
I'm a Shadowrun junkie, and this stands out within all the cyberpunkesque art I've seen. I also love the HUD additions to the viewer's perspective.
VikingScott's avatar
Sweet work. I particularlly like the Dwarf and his gesture.

Well actualy that's a lie. I like the entire thing but yeah that's a highlight.
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