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Diablo III RoS Contest

By KlausPillon
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Here is my take on the Diablo contest, really had a blast doing it even though it was haaard :p
And now let's go smash some bad guys!
EDIT: I had to make slight changes :)
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The demon hunter seems to have a manly face XD other than that, nice picture.
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nice details; I especially like the demon hunter
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This piece feels really complete out of all of them. There are a lot of good pieces in there too, good luck.
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Why isn't this one a finalist? :( You're my favourite
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Edit, after your viewing check your PN box.
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Hey guy I think it need a little bit more color.
I change it and you can see how it look, I own NO rights to the image.
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Congrats! Semi-finalist.
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cooool =) ça déboîte ^^
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"WHy does Kormac always have to use the little boys room just before a battle?" growls the barbarian under his breath.

"Little boy's room? I thought he told he wanted to do his last prayer before the final push!"sighed the Monk upon realizing that he had been duped.

"Kormac is a womaniser and he is probably pestering Eirena! When I see him these arrows are going to find its mark below his belt!" hissed the demon hunter...

To which the Barbarian placed his sword strategically where she may not hit him by accident and the Monk slapped his forehead and sighed again.

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awwwwe, I didn't know you characters.
nice work
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