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Alright apparently someone reported one of my stories for having underage sexual activity.  It does not.  FLAT OUT it does not.

HOWEVER I will not wait for DA to pull my story down out of reflex and without a fair hearing.

I will remove it now and will not repost it.

HOORAY for corporate apathy!

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.


“I don’t wanna go like this!”  Valarie yelled, stomping her feet in the mud.   She was now wearing a small red dress with blue flowers, and child sized sandals.  She glared up at Amber who laughed at the sight of the dangerous mercenary reduced to a cute girl.   “Why do you even have these clothes?”  She hissed.

“I was making a time dilator.  I wanted to be ready in case I shrank myself.”  Amber said as they walked towards the warm jungle lake.  “Aren’t you glad I had them?”

“Could have brought panties too… my butt keeps hanging out.”  Valarie huffed, holding her skirt down.  “Why do I gotta stay a little kid!?  She suddenly whined.

Amber just snickered.  “Look, I’m sorry, but you tried to kill me and steal my life's work.  I’m not going to trust you until we have our money and are safely back in civilization.  Then I promise I will turn you back and we can go our separate ways.”  She turned and looked down at Valarie.  “That’s more than fair right?”

Valarie growled and stomped a foot, her mind slightly childish and hard to argue with.  “NO!  It’s not fair!  Why do I have to be a kid AND split my money with you?”

“YOU tried to kill me!”  Amber said, bending down to get in the little merc’s face.  “I could have left you a baby back there with the general!”

“Then maybe you should…”  Valarie grumbled, crossing her arms.  “…You fucking nerd!”

Amber suddenly lifted up the back of Valarie’s skirt, exposing her cute tiny butt and swatted her once on the rear.  Valarie’s mouth formed a shocked O shape as her eyes went wide as she stood forward on her tip toes, her body stiff.  Amber stood back up and wagged a finger at her. 

“That’s for having a potty mouth!”  Amber said.

Valarie began to hiss, unsure what she was feeling, but the swat had evoked something in her mind and she felt more embarrassed than ever.  Her lips began to tremble, his fists balling up and then she started to growl. 

“Don’t SPANK ME!”  She cried, stomping up and down in the mud, spattering her and Amber with flecks of soil and slime.

“Stop!  No tantrums!”  Amber said, trying to quiet the child, fearing soldiers could be near.

“No!  You’re not my momma!  You can’t tell me what to do!”  Valarie cried, throwing tiny ineffective punches at Amber’s legs.

“Valarie!  You stop this now!”  Amber tried to interrupt. “You behave like a big girl.”  Amber then considered that her mind might be slightly affected by the beam.

“No!  You can’t spank me on the butt!  That’s only for my girlfriend to do!”  Valarie snapped, her eyes then going wide as she realized what she had just let slip.

Amber blinked and then a wide smirk came over her face.  “Ah!  So you liiiiiiiiike to be spanked, by your girlfriend no less?”

Valarie turned red in horror and shook her head.  “N-No!  NO!  That’s… that’s not true!”  Even though… it was true.

“Hey.”  Amber said, as she smiled.  “I had a boyfriend and I liked when he's a bit rough.  Liking spankings is ok.  I promise I won’t tease you for that.”

Valarie looked up and saw that Amber was serious.  After a moment she nodded.  “T-Thanks…”

“And I won’t spank you if you just behave and get us out of here.”  Amber said, putting her hand on Valarie’s tiny shoulder.  “Ok?”

Valarie nodded again.  “Alright… I’m sowwy for throwing a fit.”

Amber almost squealed it was so cute how Valarie pronounced “sowwy” with a sad face.  Just then, the sound of voices and guns could be heard from the camp.  The crunching of gravel and splashing of mud started to rise up over the hill

  “Oh crap!  Come on… you can tell me about your girlfriend as we fly back!”  She said, rushing Valarie ahead.

“How am I supposed to fly us as a little kid!?”  Valarie cried, her little legs splashing in the mud as they approached the sea plane.

“Cutely?”  Amber answered with a laugh as she scrambled aboard, soldiers cresting the hill and charging down towards the beach.

“OOOOOOOH!  I’m not cute!”  Valarie cried.  This was going to be a long flight… if they even got out of here.

To Be Continued

Child Sized Escape Plan - Epilogue
Justa  cute epilogue. 

If you are interested in more, leave a comment!

NO REQUESTS Thank you!
Alright, I got sixteen up, now working on the next wave, I hope you like them!

Also, I am going through a rough patch with work, and I could use a little extra cash so I think for the rest of July I will open a permanent sale

I run sales normally for spending money and I hate having to come on and ask if anyone is interested.

I am willing to open up the 6 pages for $25 commissions if anyone is interested.  I appreciate your help and interest and anyone who commissions gives back to those who like my stories as well as themselves.  Just drop me a line if you are interested and I appreciate anyone who considers it.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more!


Start thinking of spooky, horror or Halloween ideas... because I think I will be opening the Halloween contest again this year!  I will post rules and start taking suggestions August 1st.

ANNNNNND I think I will open up the contest to AR AND TF stories.   So... start thinking~

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Anonymous

Stephanie Lightbrow and her slightly demonic companion Azraxon, were both knights.  Both were famed monster hunters, known for defeating the black wolf of the fens, and the serpent of Gog while chained to a tree.  They were fairly famous to be sure, but what surprised everyone was how gorgeous they both were. 

Stephanie, or Steph as her friends called her, was average sized with an attractive build and long braided gray hair, a smooth face and piercing eyes.  She wore a short skirted green dress with solid leather patches sown into the shoulders, sleeves and over her breasts.  She wore high boots that went up to her thighs and wielded twin swords.  She looked wild when fighting and many had swooned upon seeing her.

Beside her walked Azraxon, taller with grey skin, white hair and twin black horns that went back from her head.  She was strongly built, while still feminine with wide hips a bouncing rear and an attractive bust.  She had amber eyes and pointed ears, her face tight and carved like a statue’s while her voice was a smoky soft tone.  She wore a tight white pair of pants with a gold and purple armored jacket, her legs guarded by bracers that matched her jacket. 

Needless to say when they entered the small town of Denta, they drew a lot of attention.  People watched them pass, stopped their work and peered out windows to gawk at the beautiful pair.

“Look’s like we’ve been spotted Az.”  Steph said, using her friend’s nickname.

“What do you think?”  Azraxon asked.  “My horns, or your legs?” 

“Can’t they drool over both?”  Steph said with a grin.

“Sure…”  Azraxon said, purposely letting her hips sway wider as she moved.

“Show off.”  Steph winked.

“That’s what I was going to say about those boots and that short skirt.”  Azraxon added.

“Heroes of Vana!”  A voice called.  “Thank the heavens you’ve come!”

Just then they saw someone rushing towards them, a young girl, perhaps eleven or twelve, wearing a white robe with soft blue tones and a hood.  Her long legs stuck out the bottom and curls of red hair flashed under the hood.  She ran to them and stopped, breathing heavy as they exchanged a glance between each other.  They had expected someone to come running to them, begging for help, and this girl was right on schedule.

“Can we help you little girl?”  Steph asked.

The child frowned and tried to catch her breath.  “I’m… not a… little girl!”  She barked between breaths.  “I’m a scribe for the youth deity Selana.  My name is Melinda!”

“Bit young to be a scribe aren’t you?  Azraxon said, putting a hand on the girls head.  “I mean… you’re far too little to even have hair anywhere but your head.”

“Hey!  I have hair!”  Melinda snapped, waving her hand away.

“Is it fuzz?”  Steph asked with a smirk.

“N-no… yes, but that’s not important!”  Melinda said, her face red as a tomato.  “The goddess of youth needs you!”

“The… youth goddess?”  Steph repeated with a soft snicker.

“What is that tone supposed to mean?”  Melinda asked.  “She's a real deity!”

“Oh yes… I just was curious…”  Steph said looking to Azraxon.  “I mean… no war god, or beauty god?”

“A beauty god makes sense to me.”  Azraxon added.  “But a youth god?”

Melinda was surprised they were giving her such a hard time and winced.  “Are you going to listen or not?”

“Go ahead kiddo.”  Azraxon said with a laugh.  “What does a youth goddess need with two humble knights?”

“Our shrine has been attacked by a foul swamp beats, it’s like a wolf and covered with burning moss and reeds!  It’s most foul!”  Melinda said, deliberately making her face look as scared as she could, hoping it would convince them to help.  “Will you slay the beast?  You would win the blessings of youth from her for all your life.”

Azraxon and Steph exchanged a look and then began to snicker.

“What is so funny?”  Melinda asked, her face twisted in indignation.

“The blessing of the youth goddess sounds like a bad reward kid.”  Azraxon said.  “I mean… what does she make me a skinny twerp like you as a gift?”

“No, clearly she would make us stay young forever… then we would die at seventy six years old as hotties.”  Steph added as they both laugh.

Melinda began to tremble, anger at the insult to herself and her god.  “How dare you!  You… you petulant brats!”  She cried, her fists clenched at her side.

“Oho!  She calls us brats!”  Steph said, leaning down so she could be face to face with the trembling little scribe.  “Wanna say that to my face?”

Just the Melinda saw Azraxon do the same and swallowed hard.  “Or my face?”  Azraxon said, flicking the child’s forehead.

Melinda squealed and fell back onto her butt, her skinny legs sticking out of her robe in front of her.  “OW!  Y-you two aren’t heroes!  You’re bullies!”

“And you’re a runt!”  Azraxon barked, both knight bursting into laughter.

Melinda grit her teeth as tears came to her eyes.  “Y-You-you’re not heroes!  You’re bullies!”

“Well if that’s true, give me your money runt!”  Steph laughed even harder, slapping her side.

As Melinda tried not to cry a new voice came from behind her.  “Such rude behavior!  She came to ask for your help and you tease her for her beliefs?”

The pair looked up as Melinda smiled, her high priestess having arrived to check on her.  “Mistress Pelisa!”  Melinda cried.

  Pelisa, the high priestess of Selana was a beautiful sight to behold.  She was tall, her hips and bust large, her thin waist perfecting an hourglass shape.  She had long blonde hair flowing down from a headdress that sat down over her eyes and rose from her head, rendering her eyes hidden from sight.  Her skin was exposed on her legs and arms as the rest of her frame was covered in a similar white and blue robe like Melinda’s.  She had red pouty lips and crossed her arms as she stepped up to Melinda, the girl running to hide behind her.

“So cruel.”  Pelisa said.  “We came to you for help and you tease a child for being young, before mocking a goddess who prolongs beauty?”

Both knights looked down at Pelisa’s body before looking to each other and laughing.

“What is so funny?”  Pelisa asked.

“Well… you look outrageously stacked for a woman in her what?  Early fifties?”  Steph said with a wide grin.

Azraxon had tears in her eyes and was still laughing.  “Goddess of youth… and milfs apparently!”

As they laughed, Pelisa pursed her lips angrily.  “You're the rudest children I have ever met.”

“Sexiest tho!”  Steph chirped as more guffawing followed.

“Seriously, are you made that busty by the goddess or were you chosen because these scribes of yours need to be breast fed?”  Azraxon pointed as she asked.

“Fools!”  Pelisa snapped, her anger clearly present.

“Relax big momma!”  Steph said with a wink.  “We’ll help, its just you are quite a looker!”

“Perhaps I don’t want your help anymore!”  Pelisa hissed.

“Suits me, you can diaper the kid on your own.”  Azraxon said, sneering at the quivering angry Melinda. 

“That does it!  I will ask the goddess to turn you both into helpless babies for this!”  Pelisa snapped, throwing her arms wide.

Everyone there stared in silence a moment, waiting for the punishment from on high.  After a silent moment Steph sputtered followed by Azraxon almost falling backwards as they resumed laughing.  Pelisa winced, one eye twitching as she looked to Melinda in consternation.

Steph began to grab her head and made mock sounds of grunting.  “Oh no Az!  She’s turning me into a widdle bah bah!  Wuaaaaaaah!”  She said, lisping her voice.

“Me too!  I’m so tiny-winy, I will need to have my diaper changed!”  Azraxon said, pulling her pants down and flashing the priestess who hissed in disgust.

Steph pretended to plop down onto her knees and suck her thumb.  “Mah ma pwees wet me have some milk!”  She playfully teased.

Azraxon grabbed Steph’s head pressing it into her bust.  “Here, you were always a babe, now you can be a baby and I will feed you.” 

Then they both began to laugh and point towards Melinda.  “Hey baby girl!  Come share with me!”  Steph called, grabbing one of Azraxon’s breasts.  “There’s plenty to share!”

“ENOUGH!”  Pelisa roared holding her hands up.  “You think it’s funny to be babies, then BE BABIES!”  She cried out loud.

There was a piercing light and thunder in the heavens as light shown down on the two surprised knights as they drew their weapons and looked around.

“Bless these rude children by turning them back into babies to serve you my lady of youth and beauty!”  Pelisa said, before the light faded and she crossed her arms in satisfaction.  “it is done.”  She said calmly.

For a moment the duo waited, nothing seeming to happen as Steph sheathed her sword.  “Well… that was impressive for nothing happening.”

“Yeah tell me about it.”  Azraxon said, before she jerked, her body bending forward as a warm and pleasurable feeling came over her.  “WOOooOO… what was that!”  She huffed, her cheeks flushing with color.

“What?  Did you just or-AAAAHhhooooo!”  Steph said as her own hips bumped forward slightly.  She looked about in confusion, before looking to her companion.  “Why am I suddenly bothered?”

“Your body is experiencing the pleasure of teenage youth.”  Pelisa answered.

Both of the knights looked to her, not noticing that they were getting shorter, losing centimeters, then inches as their bodies were indeed reversing.  Steph’s head looked to be lowering into her collar as her longs sleeves were scooted back, her hand bunching them up around her elbow.  Her skirt started to sink low over her exposed thighs, concealing them as her high boots slid down, her legs thinning inside of them.  Azraxon’s jacket was rigid and so as she slipped inside of it her gloves began to wrinkle and fold, her sleeves bunching up around her arms as well.  Her wide butt normally kept her pants stretched tight, but now as she felt a warm sensation of enjoyment coming from her legs they were growing baggy and folding down between them.  Her bust was pressing back and merging into her chest, almost as if warm hands were remolding her body, her face getting softer and her horns shrinking.

“Wow!  That’s neat!”  Melinda laughed.

“What’s neat?”  Steph asked, her body that of a reedy teen’s, her chicken legs sticking out beneath her.  “Why do I feel like a boy… and why are your nipples sticking up!”  She asked Azraxon.

“Huh?”  Azraxon said, looking down and gasping as her breasts were actually shrinking before her eyes.  She began to whimper slightly, looking up at Steph who was intently staring at her shrinking breasts.  “St-stop staring!  You’re boobs are shrinking too!”  She blurted.

“Wha?!”  Steph said, finally looking down as she was also getting smaller, realizing she looked to be around Melinda’s age.  “GAH!  Don’t look!  I’m turning into a kid!”  She whined, putting her hands on her head only to realize that her gloves were so large they were almost falling off.

“Hey!  You can’t do this to us!”  Azraxon cried, her pants bunching up around her metal boots. 

Both women reached for their swords, Steph drawing hers as her hands struggled to lift them from their sheaths and Azraxon found her arms were too short to pull her long sword from its own scabbard.  They grunted and growled, sweat pouring down their faces as they tried to use their weapons.

“GRRR!  Once I draw my sword, I’ll cut you in half!”  Azraxon growled.

“You… can’t do this to URGH… us!”  Steph whined, abandoning one sword in favor of just trying to lift one.

“You brought this on yourselves by being rude and acting like babies!”  Pelisa said, clearly having no regrets, her red face revealing her arousal at having such power to transform individuals.

“Bu-but she was the meaner one!”  Steph wailed as her shoulder collar bunched up around her neck, her long braid now shorter and unraveling.  “Punish her, not me!”  Her voice cracked high as she was becoming a child.

“ME!”  Azraxon blurted in a nerdy high voice.  Her face was very skinny and her clothes now bulky and laying around her frame like some kind of robe.  “You started it by laughing at the kid!”  She accused, her hand hidden under a drooping gauntlet. 

“Nuh uh!  You’re the mean one!”  Steph cried back, trying to keep her boots on as her dress was now reaching down to her feet.  She whipped a long empty sleeve at Azraxon, a glove popping out.  “You’re the meaner one, I’m the pretty one!”

“You’re both mean!”  Melinda sneered.

“Shut up shit!”  They both screamed before turning back to their argument.

“NO! NO! NO!”  The child demon cried out, stomping a heavy boot that wobbled around her feet.  “I’m a gorgeous demi-human, you’re just a boring woman… and you have no titties anymore!”  Even as she said this insult, she could feel her pants sagging down, her crotch now stretched between her knees.

“Neither do you!”  Steph cried back, pointing to her friend’s flat chest.  “You’re as flat as a plank, and you have an old man butt!”

Azraxon winced at this and pursed her bottom lip as she was barely ten now, holding up her armor and leather clothes.  “Well… well… you’re a tom boy!  I bet you even have a willie!”

“You’re a brat!  A smelly snot nosed brat!”  Steph cried back.

“You’re both stinky little brats!”  Melinda teased, now larger than they were.

“Screw you ya dork!”  Steph cried, waving an angry glove draped fist at her.

“Yeah butt out kid!”  Azraxon growled as she stumbled in her baggy clothes.

“Hey!  You’re one to talk demon girl!”  Steph yelled.  “Your farts smell like sulfer!”

“OH THEY DO NOT!”  Azraxon retorted.  “Your breath does!”

As they exchanged insults, Pelisa and Melinda exchanged a look.  “Wow… I thought they were friends.”

“Youth makes friends somewhat petty.  Let’s finish this.”  Pelisa said, raising her hands towards both of the squabbling girls.

Both of them had paused to consider how their bodies were being bombarded with pleasurable sensations.  Steph looked to her friend.  “Uh. Why does this feel REALLY good?”

Azraxon shook her head.  “I know… I’ll be thinking about this in bed later.

“And no more big girl thoughts!”  Pelisa said, clenching her fists.

With a loud sucking sound, both girls seemed to jerk slightly, face bright red, mouths open as they gasped.  For a second they shuddered, and then like two rocks dropped into sacks, both of their heads sucked into their clothes with muffled moans.  Their armor and gear twisted, spun a bit in the air and then deflated, collapsing down to their feet and piling up into small mounds, like little mountains made of fabric and armor. 

“Are they…”  Melinda did not finish.

Then silence descended for a few minutes.  Melinda stared, wondering where they had gone, until she saw soft bobbing movement in Azraxon’s clothing.  A small bulge moved forward until a round gray face, eyes closed in straining effort, popped from the open collar of her clothes.  A surprised baby, eyes wide looked about, a bit of drool on her lip before she squirmed forward and tumbled out naked and confused.  Her gray limbs were short and her digits puny, her belly and bottom puffed with soft chubby wrinkles.

“Ha!  A baby!”  Melinda laughed, pointing to the wide eyed demon baby.

The green dress was also bouncing and squirming, the boots flat and the skirt fluffing slightly as they did.  Just then Steph’s clothes lurched forward as a small bundle, tangled in green panties rolled out and landed at Melinda’s feet with a squeal.  A second baby, short gray hair in a tiny braid, a round belly with a big belly button and a bubbly face looked up at her.  Steph was also a infant, no more than several months old and her chubby fingers clenched tight around her panties, desperate to hang onto them.

“Wow how embarrassing!”  Melinda laughed, looking down at the whimpering baby girls.

“Indeed.”  Pelisa bent down and smiled in the new baby’s faces.  “See… I told you that I would turn you into helpless babies, and now… you’ll have to live this way!”

Azraxon glared up at her, her lips trembling in anger, her chubby arms trying unsuccessfully to push her to her feet.  Steph beside her was holding her little tiny undies up and trying to speak, soft gibbering and spit the only things escaping her lips.

“Ah here…”  Melinda said with a smile, retrieving a swaddling cloth from her satchel.  “Let’s get you in something before you have an accident and ruin your underwear.”

Steph gasped and protested in baby talk, her little hands pulling the hem closer to her belly.  Melinda reached down and slid Steph onto her back as the child tried to fight and kick, her eyes filling with angry tears.  Melinda pinched the oversized fabric of the green panties in her hands and pulled them back.  Steph tried to hold on, as Azraxon tried to help her fight back, but Melinda was too big.  Finally she managed to pull them down from Steph’s small frame as the baby girl began to whimper and sob.

“It’s alright, these are too big for you little hero.”  Melinda said as she hoisted Steph’s legs into the air and slid a clean cloth under her tiny bottom.  “What a cute wrinkled butt!”  Melinda laughed.

Azraxon snorted a brief laugh too, as she watched Steph’s pudgy butt vanish into a fresh new makeshift diaper.  Steph glared at her and she tried to pretend she wasn’t laughing.  However before she could look back, Melinda’s strong hands were tipping the gray skinned and naked demon babe onto her back.  Azraxon squealed loudly and tried to furiously kick her feet at the scribe’s hands.  A pinch to her right butt cheek caused her to squeak and stop fussing as she felt her world tip backwards.  Her little gray bottom was wrapped in soft cloth, before it was tied tight and she was sat upright.

“Ooooh!  For a demi-human, you are damn cute!”  Melinda chimed in a high voice.

“Hagah!”  Azraxon tried to protest but her gibberish response was little more than a grumble.  

“Ah, you’re too cute to be scary!”  Melinda said, gently gripping one of Azraxon’s horns and bobbing her head slightly with it.

She then reached down and scooped up both babies in her hands, tucking them under her arms and holding them up as they slapped at her and each other.  She grumbled as she was still a kid and holding two babies was awkward, but after a moment she gripped them around their chubby bellies like little wine caskets.  She held them under her arms, faces forward and arms hanging down her waist, tiny diapered bottoms up behind her back.

“So… what now?”  Melinda asked.  “We still have a dangerous beast to fight.”

Pelisa smiled, “Well that is a temporary problem, other adventures can fix.  However in the future we will not be in such a bad spot again.”

“Why?”  Melinda asked.

“Because when these two grow up in our care, they will be OUR champions and slay any beasts that threaten the shrine.”  Pelisa said, turning her back to them. 

“Wow!  You’re so wise!”  Melinda said, eyes beaming as her twin babies gasped, bursting into tears and fighting to escape their impending second child hood.

“Come, let us go home.”  Pelisa said.  “You can write the moral of this story in your log book.”

“Oh that’s easy!”  Melinda said as she looked to the two fussing babies.  “Don’t mock a youth deity!” 

“Well said.”  Pelisa commented, pleased by her pupil.


Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

By Klatuk4u

An AR Story

Commissioned by:  Anonymous

The dull thump of explosives shook the wall of the small laboratory, concrete dust pouring from the ceiling.  Amber Calvert knew this was her chance to escape.  For six weeks she had been held by the revolutionary General Elisa Vasquez, and was being forced to work on a terrible weapon for her.  Whoever was attacking the base seemed to be putting up one hell of a fight, and Amber could only hope they were here for her.

“Alright… pack this up, but don’t look like you are planning to escape!”  She told herself, putting her notes and her one working prototype into a bag.

She heard soldiers rushing around outside, screaming orders.  “She’s blown up the helicopter!  Move down to the factory and make sure she- GAAAAAH!”  An explosion ended that order, causing Amber to duck her head and scream. 

This was terrifying as she was no soldier, just a genius with a doctorate in temporal mechanics.  A very hot genius, with wide hips a round bust, short curly black hair, soft features and long legs.  She stuck out in this revolutionary camp like a sore thumb, short skirt, nylons and lab coat making her look more at home teaching science.

“We need reinforcements!  She’s going for the scientist!”  One soldier cried.

A husky voice crackled back over the radio.  “Don’t let my scientist be taken!  I’ll have your heads if you fail!”

More explosions, more shooting.  “Oh God!  Please get me out of here!”  She pleaded as she hid with her bag under the table.

Amber Calvert was the world’s leading expert in temporal dilation, and she had been on the verge of actually creating a temporal gateway.  This would have enabled people to travel around the world in an instant.  She would have made millions, but it was not to be.  She had been kidnapped while vacationing in the Caribbean and brought to an isolated base in the Amazon.  Her captor General Eliza Vasquez had forced her to refine her gate into a weapon, capable of dilating time around a set area, thus turning the target into a child or even a baby.  She was planning to overthrow her nation’s leaders and assume control with it.

Amber just wanted to go home, and escape this horrible place.  There was the sound of gunshots outside the door followed by an absolute silence that settled over the camp, causing her to freeze, holding her breath.  She heard the sound of someone picking up the keys to her lab, and then the door unlocking.  She peeked up over the edge of the table to see the door open, carefully, a tall woman entering and calling her name.

“Amber Calvert?”  The woman called.  “Amber?”

Amber was surprised; the woman was beautiful, tall and muscular like a martial arts fighter.  She had long legs in green military fatigues, her upper body thin with large round breasts barely contained by a cotton tank top.  She had a high ponytail with long thick brown hair that bounced against her round butt as she entered.  She held a huge silver pistol, and had ammo straps over he chest.  When she saw Amber she smiled and lowered the weapon. 

“Amber.   Don’t be afraid!  I’m here to help you.”  She said, closing the door cautiously.  “My name is Valarie Triton, I work for a mercenary group out of Florida.  I was paid to get you out.”  She walked forward, smiling as her large chest bounced with each step.

“Oh thank god, we have to go!”  Amber said leaping up and rushing towards the woman.  “Let's hurry before the General shows up!”

Valarie nodded and looked around the lab carefully.  “Do… do you have everything you need?”

Amber nodded, clutching the bag to her chest.  “Yes I have all my notes here.”

Valarie seemed pleased.  “You have your prototype too?” 

Valarie seemed to be eying the lab, as if searching for something.  This caused a spike of concern to bloom in Amber.  Something was wrong.  This woman seemed cold to her, and she wondered if she was really here for her… or the machine.

“Y-yes… I have it here.”  She said reaching into her bag and grabbing her flashlight, which resembled her device slightly.  She wondered if she could club the woman… or maybe blind her if her hunch was right.

The gun came up and aimed right at her head.  Amber squealed and raised the bag, causing the merc to hiss.  “Give me the prototype Doctor!”  Valarie growled.

“You’re not here for me at all!  You just want my prototype time dilator.”  Amber said, waiting for a bullet to hit her.  Apparently it was too risky to just shoot her, the merc worried that she could hit the device as she held the bag in front of her chest.

“Correct… but seeing as you know that,  there is no reason for you to die.  How about a deal?”  Valarie said, her lips curling to a smirk.   “Just toss me the prototype… and I’ll get you out.”

“You’ll just kill me!”  Amber said, gripping the flash light.

“No.  I promise, I won’t kill you if you give me what I want.”  Valarie said coldly.  “But if you wait too long… the General and her people will arrive.  Do you want her to catch you?”

Amber knew she couldn’t trust the mercenary, but she was right.  The General would be worse…  She considered a plan and then decided she had no choice.

“Alright…  I’ll toss you the prototype, and you get me out?”  She asked nervously.

“It’s a deal!”  Valarie said, putting her gun down.  She was smirking, making no effort to hide her contempt.  Amber could see she had every intention of killing her.  She wondered who she really worked for.  “Toss it here!”  She commanded.

Amber nodded and carefully reached down, tossing… the flashlight at the merc.  Instinctively Valarie reached to catch it, only realizing when it hit her hands that it was not the prototype.  She growled and dropped it. 

Valarie reached for her gun, “Big mistake!  Now I’ll-“ she was cut off by a small chime.  Amber was pointing the real prototype at her, and it was powered on.  “Shi-“ Valarie snapped, as the prototype turned on.

As Valarie was surrounded by a bubble of warped space, she squealed her gun falling from her hands.  She jumped up almost, trying to leap out but it was too late as her mature body began to fold back in on itself.  Amber noticed first her round bouncing breasts compressed, bulging out the sides of her tank top before giving way and sucking back into her chest.  Her snake length ponytail sucked up quickly as every scrap of body hair not on her head  vanished into her soft skin.  Her shirt hung loosely now as her face turned red in horror and her butt began to tremble too.  Soon her wide ass flattened as if she had been kicked in the butt and she wailed.

“You can’t do this to me!”  She cried as her voice hit a new high octave.

Her pants hung loosely on her long legs which now were smoothed and thinned like a pair of logs worked on a lathe.  Her muscles seemed to be sucked out of her arms as her body thinned and her neck felt awkwardly long.  Her smooth face puffed slightly as freckles appeared under her eyes and her hands shrank, her gloves growing loose over them.  Soon her pants slid down her legs, flashing her skinny boyish butt, which was wrapped in a g-string with military camo patterns.  Her body was now shrinking down quickly a she fought to escape.

“Sthop shrinking me!”  She wailed, waving her arms with her baggy gloves flopping over them.

Finally the bubble popped, dropping Valarie down on the floor in a heap of empty pants, stringy panties and a tank top that was far too large.  She was growling and cursing, a cute sound as her voice was higher now.  As she sat back and looked at her shrunken body, eyes going white with shock.

“You made me a kid!  You you bitch!”  She whined in a high girly voice, glaring up at Amber, but then stopping as she saw Amber's expression.

Amber was staring down at her, cheeks red as she trembled with delight.  Not only did her device work, but now she was looking down at the most adorable little girl she had ever seen.  She was scrawny with pink skin, a cherb face and a very lanky frame, her feet looking slightly too big for her six year old body.

“Uh… Hello?”  The little mercenary said in confusion.

“SO CUUUUUUUUUTE!”  Amber squealed, scooping the little girl up, her legs dangling as Amber swung her around.

“N-No!  Put me down!  I get motion sickness!”  Valarie cried, her stomach gurgling as Amber squeezed her up against her chest.  “Hey!  Get your boobies off my head!”

“So adorable!  You could never be an evil mercenary could you?”  Amber asked as Valarie was looking for her gun. 

Amber swung her again, causing her drooping panties and fatigues to flop off loudly against the wall.  “Hey!  My butt!”  Valarie spit, trying to cover her tiny pink butt cheeks with her oversized and deflated gloves.  “I swear if I can ever get my gun, I’ll kill you for this!”  Valarie growled.

“What a naughty girl!”  Amber teased.  She waved the prototype like a mother waving a spoon.  “Don’t make me shrink you more!”

“That bitch!”  Valarie thought.  She then noticed that Amber was wagging the prototype and occasionally aiming it at her own body.  She smirked and then pointed behind Amber.  “Oh no!  The general is here!”

Amber squeaked and turned her head to look.  “Wha-where?”

“Right here!”  Valarie said, as she grabbed the device and turned it on.

A new time bubble formed around Amber with a loud popping sound, the force tossing little Valarie down atop the table, the prototype flying from her hands.  When Valarie looked up, Amber was changing just as she had in a fit of scrambling motion.   Amber's nylons already torn from her ordeal, were now slipping as her legs thinned, large snakeskin wrinkles folding in their length.  Her modest bust seemed to just drop away, as Amber could feel her breasts suck back through puberty.  She clutched her hands to her top, holding her bra against her body as her lab coat became so large on her shrinking frame that it felt like a man’s jacket.

“Y-you little shit!"  Amber spit as she looked surprised.  "This is weird!  I don’t want any more!”  Amber said, frantically trying to hold her bra tight.

“Tough!  You did it to me, so deal with it!”  Valarie laughed, actually finding it exciting to see this happen to someone else.  “This is kinda nice!”  She said with a smirk.

Amber was now half her adult size, her sleeves sliding over her hands, her nylons and panties sloughing to her feet, causing the preteen Amber to shriek.  She bent down to grab her underwear, but her skirt lost its grip and flashed her small undeveloped butt towards Valarie, who began to point and laugh.  Amber squeaked and found that even as she shrank she could not pull her clothes up, her long sleeves blocking her hands from doing so.  She was the skinniest and most nerdy looking girl Valarie had ever seen, and she squealed as her tightly wrapped bun collapsed, her hair so short it could no longer keep itself up.  She covered her skinny shrinking body and started to cry.

“Pwees!  No more!”  Amber wailed, her little body skinnier than she preferred.  She flapped her long sleeves and tried to grab at her clothing once again, but it did not help.  Tears flowed down her face.  “This isn’t faiw!

“So you were a dork and puny brat!”  Valarie chuckled.  “That’s hilarious!”

Grunting and squirming she fought her way from the lab-coat, leaving her in only her tank top as her bra slid down her body like a belt.  She continued to shrink down until the bubble collapsed and she was allowed to fall to the floor, a skinny child of five wearing only a tank top herself, blushing at the loss of her chest.

“Wow… that felt weally bad!”  She whined.

She felt a slap on her shoulder and squealed, looking up to see Valarie who slapped her again.

“That’s what you get for shrinking me!”  She said, adding another childish hit for effect.

Amber started to squeal and cry very loudly.  “Stop hitting meeeeee!”

Her cries were so loud, Valarie realized any guards left alive would find them.  “Shit!  Stop crying!”

“Nuoooooooooh!  You hiiiiit me!”  Amber sobbed.  “You tried to kill me and hiiiiiit meeeee!”

Valarie started to panic, and tried to cover the sobbing scientists mouth.  Muffled Amber just whimpered and sniffled, the cry still coming from Valarie’s tiny hand.

“Stop it!  You’re going to get us in trouble!”  She hissed.

Amber bit her, causing Valarie to start to cry too.  “OWIE!  No biting!  You mean little bitch!”  She wailed, her voice girlish and nonthreatening,

“Up yours you big SNIFF meanie!”  Amber retorted, wiping tears from her eyes.

“You better be able to reverse this!”  Valarie said, gesturing to their tiny child forms.

“Yeah…  but I won’t help you, you’re a big meanie!”  Amber sobbed.

“Stop calling me that!”  Valarie yelled.  “We have to leave before the general comes!”

“You’re too late!”  A deep voice said.

Both girls turned and their jaws dropped when they saw the form of General Elisa Vasquez standing in the doorway, her gun aimed at them.  She was a mature woman, around forty years old, but attractive and strong.  She had wide hips, large breasts and long black hair that accented her olive skin.  She wore a tight green army uniform, the army jacket unbuttoned to let her breasts breath in the hot air, and a cap on her head.  She grinned behind sunglasses and eyed them both.

“Look’s like your project works…”  Elisa said.  “Seems you were smart enough to shrink your opponent… and stupid enough to shrink yourself too.

“P-please don’t kill me!”  Amber cried. 

“M-me too!”  Valarie added, both girls rushing forward in their tank tops and nodding.

Elisa considered this and while keeping the gun on Valarie she hissed.  “You destroyed my base!  I should shoot you… but I have a better idea.”  She pointed to Amber.  “Get the device and give it to me.”

“What?  Why?”  Amber asked, looking to Valarie, who she was sure Elisa would kill. 

“I’ll spare you mercenary, because I would rather turn you into a baby and leave you here.”  Valarie turned red again and gasped.  “Then, you and I are leaving doctor!  We’ll go somewhere and you can help me start over.”

“P-lease… you can’t make me a baby!”  Valarie squealed.

“Oh?  I could shoot you?”  Elisa raised the gun.

Amber ran between them.  “NO!  No!  I’ll go with you, just make her a baby or I won’t help you!”

Elisa considered this, as Valarie stared at Amber.  She was stunned that Amber would try to save her, but then she saw Amber’s hand behind her back, her fingers were crossed.  She wondered what that meant.

Elisa finally nodded.  “Fine… give me the prototype and set it to baby.  Don’t try anything funny, or I’ll shoot you before you can fire at me!  I DON’T mind taking a broken prototype to someone else… what you started, they can finish.  Just roll it over to me.”

Amber nodded, retrieving the device and holding it up.  She flipped a switch on it and then made eye contact with Valarie.  Valarie nodded, almost imperceptibly, as Amber turned and faced Elisa.  The General nodded, and she rolled it across the floor to her.  Elisa stopped and caught it, the gun never moving from its target.  She the tucked the gun away and aimed it at Valarie. 

“Step aside.”  She commanded.

Amber did it, as Valarie tensed, her lips trembling, uncertain if Amber would let he become a baby or not.  Elisa sneered and pointed the device right at her.

“Too bad no one will be here to diaper or feed you!  You’ll just get to die a more embarrassing slow death you little shit!”  and Elisa activated the prototype.

A time bubble enveloped Valarie, but also popped around Elisa too, who gasped in shock as her body was enveloped.

“HA!  I tricked you!  I set it to swap ages you bastard!”  Amber laughed.

Valarie  chuckled too, her face lighting up as she began to grow back up.  Her legs lengthened, smooth skin and flesh reappearing on them, while her torso stretched up from her hips.   Her arms shot out, hands becoming mature and her fingers stronger.  Her breasts bounced up, maturing in seconds as her pubic hair bloomed down over her groin, her shirt revealing all of her maturing form.  Her long brown hair grew up, struggling against the tiny ponytail tie and becoming a frizzy mess.  Last of all her face stretched out once more and she gasped with a woman’s smooth voice.

“No-  How did you!  You tricked me!”  Wailed Elisa, her body starting to change.

The tall buxom general, sank down, her tight uniform folding around her, its rigid form giving way to wrinkles.  She lost height, her head sinking down into her high collar.  Her huge bust bounced, a nipple slipping out of a tank top, before her bosom retreated back into her shirt.  She was losing her toned body as if it was melting.  She wailed, her voice cracking as her pants bunched up over her boots, her jacket fell open to reveal small mounds where big breasts had been as her sleeve dropped over her hands.

“NO!  I don’t want to be a kid!”  The cruel general gasped, her neck thinning, her glasses sliding and her cap sinking down over one eye.

She gripped her pants, even as her jacket grew too wide and her thin teenage shoulders slid out from under it.  Her neck was getting skinny, giving her a look like a beanpole.  Her face squished inward now, her ears almost seemed to stick out more, and her body lost inches in seconds.

“I will kill you for this!”  Elisa shrieked, trying to break free even as her pants dropped to the floor, revealing her boyish ass.

“You deserved this for kidnapping me!”  Amber screamed.

When her jacket slid from her shoulders, Amber could see that Elisa was now a small girl, thin as a post and more of a tomboy than her adult self would have hinted.  Her flat little butt was sticking out behind her as her deliberately too small tank top failed to cover it up.  Then the time bubble vanished when she was four years old, allowing her to move as she dropped the gun and looked at her body.  With a wail she pulled her pants up and held the device in the other hand trembling in rage, tears sliding down her face. 

“N-nooooooo!  You twicked me!  You twicked me!”  She then pointed an angry finger at Valarie.  “Gimme my age back now!”

Before Elisa could think to use the weapon, she saw Amber charge her.  All of Amber’s frustration at being penned up and kidnapped released in a high scream as she charged Elisa.  Elisa’s eyes went wide, unused to being attacked in this way, and the child actually wailed herself.  Turning to run, she flopped and scuffed along in her baggy pants, before she tripped and dropped the prototype, sliding out of her clothes, naked save her tiny tank top.  Amber ran up and started hitting her on the back, pulling her hair as the general squealed and tried to fight back.  They screamed and kicked, biting and shrieking when Amber pushed her down before kicking her once and grabbing the prototype.

Turning back to the sniffling form of Elisa, she set the device to newborn and pointed it at her.  “Stand up!”  She commanded.

Elisa whimpered and sniffled.  “Wh-what are you gonna do?”  She said as she slowly rose to her feet.

“Turn and apologize for threatening Valarie!”  She commanded, pushing the short haired girl to face Valarie.

“What?”  Elisa said, her cheeks bright red as she covered her groin and butt.

“APOLOGIZE!!!”  Amber screamed, a truly childish sound.

“I’m sowwy!”  She said, almost a whisper.

“Louder!”  Amber insisted “And make your voice sound like a cute little girl when you do it!”

Elisa looked back, disbelief on her face, finally sighing and looking up to Valarie.  “I sowwy I was mean… pweese fowgive me!”  She said, looking cute.

“And curtsey with your shirt!”  Amber demanded.

The little general hissed through her teeth, but did as she was commanded, her face the very mage of defeat and humiliation.

Valarie laughed at this humiliating display.  “Ha!”

“That good enough for you?”  Amber asked.  Valarie nodded and gave thumbs up.

“Now what!?”  Elisa hissed, turning around and pouting. 

“Be a baby, bitch!”  Amber activated the prototype.

Elisa had only a second to scream before a time bubble snapped around her and she dropped to the floor.  Her skinny arms sucked up, her stubby legs grew even shorter, her butt became chubby and her belly puffed up slightly.  Baby fat shot from her toes to her knees, her childish and hairless groin, her belly, arms and face.  She felt teeth suck away, hair twirled back into her head, her mind grew heavy and she tumbled back under her tank top.  By the time the bubble collapsed, General Elisa Vasquez was a newborn baby, screaming in short ragged shrieks between breaths.

Amber sighed and stepped back, watching as her tormentor wet herself and sobbed, unable to lift her head.

“That felt good!”  She said with a childish huff.

Just then she turned around to see Valarie stalking towards her, freezing the instant she saw her.  Valarie tried to look as if she was doing anything else, but the small girl puffed up her cheeks angrily as she looked up at the mercenary.

“You… you were going to still ambush me!”  Amber growled her girlish face angry at this betrayal.  “After I was saved you!?”

“Well… I… I just was..., you have to understand how much money is involved…” Valarie said, suddenly nervous as the diminutive Amber aimed the device at her.  “I-I’ll tell you what!  If you want, we can go sell the prototype together… you keep your plans and I’ll split the money.”

Amber huffed and stared a long moment.  “How much money?”

Valarie suddenly felt she may get out of this in once piece.  “I was contracted for twenty million.  I’ll give you half.  I swear!”

Amber considered this, nodding.  “That’s a lot… I could further my research with that much.”

Valarie laughed, relieved.  “Awesome… so should we go?  I have a sea plane waiting for me back over the hill.”

“Sure… I’ll go.  Once we get changed.”  Amber’s girlish voice said with a hint of amusement.

“Changed?”  Valarie asked, thinking she meant her lack of pants.

Amber nodded, flipping a switch on the prototype and firing it again with a wry smile on her face.  Valarie and Amber were both enveloped and changed once more.

Amber grew up, her long legs pushing her higher up above the nearby table as her arms shot out, long and smooth.  Her curly black hair sprouted atop her head once more and her bust grew out, lifting the tank top.  She felt hair return to private places, her waist squeezed in once more, and her butt bounced out, full and soft.  Her toes wiggled as her feet grew longer; her face stretching down to a sharpened chin and her smiled growing wider.

“Nice!”  Amber laughed.

She smirked and watched as Valarie shot back down once more, her little tank top lifting like a skirt in the wind as she fell.  Her legs shot back up, thinning and growing reedy.  Her arms slipped up her sides, her ponytail trailing over her head as she fell down.  Her bust bounced and then never came back, deflating into flat skin, as her butt jiggled up and did the same.  All body hair vanished so quickly it was like a flash of color before disappearing, her cheeks red with embarrassment.   Now she was once more a child, while Amber was restored to her mature form, smiling broadly as the tot sniffled.

“You!  How could you!”  Valarie sobbed.

“You were going to kill me!”  Amber said, crossing her arms.

“I-I sowwy!”  Amber whined, realizing that the scientist would be right not to trust her.

“I’m not a fool.”  Amber said, slapping the little merc on the butt.  “First we get out of here, then we sell the prototype and I will make you a big girl again.  Until then…”  Amber stepped over the wailing and sniffling general, and grinned down at her pathetic form.  She grabbed her bags and clothes, turning and tossing some to the little merc.  “You and I will be spending some time together, so let’s get going and we can see if we can learn to trust each other… for your sake.”

Valarie realized that she would not be growing up again for a while.

To Be Continued…



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Alright apparently someone reported one of my stories for having underage sexual activity.  It does not.  FLAT OUT it does not.

HOWEVER I will not wait for DA to pull my story down out of reflex and without a fair hearing.

I will remove it now and will not repost it.

HOORAY for corporate apathy!


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