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Alternate D-Day

By KlausPillon
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What if Pacific Rim meets Saving Private Ryan?

I started this piece a few months back, but at some point I didn't like it, so I didn't went further with it, but I thought I might post it anyway :)

I hope you'll like it!
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I absolutely love this idea of Kaiju in war, I think it's so fascinating
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oh shiet, thought that was sfm or something O_o
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Now this would be an epic movie! I love those interesting alternate universe WWII's cause that was the age we really became more modern in war and in the world.
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Basic Training did NOT prepare them for this! :lol: Brilliant picture here, everything about it is exquisite from the details to the dramatic composition. You watch: sometime within the next decade we WILL see something like this on the big screen. Hahaha!
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That...... is pretty awesome. :D
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Yeah, they actually called it K-DAY 
in the prequel novel...I dunno, I thought
the name could've been better...
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Yep, they're f***ed. It took the modern military 6 days to kill the first kaiju. Probably the only thing we could do in WWII era to affect it would be nuke it, and even that's a year away. 
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Pretty sure 16-inch cannon would have been more effective than Jaegers though. The whole movie was ridiculous.
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Uh, sure, something that survived a nuke could be brought down by a normal sized gun. Right. Sure. 
Also, I don't even get the people who complain about the giant robots being silly? If you can't just accept giant robots, don't watch a movie about giant robots. Simple as that. 
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You have a hard time believing a 16-inch gun firing armour piercing shells not having an effect....but no issue with giant robots punching them to death? LMAO!
Also NORMAL sized gun? A 120 mm is a normal sized gun. A 16-inch gun like those on a Battleship is a massive gun.

If they can be killed by Robots punching, and shooting chest missiles, then a 16-inch gun would have been more than enough.

I had no problem with the giant robots, I had a problem with the crap physics.
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When you said "16 inch" I was thinking length, not width. Even so, I doubt they'd be more effect than the nukes that were used to stop them.
And you cannot have giant robots or giant monsters without crap physics. Ever heard of the square-cubed law? Yeah, nothing with giants in it that are designed off of smaller animals will ever have good physics. Even if you base a kaiju off of dinosaurs, you run into the problem that kaiju are usually a shit ton larger and still have to deal with the square cube law. 
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I can deal with Kaiju better than the robots actually. They were after all a creation of a far older and advanced civilization with solutions grown in.

The nukes probably didn't hit them directly either and most nukes are tactical these days.
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And humans handled the remains of the kaiju for several years before making the Jaegers. Would it not be possible for us to learn a thing or two about how to make really big things from handling them? 
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Maybe, but the worst was it only taking 8 helicopters to lift a single Jaeger.
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Yeah, if the kaijus just came a few decades earlier, they would've won easily.
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waaw this looks great!! 
keep going! :happybounce: 
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I can see the plot now:

"Desperate to reverse the course of a war that he seemed destined to fail, Adolf Hitler began a series of experiments on lab animals and concentration camp prisoners to create super-soldiers and monsters with extraordinary strength and size by irradiating them with Germany's supply of plutonium and uranium. The creatures destroyed their creators, however, and forced the Allies into an all new, even more horrifying war against an enemy which humans have never faced before..."

Personally, I always loved the theme of giant monsters being the result of humanity's worst excesses in science and/or war coming back to haunt them, and didn't like the twist in Pacific Rim that the kaiju were alien meat-puppets, but this drawing still presents a hilariously awesome idea.
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