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Dragon's Castle

So after I while I finally found the time to finish this one, part of the dragon serie I started with this one: Dragon's Nest by KlausPillon

So enough of the snow and mountains for now, let's go visit somewhere else for the next piece!
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Horse: F**k that! I'm not going anywhere near that dragon!
amazing artwork
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here they come dragon lunch is served
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...possessive and protective, I can feel the presence of this dragon as if I was there.  this piece tells a story many would be interested in hearing.
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Amazing! I love how you expressed the tense scene with the horse's nervousness.
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Hey Klauspillon very nice paint, there's a way that you can let me use this or the first one for single cover that i'm going to release(no commercial use)? Since now thanks a lot!
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Great great great! Looks like that vampire movie with a dragon in it.
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thats a huge dragon!
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jesus didn't you say you were getting some one in to give the place a bit of a spray before we were to move in
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"Yes, my loyal steed, the tenet is a giant dragon that could ravage whole kingdoms in anger, but we still have to see him. Stop panicking! Someone had to deliver that eviction letter! If it isn't us it'll just be someone else!"
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Dragon: "You DO realize I can hear you, yes?"
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Courier: :fear: "... Well, change of plans. Fly, my steed!"
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Dragon: "Well, that was rather anticlimactic. I wonder if I should tell that chap that I've already packed to move..."
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This is very nice picture . Dragon and castle look amazing .Good work .^^
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I LOVE the light in this painting!
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Absolutely stunning. The values are fantastic.
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I would definitely stay away from that castle. :D
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