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It has been way to long since I've posted anything here, I need to clear out the dust, so here is a new persona painting.

Hope you guys like it! Sorry if I didn't respond to some of you but as I said I rarely come down here anymore, but I definitely appreciate the support!
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People are awesome, really 
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At first glance I thought it's Tesla's commercial about 'imaginations'.
Very cool. I love how the dragon's wings extend past the frame it really emphasizes the sense of vastness. The muscles on the wings make them look so powerful as well. very cool.
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Oh my god.. *catching breath*
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Imagine if there was a migration of giant butterflies.

Like Mothra has a bunch of distant relatives. :giggle:
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Awesome work - I really like the sense of scale. 
i fuck this image license what's that image'S licenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Wow... just wow. I think the suits they're wearing is where the story starts for me. 
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What a cool setting, although it seems, with the car's exhaust being so large, why is it off to one side, why not have it in the middle? Just to deviate from the norm?
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Oh my god...
Great work!
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Gorgeous work !
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Amazing Artwork!
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Lovely dragon!
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insane dude! this is such a magnificent piece!
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it feels so real O_O
Yes! Wonderful! I can even hear those huge wings, that muffled "Whump!" the make as the flap them occasionally as they soar by.
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