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Acaratus - City of Veturoth -

By KlausPillon
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Here's a new artwork made for the still in development indie game Acaratus.
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You're really conveying the atmosphere. I'm shivering just looking at this. I love the design of the castle.
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<img src="//st.deviantart.net/minish/stash/stashing.gif"> <img src="//st.deviantart.net/minish/stash/stashing.gif">  
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This picture nearly could had been a possible design for Harry Potter's Hogwarts-

I LOVE great castles at a lake or sea.
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Windhelm* of Skyrim? :XD: No, but it sure has some Resemblance :D
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If that is gonna be in a game, that will be one game I am sure to check out. Awesome artwork! :)
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looks majestic
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I am speechless. This drawing is incredible. All the details, the colors, the light, the texture. You are an inspiration and I hope some day I can be as epic as you are
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if there is a game for this I would love to play it! Beautiful scenery
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It's incredible that such a jaw dropping scene can still invoke the feeling of a trapped, bored life within those walls. Well done!
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i am in utter awe! :wow: :faint:
kinda reminds me on Conan the Destroyer/Skyrim, and i love them both!
it truly invokes a sense of fantasy and an age of "High Adventure"! :squee:
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I had to think on Windhelm from Skyrim, since it has a Connection to the Sea as well ^^
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Your skill in art is incredible. Very well done indeed, and I hope you bring forth some Tolkien creations!
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This is beautiful!!
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This is brilliant, interesting scene, and nice of color
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Amazing atmosphere and coloristic style, grea piece :) !
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Nice to see quality work.
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Wow beautiful!! Love  This makes me want to go to Norway now. La la la la 
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Reminds me of Skyrim concepts. I love the mountain sizes c: I feel like mountains in most games are never big enough, but if the game's are this size, I'd be thoroughly impressed. Great work, love the detail in the mountains' forests.
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wow i want to go there it's so magistic 
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City of Dale much?
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