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July 15, 2013
I had to pause for a moment because it felt like a real living room, fantastic work!Interior_living room by *Klaudio2U
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Interior_living room



So...finally something new! :)

I am not that much into arch viz but this was personal project i did for only one reason, mostly - to learn Maya/Vray workflow. I took a bit of time but it was well worth the effort.
It's not a master piece, i know, but i think it is step forward when compared to previous work i did. Also, as you may notice, i am no longer doing stuff with Cinema4D. I thought a lot and finally came to the conclusion to switch on Autodesk since i actually want to get a job somewhere in CG industry one day and with C4D, as much as i love it, unfortunately it is hard to get it (except in motion/broadcast media or something, which i don't do).

Anyhow..Maya is from now on my main 3D app and i'm getting slowly familiar with 3ds max when i have time.

As said, modeling is done within Maya except those 3 bonsai models that i downloaded for free from Viz-people.com ([link] so..some nice free stuff can be found there.
Interior is based a bit on Japanese traditional houses, mostly "kotatsu" ...that low table behind sofa except that "kotatsu" also has futon(blanket) and usually heat source underneath it. I always wanted one in my house!! :)

Overall i am pretty much satisfied with outcome but obviously there is still a lot of room to improve. Am i still learning this whole CG thing and i guess some things comes only with more experience (and practice!).

Hope you guys like it.

EDIT: That short legged table is actually called "Chabudai"...i remembered, finally, huh! Kotatsu is winter version with futon and heating. There you have it!:)

UPDATE: I just got CGArena Excellence Award for this one! ->> [link] Which makes it my second one! Cool! :)

UPDATE_2: First Daily Deviation?!! Thank you mintyy for suggestion and PolyMune for featuring, thank you deviantArt, thank you all!! You are awesome!! :)
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very nice !

regards bernd