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By: Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Melancholyjeffrey


It’s cold.  Fucking cold and snowing so much that everyone is trying to get indoors.  Christmas lights bounce and bob in the blizzard that now blows over the city.  Vicky Thompson is stunned when her partner in crime Jade Belcher stabs her right in the heart with a long knife.  A scream pierces the alleyway and floods out onto the street.  In a busy city, few take notice and the people on the street continue on their way, the cars passing indifferently.  Vicky is… was gorgeous with short curly blonde hair, green eyes and a beautiful body that her murderer is now quite familiar with.  Her eyes glaze over and she sputters for a moment before collapsing to the ground.

Jade steps back, leering at the deceased form of her partner in crime and in bed for several years.  Jade likes the sight.  Loves it in fact.  She is turned on like a bitch in heat, but she knows she can’t stay and stare.  That scream wasn’t planned and she has to leave before anyone happens to see her.  She throws her knife away.  She had a glove on, let the cops find it.  The fucking losers can’t get anything on her and Jade knows it.  That’s because she is a rarity.  She’s a female serial killer and she fucking loves it.  For the past three years she and Vicky had worked together to kill seven different people.  Blood stains and guts galore.  It was great fun she thinks. 

However it was over now.  Vicky was becoming a liability and she actually suggested she wanted to stop.  “Wanted to STOP!”  Jade spits loudly as she puts her hands in her pockets and walks out of the alley. 

She’s tall for a woman, almost five foot eleven.  Her hair is shorter, brown and feathered into a spiky top.  Damned sexy too.  Wide hips, round ass, and her chest heaves at its large size.  Men can’t stop staring.  Women can’t either and she likes that.  She likes that other women are jealous or want to be with her.  She loves to be with them to… especially after the sex when she kills them. 

She exits the alley, turns sharply left and walks past a cop of all things.  Over her shoulder she is watching him and the dumb shit walks right by the alley.  Didn’t even stop to look.  Just walks right by.  She grins, suppressing her laughter.  She will be out of the country before anyone knows.

“Ha… at this rate no one will ever catch me.”  She smirks and feels another rush of pleasure and pride.  She’s good and she knows it.

She can’t know that she is being looked at.  She is being judged.  She is being found wanting.  All this by a being far older than she is.  A being that knows one’s sins and metes out judgment accordingly.


An hour passes.  Jade is back in her apartment.  It was “their” apartment.  Now its hers and her partner is dead.  Jade is throwing out her things.  She’s laughing.  She keeps stopping to stare at herself in the nearby mirror.  She’s only wearing panties and a bra.  They are a size too small.  This is deliberate.  She knows how hot she is.  She likes that.  It will make her story even more intense if she is caught.  She imagines the news stories.  She imagines the fame.  She is almost turned on again.

“Time to get rid of the rest of your garbage.”  She says. 

She drops Vicky’s underwear in the garbage and checks the time. It’s 12:59 AM on Christmas day.  She thinks a moment.  That means she killed Vicky right before midnight on Christmas Eve.  That makes her bite her bottom lip.  That’s good.  That’s fucking good.  Now she has a real reason to love this bullshit holiday.  Her apartment actually has a fireplace.  She snorts.

“Fuck you fat man.”   She says.  She drinks a shot of booze she poured for herself and flips off the fire place.

“Hooooooo Hoooooooo Hoooooooo”  A voice suddenly comes from the fireplace.  It makes her jump back.  Its soft and very strange.  It sounds familiar, like an old uncle.

Jade jumps. She almost falls over the couch. “What the fucking hell!?”

“Oh ho ho please! You shouldn't be surprised to get a visit from saint Nicholas, its Christmas day after all!" Nicholas interjects in an odd, but cheery, curt tone. "I know you know what has been done cannot be undone, I am here to ensure the consequences, and pass on your friends wish to help you."

The room seems darker all of a sudden. The fire place is making strange sounds. There are lights. Lights are coming down and out from the fireplace. They bounce around the room. They look like Christmas lights. Greens and reds and yellows. They flutter like wasps around the room. Music begins to slowly creep into the air. It sounds like Christmas carols. Slow Christmas carols played on old music boxes. The room is feels eerie, the feeling somehow familiar.

“Jade Belcher is it? Hmm... it seems you have been quite the murderer. Most people only kill one person but you... you have killed eight people.” The voice says. It sounds disapproving. "Now don't you remember Exodus 20:13? "Thou shalt not murder?” The voice retorts with a jovial if not distorted laugh.

Jade hears jingling bells.  There is snow wafting in from the fireplace.  Jade almost spits as she sees it.  It's like the storm is coming down the chimney.  Its freezing.  She shivers and her nipples can’t help but stand up.  It feels like the fucking arctic circle.

“How did you feel to murder your friend?  Did you actually enjoy killing her?”  The voice is suddenly judgmental.  “Don’t you feel any remorse?”  This pisses off Jade. 

“Fuck no!  Whoever you are, I’m proud of what I’ve done!  Now come down here and I will do the same to you!”   She threatens, pulling a knife from a drawer.

The voice sighs.  “That’s a shame.  I have no choice but to make sure you can’t hurt anyone else from now on.”

Jade hisses through her teeth.  “Oh is that a threat?”  Jade smirks.  “I’m not scared you prick!”

“Jade Belcher, you have no good will or charity in your soul.  You use your life to kill and to hurt others, so I am going to take your life away from you, but in a merciful way.   I have decided you are guilty and as such I will transform you back into a newborn babe so that you can no longer hurt anyone.”

Jade’s eye twitches.  Did he just say a babe?  Like a baby?  She is stupefied and laughs slightly.  “You’re going to turn me into… a baby…”  She says in mock disbelief.

“Since you cannot do anything but take from others I will make you dependent upon the kindness and charity of those around you.  You won’t be able to move, lift your head, find food on your own or even wipe your own bottom.  I will make you in mind and body what you are in soul.  A mindless selfish infant who needs to be raised properly and taught how to be a good person!  Jade Belcher will die and be reborn as an innocent baby girl, just in time for Christmas.”

Jade erupts laughing, suddenly convinced this is some old pervert is playing a fucked up joke.  “OH nooooo!”  She says, falling dramatically back on the couch.  She throws her legs up and began to cry out pretending.  “Nooooo don make me a babeeeee!”  She teases as her body begins to warm suddenly without reason.  Still joking she pulls her panties to her knees, exposing her rear and groin.  “Better change my diaper ya creepy old shit!”  She adds to the jest by slapping her exposed rear before pulling her panties back up.

However by now she can’t deny that she feels far too warm.  Her heart is beating hard.  Her knees are trembling and she feels light headed.  She sits up and gasps, trying to catch her breath.  She shakes her head.  Its so hot in here.  She can’t breathe.  Her chest feels tight and she rises to her feet.  However as she does something feels wrong.  She feels like she is still moving.  The room is moving.  No… its not.  She is… sinking?  Sinking into the floor.

“Oh… what is happening…”  She mutters looking down. 

She wants to see if the floor is sagging.  It isn’t.  But her bra is.  She does a double take.  It’s hanging a little bit forward over her round breasts.  It looks a size too big.  How is it too big?  It always fit before!  Then she realizes her panties are loose too.  There is a small fold in the front of them.  She pulls them out and peeks down to see if they tore.  They didn’t.  But her pubic hair is moving. 

“THE FUK!”  She curses, a hand feeling what she has over her groin. 

It’s moving.  Twisting, almost like it is being pulled back into her skin.  She lets out a sharp hiss and then looks up to her breasts.  They are somehow smaller.  She knows her breasts intimately.  These are too small.  Too fucking small.  She feels ice flood through her veins as she realizes she can see them slowly shrinking even now.  Electricity dances under her skin from the realization.  Her arms look… thinner.  Her legs feel tired.  They feel unstable.  It feels like they are starting to change.  The right one first.  The left one next and then the right again.  Goosebumps flood over her skin.  She feels her mouth go dry and looks in the mirror.

“Oh no…”  She says in spite of herself.

A young woman, perhaps seventeen is looking back at her.  She has the same short hair, but the feathered style is gone.  She is thin.  Too thin.  She has a strange almost nerdy quality to her but is still pretty.  Her underwear are dangling, loose over her body.  The girl is staring right back at her in shock.  The shocked and nerdy face belongs to her.

“Fuck… no… no, no, no!”  She hears herself say distantly.

Her gag reflex hits hard. She struggles not to vomit.  This is real.  This is really happening!  She grabs her head to calm herself.  Her bra falls.  It falls under her breasts.  She curses.  A lot of cursing.  She is now shorter and her bra doesn’t cover her breasts.  It doesn’t help that they are a third smaller.  Her panties want to slide down.  She is pinching her legs together tightly to prevent that.

“Who… who the fuck are you!”  She yells.  “How are you doing this?  Did you drug me.”

“No drugs.  No hallucinations and this is no vision like the ones Scrooge saw.  This is real… and can’t you tell who I am?”  The voice asks.

“FUCK that!”  Jade roars.  She runs back and forth, looking for whoever is speaking to her.  She plans to stab them so many times the coroner will need dental records to identify them.  “That Christmas bullshit isn’t real!”  She yells.

The voice seems to sigh.  “Why do you doubt your senses?” 

“Cuz people can’t turn younger!  They can-OOF!”  Jade falls.  She’s tripped on her panties.  They slid down while she was searching.   

Or it could be that her legs are so skinny now?  She looks at them.  The sight is shocking.  She hated having such a reedy body as a teen.  Now she is reedy again.  Her breasts are small.  She hated having small breasts.  She can’t believe they are small again.  This is a damned nightmare.  She is dreaming somehow she tells herself.  She has to be.  This isn’t real!  She can’t be getting younger!

“Look… just stop this.  Stop this dream…”  She says examining her teenage body.  In minutes she realizes it won’t even be a teenage body at this rate.  “Stop!  I-I learned my lesson!  I’m sorry!”  She’s not.  She’s just desperate.

“No you’re not.  You’re just sorry you are being punished and that’s not the same thing.   You haven’t learned anything.”  The voice sounds sad almost.

“Damn it!  You can-“  She stops as her voice cracks.  It comes out as a shrill squeak.  She covers her throat.  Her voice cracked like that when she was thirteen.  “Oh God!” 

She can see that her breasts are actually gone!  Her bra hangs worthless and empty over her stomach.  She is so much shorter too.  Her feet are oddly large.  She had big feet at twelve years old. She is still holding her underwear up.  They are baggy and loose, her legs stick out the holes with room to spare.  She is not even a teen now.

“OH GOD!”  She yelps.  She sounds like a damn kid.

“Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy God in vain.”  The voice chides.  The odd Christmas music still floats through the room.

Jade doesn’t react to the correction.  She is watching her body is shrinking still.  She is growing shorter.  Her hair is starting to curl.  A glance down reveals it is the only hair on her body.  Her hips are pressing inward.  She is turning into a child now.  Her mind is racing.  Fear runs through it.  She will turn into a baby?  Her mind will melt and be erased?  Her identity destroyed?  This is happening!  She has to stop it!”

“Stop!”  She cries as a young girl. Tears form in her eyes.  “You can’t do this!  This will erase me!”

“And your sins.”  The voice adds.

“Santa wouldn’t do this!”  She is pleading.  Her mind trying to come up with something to say.   “He wouldn’t hurt people!”

“You hurt people. Now you want forgiveness?” He says. “I am giving you more forgiveness than you deserve. I am saint Nicholas, better known as, Santa Claus.  This is more than fair."

“I-I-“  She tries to come up with an argument. 

She can’t.  It hits her that she can’t.  She can’t think of anything.  It’s like having an answer you know, but can’t remember.  Then she knows.  Her mind is starting to change.  It’s becoming younger like her body.  She feels pure terror at the thought that she is losing herself.  She also knows she can’t stop it!  “N-no!  I don’t wanna be a baby!” 

She runs to the door.  She fusses and cries.  Her bra is rubbing her raw.  She pulls it off and throws it away, reaching for the door handle.  She can reach it, but the lock is still on.  She reaches up to undo it.  It slowly climbs higher.  Its getting higher!  No she realizes.  She is getting shorter.  She can’t be more than six!  That makes her wail with panic.  She leaps up and grabs the lock, pulling it open.  Good timing.  As soon as she lands she is too short to reach it.

“Nooooooo Pwees! Pweeeeeees!”  She sobs as she pulls the door open and runs out into the hall.

She wants this to be a nightmare.  She wants to wake up.  She can’t wake up.  This is real.  She knows in seconds she will be a baby.  A newborn.  Pathetic.  Helpless.  She can’t stand it.  Even as she is slowly becoming four years old and starting to forget, her mind fights against the outrage.  An outrage that seems distant.  Almost foreign.  She is just scared.  She can’t figure out why, so she runs.”

“Mama!  Mama?  I scawed!”  She cries as she runs out into the falling snow.

The fear is worse than the biting cold and she runs anyway.  She is starting to have trouble running.  Trouble moving.  Her legs are losing their shape.  Somehow shorter.  Not meant to run yet.

“No!  No wan be widdle!  My head… my head…”  She whines.

A couple is watching in confusion.  A tiny girl, naked and barely three passes them.  She is holding a pair of adult panties over her tiny body.  She is crying.  She runs away in spite of their calls.  They follow her, worried.

Now its hard to think.  Jade tries to tell herself.  Tries to remember who she is.  “I-Jade.. I… Jade!  I gwon up… I famus… sewal kill… kill?”  Her mind is so foggy and heavy she can barely think.  The snow is cold.  Why is it snowing?  Why is she… where is she?  She can’t remember. 

“OWIES.”  She says.  She has fallen on her hands and knees. 

The cold snow stings her skin.  Tears flood her eyes.  “I scawed!”  She thinks to say, but gibberish is the only sound that comes out her mouth.  “No wan…”

She is shrinking, her mind fighting furiously!  She is Jade.  Then after a long and pathetic screech that only a baby could do… she isn’t.  Jade is gone.  She is gone.  All that is left when the pursuing couple finally rounds the corner is a baby.  She is naked.  She is chubby.  Her little head is hairless.  Her baby butt is up behind her.  Her body has tiny wrinkles of fat.  She has no teeth.  The woman she was is gone.  She is innocent once more.  Justice has been meted out and she does not even know it has happened.

The snow falls as a fresh new Christmas day dawns.  A new life dawns that day too.

"He's making a list and checking it twice, Gonna find out who's naughty and nice Santa Claus is comin' to town"

Hooooo hoooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

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By: Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Anonymous


Derrick sat on the bed, his grey hoodie up over his head as he sulked, his black jeans and dark socks the picture of depression.  Behind him Lacey, his now ex-wife was packing bags and boxes as she prepared to leave the house where they had lived.  She had dark brown middle length hair, which was parted and unlike Derrick was wearing bright clothes with a yellow sweater and colored socks.  The lease for their place was up, as was the marriage for different reasons.  She seemed mildly relieved but Derrick was very upset.  He cared about her, wanted to help her and wanted her in his life.  However now she was leaving and resentment had built inside him at this sudden cold turn away from happy marriage.  He was pissed to be frank, but more remorseful, wanting a second chance, a way out of leaving her or being left by her… and he found a way.

“My mom will be here to pick me up later.  I’ll leave the boxes by the door, but I should be back before you turn in the keys.”  She said distantly.

Derrick nodded.  That meant she didn’t have to stay the last night with him.  “Fine…”  He said as he tossed a small item around in his hands.

“I’ll  just drop the last key off in the office after I get my things.  That work for you?”  She said looking at him.

“Fine…”  He mumbled, gripping the item tighter.  That way you don’t have to see me, he thought.

“What do you have there?”  She asked, suddenly concerned he had something of hers.

“Nothing.”  He grumbled as he looked at the small pager like item.

“What is it?”  She asked, walking around to see his hands.

“I said its nothing.”  He said more sharply. 

“Derrick?  What is going on?  We discussed breaking this off and we decided it was a good thing.”  She said walking around.  “What do you have?”

“Good thing?”  Derrick hissed before laughing and leaping to his feet so quickly it startled her.  “I'm gonna end this thing once and for all!”  He yelled, revealing a small remote he had ordered online for just this moment.  “We can go together!”  He yelled, pressing the button which caused a  huge flash and blinding light. 

Lacey backed up against the wall as electricity played over both of their bodies and Derrick began to laugh.  He threw the device across the room and then stood watching her with a broad smile as they both began to change.  Slowly they both could feel their bodies become tense as if their muscles were tightening and then Lacey realized that Derrick was almost looking shorter… as if he were growing down… backwards.  Yeah as every fifteen seconds passed Derrick looked like he was getting a little younger, his hair shifting and his clothes bunching up on him as he shrank.  He was turning into a kid.

“What the fuck did you do?”  Lacey cursed, about to stomp out of the room when she felt her own clothes sliding on her.

With a squeal of horror Lacey realized she too was growing smaller and knew she was turning into a kid by the sight of her sweater sagging down before her eyes.  Her breasts were not just shrinking, they were deflating, a sensitive sting running through them as her body lost inches of height.  Her tight pants wrinkled and wriggled down around her legs which were becoming thin and pathetic.  Her arms were being pulled up into her sleeves as she gasped at the sight of tiny fingers slipping inside.

“WHY!  Why did you do this?”  Lacey yelled, her voice cracking as she and Derrick were rapidly going back through puberty.

“So we can be together as babies!”  He laughed.

“Screw that!”  She said as she leapt over the furniture to grab the device.

Picking it up she tried to figure out how to reverse the effect.  Before she could Derrick slapped it from her hands, laughing as he did so.

“Stupid shit!”  She yelled as she tried to grab it.

He grabbed her and tried to hold her down, but as both of them were becoming kids it was harder for him to do.  They rolled, kicked, screamed and bit each other as they wrestled to try and maintain control over the remote.  They were both dwindling still and soon pants and shirts, underwear and a bra were being left behind as they did.  Soon they were both skinny and awkward toddler, their bodies bony and warped to their minds and still they shrank, Derrick laughing as Lacey cried out in frustration.  At last as they tugged on the remote, they pulled free from each other, rolling across the floor to opposite ends of the room as small babies, wearing little but perhaps a sock or a pair of underwear.

“Dammit…”  Lacey whimpered in a tiny voice.

The remote landed unceremoniously in the middle between them and Lacey began to crawl as fast as she could to reach it.  Derrick smirked and began to chuckle, as he sat and watched her shrink further.  She was barely two and he barely three; and if this continued neither would be older than a few days.  Soon she was a pudgy year old baby, barely able to crawl as she reached the control, Derrick himself giggling with a year up on her.  As Lacey reached only a matter of few months old, her chubby hands struggled to find the right button, baby talk issuing instead of curses alongside tears as she frantically tried to stop this.  Derrick was rolling on his side, grinning, naked and chubby himself at eighteen months.  Finally as Lacey neared being a newborn she saw a button and for all she was worth, slammed her hands down on the button.

“Uh oh!”  Baby Derrick said suddenly.

Lacey exploded back up, shooting to her feet as an adult before growling and snatching the device.  With a click she stopped Derrick’s de-aging when he was literally a year old, before breathing angrily through her teeth.  For a moment she just caught her breath before she glared down at Derrick, cheeks red with anger.

“You little shit!”  She growled, waving her fist at him.  “You were gonna turn us both into babies?  Why?  What the fuck?  What the fuck is wrong with you?”  She stomped towards him and pointed.  “You're sick you hear me!?  Why would you do something so weird and gross huh?  WHY?!!!”

Derrick turned and tried to crawl away but Lacey stomped over and plucked him up from the floor. 

“Oh no!  You don’t get to run away now!”  She said hoisting him up under his arm pits.  “You think you can screw with me and just crawl away?  I don’t think so!”

She then began to laugh, slowly at first and then with a more menacing tempo as she grinned at Derrick’s shrunken form.

“Sowwy?”  Derrick ventured.

“You will be… you will be you little brat!”  Lacey snorted.

Sitting down on the couch, Lacey used the device to make Derrick into a boy of around eight years old, his face showing definite confusion at this.  The confusion vanished as she pulled him down over her lap and raised her hand behind his exposed rear.  Derrick closed his eyes before yelping as Lacey began to spank him repeatedly.  Derrick squirmed and tried to escape but Lacey was too strong for him as an adult.  Derrick tried not to cry but soon he was sobbing and his little bottom was red as she delivered swat after swat to her ex’s exposed butt. 

“There!”  Lacey said, standing him up before her and eyeing him.  “Hmm… that doesn’t seem fair enough… how about I do something else?”

Derrick whimpered.  “My butt is sore, what else do you want?”

Lacey just laughed.  “Your humiliation will do.”

With a press of the button Derrick suddenly shot up, growing back into a mature young man and blushing as he watched his body grow.  Covering up slightly he snickered sheepishly.

“This uh… seems the opposite of humiliation.”  He said.

“Big…”  She commented.

“Big?”  He repeated.

“Small…”  Lacey followed up.

Derrick shrank down suddenly, turning into a skinny preteen, a small boy, a chubby toddler and then back into a squealing newborn.  He wailed and kicked his feet as she pulled out her phone and began to record the sight.

“Big!”  She laughed as she made Derrick grow up.

“Damn… ok stop!”  Derrick called, before she sent him wailing back down into being a newborn.

“Small.”  She chuckled.

This went on until Derrick was crying regardless of what age he was, as he raised a hand and tried to get her to stop.

“Ok!  I learned my lesson!”  He barked.

“Hmmm… NOPE!”  Lacey said, suddenly zapping his hand back into being a baby’s. 

Derrick cried out in disbelief as he wiggled his tiny fingers.

“Ooh that’s fun!”  She then shrank his left leg, then his other arm and laughed as he fell back, flopping around on the floor with his body at different ages. 

“DAMMNIT!  STOP!”  Derrick cried out.

Lacey just laughed.  “Now let's deal out some real punishment…”

“HEY!  HEY!  You can’t leave me like… this!”  He said as he tried to move unsuccessfully on one baby leg.  “Turn me back!  Do it now!”

Lacey began to smash his possessions, starting with his Iphone, then his Playstation 4 and then she began to tear up his shirts.

“STOP IT YOU BITCH!  I SWEAR I’LL-“  He screamed before he suddenly squeaked in shock, his voice raising higher into a baby's.

Finally fed up with his whining, Lacey turned the remote on him and gave him the body of a six month old baby boy, and with a flick of a dial… the mind to match.

“Gahglrruuuublles”  He began to mutter before he began to whimper.

“Good…  Now you look as you should.”  She laughed before she looked back to his possessions and continued to smash them, satisfying her revenge with a smile.  She finally picked up a picture of them both and snorted.  “I always hated this picture.” 

She then tossed it on the ground, accidentally releasing the age controller as she threw it and it fell to her side.  As it hit the ground she began to shrink very quickly, losing height and maturity in literal seconds.  Her breasts vanished, her butt flattened, her legs shrank and her face began to plump up.

“Wha?”  She squeaked as Derrick laughed.  “OH NO!!!  I dropped the remote!”  She wailed, her voice cracking.

She dropped down trying to grab the remote but upon picking it up only to realize in pure horror that it was broken, the side cracked and sparks falling out of it. 

“Derrick how do you fix this?”  She cried, only to pause and realize that Derrick was mind and body a baby boy, drooling and rolling on his back.

It dawned on her that now nothing could stop her regression and she knew she was screwed.

“No… no…”  She looked at the nearby mirror and watched her body melt away.  Before her eyes she went back to being a preteen, then a child and then she was barely five.  Anger flared inside her and she threw the device down, cursing as she did.

“Fuuuug!”  Her voice lisped.

As soon as the device hit the ground it shattered, dropping her down into the body of a newborn, her mind still intact and horror rising at this.  Derrick suddenly shrank down further, untill he seemed to vanish with a puff of smoke. 

“Oh no… I’m stuck…”  Lacey though to herself as she looked at her tiny flapping hands and squirming legs.  “Derrick is dead… or never born… what will I do now?”

“Hey?  Whats with the mess assholes?”  A voice boomed overhead. "Are you two fighting or some shit?"

Lacey looked up to see Karina, their roommate come in through the front door, and hope bloomed for a moment.

“Karina!  Karina it’s me Lacey!  It’s me!”  She tried to say.

However her body did not respond and all she made were gibberish sounds.  She tried again and again to speak, but little happened, aside from her suddenly wetting herself to her mortification.

Karina turned her head sideways.   “Uh… Lacey?  Derrick?  What’s with the baby?”

“NO!  NO!  I’m Lacey!”  She cried back, but only baby sounds and gibbering came out of her mouth.  “NOOOOOOO I CAN’T BE STUCK THIS WAY!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”  She screamed but all she heard was the wailing of a baby girl.


Now Lacey spends her days in Karina’s care… her mind trapped in an infant’s body and wrapped in despair.  As an added irony she was taken by Karina to the very daycare where she and Karina used to work, where she now is cared for and cleaned by the very same workers she once worked alongside.  Her mind stuck and her body helpless.  She took some comfort that Derrick and her were now separated permanently though.  She may have been stuck a baby, but he was never even conceived.  However as she recalled once more she was in fact stuck a baby, she wondered if he were not the lucky one… but either way, they were never getting back together… for good.


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By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Anonymous


It was a cold but dry Christmas Eve when Holly Snyder began to bag up everything she would need to accomplish her mission.  Into her back pack first she threw a bundle of swaddling cloth for baby Jesus in the upcoming Nativity play.  She then threw some baby formula a diaper, a small envelope and a bag of her change from her piggy bank.  Sixty two dollars in quarters and dollar bills, collected over the summer and fall.  She had been saving it for an important occasion and now she believed that this was the right time to spend it. 

“Holly.”  Her mother Susan called from downstairs.  “Jessica will be here with the van in a few minutes.”

“Ok mom!”  Holly called down as she pulled a warm coat on over her skinny frame.  “I’ll be right down.”

Holly was eleven years old, tall for her age with extremely curly fiery red hair and green eyes that actually made her Christmas tree seem a bit bland and pale.  She was a good kid, active and athletic, riding her bike everywhere, volunteering to help at the school and she loved to act in any school play.  She was a brilliant and kind girl and she was the pride of her family.

As she came down stairs her mother smiled at her and leaned down to zip up her jacket.  She was the spitting image of her mother writ small, her mother also possessing fiery red hair but with a unique amber tone to her eyes.  “I’m so proud of you helping your school with the play.”  She said as she slid a small cap over her daughters head to keep her warm.  "I used to love that play!"

“Thanks mom.  I’ll see you at the play?”  She asked as she ran to the front door.

“I’ll be there!  See you in a few hours baby!”   She chuckled.

“Thanks mom… I’m gonna meet Jessica down at the corner.”  She added as she slipped out into the December chill.

The sun was already starting to go down, the many Christmas lights starting to come on and the town was quiet as the holiday approached.  Everyone was indoors eating and visiting with family, or as she was supposed to be doing, going down to the school for the nativity play.  However today she was on a mission and one she was keeping a secret.  She had told her mom that Jessica Hirsch, her principle and friend of the family would be coming to pick her up.  This was not true and she was actually going to run down to the elementary school on foot to meet with… well a legend…

Earlier that week a problem had developed when the woman whose baby boy was going to play baby Jesus in the play, became sick and suddenly the baby was unavailable for the part.  After a frantic week there had been no replacement available and the play looked to have to go on without an actual baby Jesus.  This bothered Holly.  It bothered her badly and finally she had decided to turn to a local legend to solve the problem.  She had heard of a tale of a “miracle worker” who lived in the woods behind the school.  According to legend if one needed a miracle they could leave an envelope on a tree in the woods and if the miracle worker would grant the wish she would write a letter that would arrive in your mailbox the next day.

Holly stopped across the street when her mother would not be able to see her and slowly retrieved the small envelope from her bag.  She stared at the envelope reverently for a moment and then reopened it.  She had read the letter earlier that day and been stunned by what was written within.

Hello Holly.  I’m so glad you called on me for the play.  So you need a baby boy?  That’s easy, come down to my tree, the one you pinned the note to, and I will help you out since you are such a good girl!  Be sure to come down before the play starts!

She still couldn’t believe it was her!  Couldn’t believe the miracle worker was real!  What an amazing thing she thought.  Holly then returned the envelope to the pack and eyed her baggy of coins and bills.  She hoped it would be enough.  It would have to be.  She hurried down to the school, darting past the cars and carefully slipping past the parents and faculty setting up the play in the gym.  She climbed over the fence by the baseball diamond and hurried out towards the back of the field where the woods were.

She saw a strange sight and slid to a stop in the cold grass.  Before her at the edge of the field where only trees had been before… was a small and quaint looking cottage, warm orange light spilling from two front windows and a nice stream of smoke rising from a red brick chimney.  This was impossible she thought!  Only this morning it had been an open field and dry old oak trees.  Now a cottage had appeared as if from nowhere?

Holly approached slowly and gently called out.  “Uh… hello?  Miracle worker?”

There was a bumping sound from inside the door, a face peeked out the window and then the door flew open wide.  To her disbelief a tall woman, older but still very pretty with small rimmed glasses in a red dress with silver trim stood before her.  Her smile was like a ray of sunlight, her cheeks rosy and her eyes as brown as coffee with a touch of cream.  From inside the cottage came the smell of peppermint, sugar cookies, roast turkey and a myriad of spices that filled the air and made Holly’s mouth water.

“Hello Holly… Welcome to my miracle shop.”  The woman said and it was only then that Holly realized who the woman was and she gasped, almost dropping her pack.

“Principle… Principle Hirsch?  Jessica?”  She said, stunned that the woman before her was her principle and friend.

“Yes that’s me.”  Jessica said with a soft laugh.  “Surprised?”

“Y-you’re the miracle worker?”  Holly said, walking closer and looking up at the face of a person she trusted explicitly.

“Indeed I am!  Well at least I am the current one.”  She then laughed harder at seeing the young girls confusion.  “Come inside and we can get to work on your miracle my sweet child!”

The inside of the cottage was warmed to a delightful temperature by a crackling wood fire, the scent of pine omnipresent due to a fully decorated Christmas tree and several wreaths.  There were carved little plaster houses lit by small candles inside of them creating the image of a miniature village on the dining room table.  There was a strong smell of cookies and pies and a pair of rocking chairs before the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate set nearby.  From a nearby shelf a fluffy orange cat with big shiny green eyes sat watching Holly as she came in, its long tail swishing over the side in interest.

“Don’t mind Ginger… he’s a grumpy cat this time of year.”  Jessica said as they walked to the chairs.  ”He dislikes all the Christmas decorations because he can't play with them.  So  lets get to business."

“How did you become a miracle worker?  And how did you put this cottage here?”  Holly asked in wonder.

Jessica chuckled.  “The answer to both is Christmas magic!”  She said with a wink.

“Huh?”  Holly said tilting her head to the side.

Jessica clapped her hands, and gestured for Holly to sit down, smiling broadly at her.  Jessica was in her late fifties, but was still very pretty, shapely and tall with short silver hair and a large bust that pressed tightly into her dress.

“So… you need a baby boy for the play?  This seems to me to be a silly thing to call a miracle worker for.”  Jessica said with a grin.

“No its not!  You know about the play, you’re the principle right?”  Holly said defensively.

“Why is this so important to you Holly?  I mean… we have had to use a baby doll before.”   Jessica said laughing.  “Why do you want this so bad?

“Cuz my mom…”  Holly said, a serious look on her face.  Jessica tilted her head.

“Ah… because your mother used to do the Christmas play too?”  Jessica said, recalling how Susan had worked on the play when she attended the school.  Jessica had been an English teacher then and only been a miracle worker for a few years.  “So you are doing this for her?”

“Yeah… I want her to see a perfect play and everything is going great, except we don’t have the baby boy for the play…”  Holly retrieved her baggy with her money and held it up.  “I can pay!  I have over sixty dollars.” 

Jessica waved her hand.  “I don’t need money, especially money that I know a certain young lady had worked hard to earn.”

Holly hung her hands a bit.  “So you won’t do it?”  She looked worried.

“Honey of course I will do it for you, but you need to understand that you will pay the cost yourself.”  Jessica said leaning back and putting her hands together.

“How?”  Holly said, putting her money away. 

“Simply put… you will become the baby for the play.”  Jessica said with a chuckle. 

“What… what do you mean?”  Holly asked suddenly surprised.

“I will turn you into a baby boy and put you in the manger for the play.  Everything else is ready, you just need the baby, right?”  Jessica said with a shrug.  “Then I will bring you to your mother and on Christmas morning you will grow back into your normal self.  Easy Peasy.”

“So I’ll turn into a real baby?  Like wearing a diaper and stuff?”  Holly asked.

“That’s right!  And for one whole night you won’t be able to use the bathroom or eat without your mom’s help.  Are you willing to do that?”  Jessica asked.

Holly considered this and blushed mildly.  She was proud to be as mature as she was and the thought of turning back into a baby was an embarrassing one.  However to see the look on her mother’s face would make her very happy, especially with their father gone overseas.  Turning into a boy sounded gross, but she could deal with that as she was somewhat a tomboy already.  She thought a moment more and made up her mind.

“Ok… I’ll do it!”  She said.

Jessica smiled and waved her hand over Holly’s eyes.  “Good girl!” 

Holly felt her eyes grow heavy and slumped back in her chair suddenly extremely tired…

When Holly came to she realized she was leaning against someone… a warm body with strong arms wrapped around her.  She opened her eyes slowly and felt her head swim as if she was dreaming or extremely tired.  Then it hit her, a weird sensation as if she was drinking milk… hot milk and it was flowing down into her mouth in strong pulses.  She was drinking… drinking milk… from a bottle?  She could feel a nipple in her mouth and she was drinking, like she was a baby.  Looking forward as her eyes adjusted she realized she was sitting on someone… still a eleven year old child in her clothes.

“There there Holly.  Just keep drinking, and you will be ready for the play in a moment.”  Jessica’s distant voice could be heard saying.

“Oh… ok…”  Holly thought as if having just been awakened by her mother for school.  “Gotta be ready… for the play…”

She leaned her head up and saw a sight that should have caused her to freak out, but instead she felt so tired all she could do was stare.  Jessica had her dress open at the top and one of her large round breasts was pulled free, exposed and to Holly’s surprise, one pink nipple was in her mouth.  She wasn’t drinking from a bottle, but rather from Jessica’s breast.  It was a weird feeling to see it and she squirmed oddly, only to be pressed back gently. 

“No no!  Don’t wiggle away sweet heart.  Just hold still.”  Jessica said.  “It’s starting now…”

Now Holly was overcome with a powerful feeling of vertigo as her clothes were sliding across her body.  Her pants began to wrinkle and slide down, her top suddenly becoming thicker and her arms slipping up into her sleeves.  She glanced down and could see she was now shrinking and shrinking swiftly with each sip of milk she swallowed.  Soon she was a toddler, her body tiny and awkward, causing her to grip Jessica tightly and sip slightly more aggressively for comfort.  After a moment more she was naked and being held entirely, Jessica’s hand beneath her bottom and holding her up.  Jessica seemed huge and Holly was in awe as she watched Jessica hoist her up and hold her aloft before setting her down on her lap. 

“Good girl… good girl, let’s just get you ready now.”  She said as she stood and began to whisper in a eccentric language Holly had never heard. 

Soon Jessica pulled Holly’s still shrinking body upwards between her legs, Holly’s eyes suddenly having a hard time tracking and then darkness.  She was surrounded by warmth and felt her thumb slip into her mouth, her body floating in a fluid that kept her body heated and tightly pressed in the fetal position.  Then there was nothing… it lasted a long time and then… cold air!  Cold air surrounded Holly as she was lifted forward and set down on a table, her legs kicking and her arms waving.  A towel appeared as her mind and vision began to come back, dabbing and wiping her clean as she fussed about.

“Where am I?  What’s going on?”  She tried to say but all that came out was an infant’s mumbling and gibberish. 

This caused her to gasp and look down at her body as best she could.  She could see her body was now a chubby and slightly wrinkled infants form and to her disbelief she was now no longer a little “girl."  She stared at the unusual sight between her legs, pleased that the magic had worked, but then looked away grateful this was only temporary.

“WOW!  I’m a baby boy!”  She blurted, resulting in an infantile sputter that caused Jessica to laugh.

“Not so easy to speak as a baby.  No worries, Holly…”  Jessica grinned over her as she hoisted Holly’s legs and began to diaper her.  “I’ll take you over to the play and make sure your mom sees you as promised.”

Holly laughed, excited that she had actually witnessed a Christmas miracle.  Her mother was going to love it and imagining her mother's surprise when she saw Holly as a baby made her kick her tiny legs.  This was going to be a great Christmas present!

“OK ok!  Calm down!”  Jessica laughed.  “Hold still and I will take you over to the play.”

“Yes!  Thank you!”  Holly chuckled and squirmed happily, the only sound that escaped being a baby's happy laughter.


The play was a complete success and everyone who attended was wonderfully pleased by the effort the students had put on.  Holly had waited through the play for the moment when Jessica handed her to her mother and explained what had happened.  Susan had actually cried she was so happy her daughter had gone to such lengths for her sake.  Jessica had laughed and patted her mother on the shoulder as Holly grinned up at her mother, smiling broadly.  It had surprised Holly that her mom had taken it so well, but she seemed not to even be phased.

“You are such a sweet girl Holly… thank you.”  Her mother had said. 

Jessica had laughed and asked “Do you remember when you played baby Jesus Susan?” 

Susan nodded, “How could I forget… it was so embarrassing.”

Holly’s mouth had dropped open as it became apparent that her mother had once done the same thing and on the walk home she told Holly the whole story of how she too had turned into a baby to make the play perfect for her own mother.  Jessica had even done the same for her, shrinking and carrying her in her womb for a half hour.  Holy was dumbfounded but so tired after the play that she soon fell asleep and dreamed of Christmas lights, Santa's sleigh and the star over Bethlehem.

On Christmas morning she woke up, back to being a normal young girl and ran to her mother.  There they embraced and exchanged comments on their shared experience before the front door opened and another miracle came through the door.  Holly’s father had managed a flight home when a sweet old lady in a red dress had given up her seat on a plane.  Though both Holly and Susan knew this was Jessica, they didn’t say anything to Holly’s father.  This was a secret and a tradition they would keep between them.  Still Jessica had their gratitude and they would be sure to thank her when they had the chance.  However until then they sat down as a family to have a...




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