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All the sale stories have been posted, now I am working on three more larger scale stories.

The flash sale price is now permanent so if someone wants one please send me a note!  Thanks again to all those who commissioned one.

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By Klatuk4u

Commission by: Areat

This is a sequel to Mommy’s Bad Day

From his desk at the office, Alexander heard his phone chime and grinned when he saw the phone number.  It must be little Elizabeth.  She was probably asking for help on her homework again.  He swiped the screen, and then paused at the strange message and sight before him.

The message read “Daddy!  Lookit this.  Momma is my baby sister Melly now!  Cute!

Beneath it was a picture of a cute little infant with a stunned expression on her face and a pacifier in her mouth.  It was weird, but he could have sworn that the infant not only looked like Elizabeth, but even just a little bit more like baby pictures he had seen of his ex. 

“What the hell…” he muttered.

He texted back “Who is that little girl?

The answer was strange, just like the first message. 

Momma!  She turned into a baby named Melly!

Where is mommy?”  He wrote.

Right here!  She’s a funny baby!”  Came the response.

He shook his head.  Melissa knew better than to let Elizabeth fool around on the phone like this.  There and then he decided that he would stop by there after work and see what the hell was going on.  Alexander then realized this wouldn’t be possible as his boss was most likely going to need him to remain behind for an important meeting.  He considered this a moment and then decided he could call Elizabeth’s grandmother and Melissa’s mother Carol and have her drop by.  Dialing her number he left a message suggesting that Carol check in on them.  However as soon as he hung up he stopped and cursed, remembering she would be teaching until six at the college.  Checking his watch he saw it was half past four.  An hour and a half was too long to wait.  

Pausing to consider this he decided he could call his new wife Chelsea and have her drop in on Melissa and Elizabeth, make sure they were ok.  In truth he and Melissa were still dedicated enough to taking care of Elizabeth to talk about the child’s upbringing without it turning into a fight, and his current wife Chelsea had been friends with Melissa in high school.  It made things awkward but not terribly so.  Chelsea often took Elizabeth to parks and to movies and Melissa trusted her.  Dialing her number he hoped she would be willing to check in for a little bit and make sure Melissa and Elizabeth were ok.  Chelsea agreed but she could only make it in around thirty to forty minutes.

“Better than nothing.”  Alex thought, before texting Elizabeth to stay put.

OK me and momma is playing house!”

He shook his head and went back to his work, figuring everything would be ok and this would just be a misunderstanding.


Chelsea was a tall woman, her deep red hair long in a braid that ran down to her butt.  She had a youthful body and a kind face, her skin tanned from working out in fields.  She did research for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, testing the effects of different pesticides and fertilizers.  She was wearing a faded pair of jeans and a white blouse, carrying her work satchel at her side.  She was as smart and gentle as she was attractive and she always made sure to respect her old friend, never contradicting her as Elizabeth’s parent.  This was awkward for them both, but Alex had made her so happy she only wanted things to be as easy as possible between the three of them.  Her green eyes sparkled as she saw Elizabeth, who flung the front door open with a happy grin.

“Chelsea!”  She said hugging her step mom.

“Hi Lizzy.”  Chelsea cheered.  “Where’s your momma?  You know better than to open the door without her being there.”

Elizabeth smiled her cute curly brown hair bobbing as she nodded.  “I know the rule!  Mommy is right here!”  She pointed towards the couch and began to run inside.  “Come say hi!  She is my baby sis now!”

Cautiously Chelsea stepped inside.  “Melissa?  You here?”  There was no answer and Chelsea felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.  “Melissa?  Elizabeth where is your mom?”

As she came into the living room she looked down and saw a small baby girl was crawling on the couch on all fours, seeming to try and escape from Elizabeth.  She had the same curly brown hair she remembered from her time spent as a kid with Melissa and the startled look in her eyes had a definite feeling of familiarity.

“Isn’t she cute?”  Elizabeth chirped.

“Yeah…”  Chelsea said, checking the baby girl to make sure Elizabeth had not accidentally hurt her or upset her.

"Melly used to be able to talk, even as a kid but now she seems to have trouble. It's like all the big words couldn't fit in her little baby head!"  Elizabeth informed her, patting the baby on the head.

“Wh-Who is this?  Is this your cousin Theresa?”  Chelsea asked, kneeling down to look at the adorable baby.  The child was in a dress with a big poofy diaper sticking out behind her.  The expression on the baby’s face was one of surprising coordination, unlike the normal confused look of a infant.  The baby looked embarrassed and scared, showing even a hint of frustration.

“NO!”  Elizabeth said loudly.  “Theresa is a fat baby!  This is momma!  She turned into a baby today when I accidently squeezed toothpaste on her.”

“Tooth paste?”  Chelsea asked in confusion.  The baby looked horrified whenever she would look at her, as if humiliated to be seen this way.  She gibbered slightly and pointed to the bathroom, as if trying to say something.

“Yeah!  I’ll get the tube!”  Elizabeth said, before stomping off loudly to grab the item.

Chelsea sighed.  “You sure look like Melissa when she was a baby.”  She said.  The baby burbled and pointed towards the bathroom again.  “What is it?  You want something?”  She said, tickling the baby’s adorable chin with a smile.  “You sure are cute!”  The little baby looked mortified as if being tickled was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to her.

She rose and looked around, putting her hands on her hips.  “Elizabeth I’m not kidding.  Where is your mom?”  She then noticed a packing box with the label “A&K Pharmaceuticals” written on it.  “That’s the lab that makes beauty creams and medicine.  Why would Melissa have something from them?  They are government exclusive.”  She wrinkled her nose considering that this was possibly something illegal.  The baby began to make more alarmed sounds as she held the box and she looked down at the clearly upset child.

Just then Elizabeth came running out of the bathroom holding a tube of cream in her hands.  “See this toothpaste shrank her!” 

Elizabeth was running and as kids so often do, she tripped over her own feet and fell down right at Chelsea’s feet, landing hard on her belly with a grunt.  As she did she squeezed the tube in her hand and Chelsea felt a wet splat hit her as the tube sprayed it up against her face, the trajectory hitting her right in the chin.  Shocked from the sting of the cold wet substance, she stepped back and sniffed, feeling her face and then groaning. 

“Oh!  Oh Lizzy!  You know better than to run in the house!  You got that all over me.”  She looked down to scold the little girl, but Elizabeth’s face was now one of concern and even a hint of excitement.  “Wipe that grin off your face young lady and bring me a towel!” 

Elizabeth nodded and ran off, quietly watching Chelsea as she tried to wipe the stuff off, smearing it across a wider area as she did.

“Oh this is gross!”  She spit as she tried to clean up.  The baby looked wide eyed at her and then almost looked dejected as if something bad had happened. 

As Chelsea tried to clean up, waiting for the towel it dawned on her that Elizabeth was taking her time and this really bothered her.  She was feeling an irrational anger that burst up from within and she just wanted a damn towel to clean her face off.  “Elizabeth!  Hurry up and bring me a towel I-“

Chelsea stopped as her body felt strangely light, almost as if she were drunk or swooning.  She grabbed her forehead and began to breathe a little heavier.  She didn’t notice it at first but her bra straps began to slide on her shoulders, inching down in slow sporadic jerks as her shoulders began to grow much thinner.  Her breasts which normally kept her bra pressed tight were now beginning to lose volume, creating a retreating motion in her chest measurable in centimeters.  Her jean’s legs started to pile up over her shoes like caramel being poured, folding then bunching up in heavy ripples as her long legs were slowly shrunken by the effect of the cream.  Her body began to lose its density and the muscles she had earned working out in fields on her hands and knees were slowly softened to a point where they were attractive but by no means distinguished.  She looked a little more than seventeen, her body thinner, her tan gone and her ponytail acting as a meter of her regression now only reached her mid back.

“Whoah… I feel so weird…”  She muttered, rubbing her head. 

She glanced down and noticed the baby was trying to point to the bathroom, squirming and babbling in a cute little voice.  While she was trying to figure out what the baby wanted, Elizabeth returned, not with a towel but rather with a set of her own tiny clothing.  She had a dress, booties and a big blue bow, all with little mermaid images on them, but they all looked like clothes she had not worn since she was younger.

“Lizzy… what’s that for?”  Chelsea asked, wobbling a bit as she continued to grow thinner and shorter.  It seemed odd to her that Elizabeth looked larger, and her sleeves seemed oddly more voluminous, the cuffs sliding down over her hands a bit.

“For you Chelsea!”  Elizabeth said cheerfully.  “You’re getting younger too!”  Elizabeth pointed towards the mirror her mother had placed by the front door.

Chelsea laughed about to dismiss this, until she looked into the mirror and suddenly saw a sight that shocked her.  A pale teen, perhaps no more than fourteen or thirteen was staring back at her.  It took a slow moment where she contemplated what she was seeing before she realized Elizabeth was right,  She wailed and stumbled back even as the girl before her eyes was still shrinking.

“OK!  What the hell is this?!”

She slowly dropped down, faster now, losing years by the second.  Her breasts receded backwards, lifted upwards and vanished into soft bare flesh in her chest.  Her wide hips pressed in, her round butt squeezing up and her full thighs now straight and childish.  She could feel her braid sliding up her back and wagging like a tail as it did.  The face of the girl in the reflection grew thinner at first, losing her pronounced lips, her nose upturning mildly, her face suddenly sprouting freckles in a moment of mortifying horror.  Soon she was sinking down, drooping towards the floor and whining as she looked up and watched in horror as Elizabeth seemed to grow up beside her, until she was shorter than the grinning eight year old.

“Wha… wha happen to me?”  She said, her voice high and sweet.

Now Chelsea was barely five and was extremely adorable.  Her little legs and arms were very petite and her braid was still six inches long.  Her plump cheeks were red with embarrassment and as she looked down she saw that every ounce of her womanly form had been replaced with childish innocence.

“Wha… my boobies… my hippies… my face.  I so wittle.”  She said in a squeaky whine. 

She looked to the couch and saw the baby looking at her half in sympathy and half in amusement at the sight of her.  It dawned on her in that instant that the baby was indeed Melissa and she was actually enjoying her rival being reduced so. 

“Mewissa?”  She said before she turned back and saw Elizabeth who was smiling broadly at her.

“Let’s get you dressed up Chelsea!  You’re my little sister and Melly’s big sis now!”

“Wh-wha?” She squeaked.

Elizabeth tackled her, forcing her adult clothes from her, discarding her bra and underwear with a wrinkled noise and comments about how little girls didn’t need them. 

“W-wait!  No!  Lizzy stop!”  Chelsea cried, trying to force her way free from Elizabeth.  

However the tiny girl was no match for her new “big sister” and Elizabeth was able to slowly strip the overwhelmed Chelsea.

“Aww little Chelsea is so pretty!”  Elizabeth cheered.

Chelsea stood naked, covering her body, trembling in confusion and disorientation.

“Now!  Let’s get you in a dress and ready so we can play school!”

What followed was the most embarrassing moment of Chelsea’s life as Elizabeth grabbed Chelsea and forced her down onto her back, sliding a puffy pair of mermaid panties up her legs.  Chelsea then was squeezed headfirst into the blue frilly dress, almost like a poodle in the hands of a child might experience.

“Chelsea no!  I don wanna wear a pwincess dwess!”  Chelsea complained.

“Well you can’t walk around naked!  Momma always says so.”  Elizabeth chided her as she prepared to put a bow into her hair.

“No!”  Chelsea whined in a moment of childish anger.  She reached out and slapped the bow out of Elizabeth’s hand.  Elizabeth frowned and swatted her back across her butt.  Chelsea cried out and covered her bottom.

“No hitting or you get spanked!”  Elizabeth warned, slapping Chelsea on the butt again.

Before Chelsea or Elizabeth could react a harsh voice came from above them.

“Elizabeth Adams you know better than to hit!”

Both girls looked up to see a short woman with curly graying hair in her late forties.  She looked like Melissa but older and Chelsea recognized her immediately from her time spent playing at Melissa’s house.

“Grandma?!”  Elizabeth cried.  “What’re you doing here?”

“Your daddy said you were playing with the phone and called me to come over here.”  Carol said her hands on her hips.  “And I find you smacking your friend!  You know better young lady!”  Carol reached over and pulled Elizabeth towards her.  “Where is your mother?”

Elizabeth pointed to the baby who was smiling now, actually happy to see Carol.  “She’s right there!  She turned into a baby when she…”

Carol interrupted her.  “Don’t you lie to me!  Where is your mother, tell me right now!”

“I’m telling you the truth grandma!  She’s the baby right there.”  Elizabeth pleaded.

Carol shook her head, turned Elizabeth around and popped her on the bottom.  “Go to your room and stay there young lady until I figure out this mess!”

“But gran-“ Elizabeth started, only to receive another pop on the bottom.

“GO!”  Carol ordered. 

Elizabeth sniffed and ran towards her room, her face puffed with anger.  Carol looked back to Chelsea and asked.  “Where is Elizabeth’s mother?  And where is yours little girl?”

Chelsea wasn’t sure what to say so she pointed weakly towards Melissa.  “Uh… Cawol?  She is telling the twuth.  I’m Chelsea Swain.  Wemember me?  I used to pway with Mewissa and this baby is youw daughtew Mewissa.”

Carol sighed.  “We’re not playing games any more.  Where is your mother and where is Elizabath?”  Carol began to look around the house.  “Mel?  Mel its mom, are you here?” 

Baby Melissa made a cute cooing sound and reached out for her mother.  Chelsea ran up and pulled on Carol’s jeans.  “No Cawol wook at me?  Wook at the baby?  Don’t we wook famiwiar?”

“Not now little girl.  Go sit on the couch.”  Carol said walking to the kitchen.

“No Cawol wook at me!”  Chelsea cried, her mind feeling more childish and fuzzy.  “Wook at me!”

“Stop pulling on my pants!  Go sit on the couch and wait for me to find Elizabeth’s mother.  Now!”

“No!  You wisten to me!”  Chelsea cried before she suddenly slapped Carol on the leg.

This was a mistake as Carol rounded on her, scooped her up and took her towards Elizabeth’s room.  There Carol sat on the bed next to the pouting Elizabeth and pulled Chelsea down over her lap.  Chelsea felt the back of her skirt lift up and her panties slide down until her bare pink bottom was exposed.  Then came the first swat which stung, causing her to cry out.

“No is me!  Chewsea!  Chewsea!  OWIE!”

“You do not get to hit people!  If you hit someone, then you get hit back.”  Carol barked as she applied several more slaps to the squirming girl’s bottom.

“NO!  Don’t spank me! I a gwown up! I gwown up! WUAAAAAAH” Chelsea burst into tears as the spanking concluded and she was stood up.  Carol pulled her panties back up and her skirt down.

Carol looked her in the eye and raised a finger.  “Now you go to bed until I figure out what is going on!

Chelsea sniffed, angry and frustrated but slowly nodded and climbed into bed, awkwardly trying not to hurt her sore bottom.  Carol looked down at them as she could hear the baby in the other room gibbering and crying.

“Great… what a mess.  I swear Melissa is going to get a talking to when I find her!”  Carol growled as she stomped off, leaving two pouting and angry girls alone in the bed, fuming over the unfair treatment they had just received.  How would they get out of this mess, and who would believe them…


Alex found himself in the middle of an even more confusing mystery as he was preparing to leave work when a new text arrived from Carol, Melissa’s mother.  She had arrived after getting his message only to find Elizabeth alone with a five year old girl and a baby girl.  When the word spanking had popped up, Alex was shocked and called her. 

Carol had been angry and flustered.  She had scolded Elizabeth and sent her to bed, only to be confronted by the five year old red head, who refused to tell her who her mother was and refused to cooperate, insisting she was Chelsea.  Finally to Alex’s horror she had spanked the unknown girl and sent her to bed while she figured out who her parents were and was tending to the very cute baby which reminded her of her own sweet Melly.

“That’s it.”  Alex said, “I’m coming over there.”  He pulled the phone away from his head, intending to end the call, and missed what Carol was saying on the other end.

“Elizabeth!  What are you playing with?  Is that toothpaste?  What are you doing? OH! Elizabeth why did you spray me wit-“


Alex hung up and went out the door.


Step-Mommy's Bad Day
OK last part of my sale and a bit bigger.  Hope you like!

NO REQUESTS Thank you!

So a hypothetical question for those interested in AR.  It’s no secret most of my fans are into AR, so this question is for you and I would like the people who would say no’s to answer too because it’s interesting to me.


SO it’s easy to imagine that we will never see a real AR.  I don’t mean movies I don’t mean games I mean a real AR, actually happening to someone. 

So lets pretend someone approaches you and offers this deal.  They have a real pill which will work and they are going to film it for the whole world to see.  So everyone will get to see it happen for real.  They are not sure what the pill will do age wise but prevailing theory is it will probably result in toddlerhood or infancy.  They don’t know if memory will fade or remain.  But it’s a guaranteed AR on film to be saved for posterity.




The only person it will work on, is you.  Now they offer to pay you A LOT of money (A LOT) for the test, but you might end up turning into a newborn on camera.  You might forget who you are.  There are variables.


Would you be willing or unwilling?  Why or why not?  This is actually a bit of idea research.

You can note me in private if you are shy.  Thats useful info too.
Ok posted 5 of 6 flash sale stories!  One more will be edited and posted tomorrow.

The results of this were so positive I think I will keep the flash story size and price permanently, what do you think?  Should I?

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By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Shinagamiduo370


Lilia Harper was without a doubt the Queen Bee of the office. She always said so out loud, which bothered everyone.  She worked as receptionist for the powerful corporate attorney Bryce Dorland, who was feared throughout the world for his aggressive lawsuits in support of his clients.  Lilia and he had become close weeks after she had begun working in the firm, and ever since had been in his favor.  She relished his power and money, which were benefitted by the fact that he was gorgeously handsome in her eyes.  For her part he was clearly attractive to her, spending as much time with her as possible.  She was almost six feet tall, with strong Nordic features, long blonde hair and a bombshell of a body.  When she was wearing her business suit he could barely keep his eyes off her shapely form, wide hips and round ass.  She had only the night before been laying face down on his desk with only her stocking on her entire body, enjoying his personal attention between her exquisite nethers.

Now she was doing what she did every day.  She was floating around the office with a huge shit eating grin on her face, gossiping and bragging to her coworkers.  She would usually gloat about her nice clothes, fancy jewelry and her unwavering dedication to Bryce, who coincidentally bought her most of the nice things she would brag about.  Then she would groan and moan about the amount of hard work she had to do and how she singlehandedly kept the office running.  This was crap and everyone knew it, but due to her favor with the boss no one dare contradict her.  Then she would top it off by gushing over how amazing and wonderful Bryce was to her and how she only wanted to please him.

“I swear he’s the greatest man in the world!”  She said to Cindy, the supply clerk.  “I’m so happy to be his Queen Bee!”

“Uh-huh…”  Cindy said dryly, noticing the extremely revealing and unbuttoned top Lilia was wearing.  “Does the uh… boss know your top is that revealing?  Hand book says it should be buttoned up more.”  She said hoping to throw Lilia off.

“Oh he likes it this way!”  Lilia chirped.  “Told me this morning!”  She said with a smile, before noticing everyone was focusing on their work and trying to ignore her.

She leaned down on Robert the intern’s desk, pressing her chest forward and grinning.  “Do you think it’s too revealing Bob?”

Bob swallowed and tried not to look, knowing that if Bryce caught him looking he would be gone, which had happened to the young lesbian intern Amy last month.

“N-No… I think its fine.”

Seeing Robert was in trouble, Clara a file clerk stepped up and tried to distract Lilia.

“So Lilia… what was that commotion this morning?  You know when you called security?”  She asked, pretending to sort through files.

“Oh!  That was just some dumb old broad!”  Lilia laughed.  “Said she was a wiccan or something and wanted Bryce to take her case for pennies.”

“What happened?   She refused to leave?” Clara asked, now a bit interested.

“Yeah and get this!”  Lilia sat up on Robert’s desk, pushing her butt towards him as he blushed heavily.  “She started saying Hexes!”

“Hexes?!”  Clara snorted.

“Yeah can you believe it?  She said we would be regretting our rudeness and our parents should have done a better job raising us.  PFFF!  As if, am I right?”  Lilia laughed as the rest of the group tried not to look at her.  “Not gonna scare this Queen Bee!”

Suddenly Lilia felt a sensation almost akin to having been high on sugar, a strange rush that made her shudder.  As she did she noticed her tight suit wrinkled in the elbows, and then that her skirt, lifted up by her legs was now sliding back.  Her blouse drooped and her cleavage seemed to pull away inwardly as she watched.  It was almost like her clothes had gone up several sizes and she glanced back and forth hoping no one would see.  It was only when she stood up that she realized something else was wrong.  Her pantyhose wrinkled all the way down her legs and her feet slid inside her high heels.  Then her skimpy and crotch-less underwear, chosen for convenience with Bryce, slid down slightly inside her hose and she gasped.  No one was looking so she quickly strutted from the room on her wobbling shoes.

“You ok?”  Robert asked noticing her sudden speed and the fact that she was not talking.

“OH hahahaahahahah” She laughed nervously.  “I’m fine, just gonna go… work.”  She said as she rushed from the room.

The others exchanged a glance and then shrugged.

“Brown-noser…”  Clara said.


Rushing into the reception area of Bryce’s office she closed the door and looked down at her body. This was bizarre and she was seriously confused.  She looked different somehow and her clothes were all so loose, sliding on her skin as she moved. 

“What the hell is this?”  She mumbled before running to a mirror than hung near the door so Bryce could check his suit when meeting new clients. 

When she saw her body she squealed sharply, looking at a strange reflection before her.

“WHAT THE HELL!!!”  She cried.

She was looking at her reflection but instead of an attractive twenty eight year old woman she was staring at a thin high school girl, most likely sixteen years old.  She was skinny, though still tall, her bust considerably more modest and the awkward straight hips she had hated as a teen had returned like a bad nightmare.  Her face was softer and the golden sheen of her hair had turned to a dull dirty blonde which had been the norm at this age.  The worst moment came when she saw she was actually still shrinking, getting smaller and thinner.

“No! What is this?  Why is this happening to me?”  She wailed.

Even now she was growing smaller, her pantyhose wrinkling and her underwear being drug down with them.  Her skirt was wrinkling and sliding down allowing her bare stomach to show and it was now anything but sexy.  Now it was smooth and undefined, her coat and blouse slipping down to cover it a moment later.  Soon even her modest breasts were flattening out and becoming pale flat skin, no different from what a young boy might have.  She was now becoming even younger than a teen, her hands suddenly obscured by her jacket sleeves.

“Why am I growing younger?  What’s going on?!”  Just then she remembered this morning’s events.  “The witch bitch!”  She snapped.  “She must have done this to me…”  Just then she remembered Bryce too had been cursed.  “Bryce!”  She said, turning to run to his office.

As she leapt forward her shoes were left behind as she simply stepped out of them and her pantyhose soon fell down to her feet like a snake’s skin. She started to hop and kick to get free from them, and in the process she lost her skirt behind her as well and ran bare bottomed into Bryce’s office. 

“Bryce!  Are you shwininking?”  She called in a girl’s voice.  He was gone, apparently at lunch.  “Oh no… what now?”  She whined.

She was still sliding down towards the floor, her sleeves touching the floor and piling up.  This caused her more alarm and she looked back to the mirror.  She was a young girl around seven, barely keeping the jacket and blouse on. She had long hair for her age but it was very dull, her face rosy and adorable in a way that revolted and terrified her.  She felt a rush of fear and knew she needed to get help. 

“I gotta… I gotta get out.”  She whined.

Running to the door she dropped the coat behind her and squirmed naked from the blouse.  She ran bare foot across the office carpet, watching in disbelief as the room grew around her.  As she ran she was losing her height and her body began to plump up with youth.  She reached the door, sobbing as she did and pulled the door open slowly with all her might before plopping out into the hallway as a five year old, her regression slowing down now.

“Oh!”  A voice said.  It was Clara and Robert.  “What are you doing in there little girl?”  Clara asked, concerned for the sobbing and naked child.  “Are you lost?

“Why are you naked?”  Robert asked before Clara elbowed him.

“Cwara… is me!”  Lilia sobbed.

“Who?”  Clara asked.

“Wiwia!”  Lilia sobbed.  “Its Wiwia!”

“You’re Lilia’s daughter?”  Clara asked.  “I didn’t know she had one.

“No!  I Wiwia!”  She said waving her arms.

“Better call security and have them take her downstairs.”  Clara said.  “The daycare center can watch her while we find Lilia.”

“No!  I Wiwia!  I Qween Bee!  Qween Bee!”  She cried loudly as Robert called security.


By the time she was picked up by security and taken down to the daycare center Lilia was a three year old toddler, sobbing and sucking her thumb.  As she was carried into the center she could see other children playing and being dealt with by kind caregivers.  They all seemed worried and concerned about her, asking her questions and gesturing for security to put her down near the changing station.

“I Queeen… Bee…”  Was all she could muster.

As she was brought to the changing station she looked down and was shocked to see a small squirming baby below her that she instantly recognized.  It was Bryce!  She knew it was him by his eyes and his hair, but he too had been changed.  He was lying on his back naked as a diaper was being removed from him to be replaced with a clean one.  While she was only a small toddler, Bryce had become even younger, barely a few months old and pathetically small.  The attractive body she had been caressing and admiring only the night before was now fat, pudgy and awkward.  Bryce’s once attractive genitals were now small and useless, his bare bottom being swabbed clean as a diaper was slid under him. 

With the sight of her attractive lover as a helpless baby, Lilia had enough.  She exploded into tears.  As the confused caretakers examined her she soon found herself being squeezed into training pants with the Frozen characters all over them and to top off her mortification she was then placed in a pink Minnie Mouse shirt and set into a crib nearby her boss.  She was now just a cute three year old, stuck this way and as she sat in the crib sniffling she realized that she was no longer the Queen Bee of the office… but the Queen Baby instead.



Office Queen B
This is part of the Flash Sale Commissions.

This should have been called the Title Puns sale... cuz they all have... well you'll see.

Thanks again to my commissioners! 

NO REQUESTS Thank you!



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All the sale stories have been posted, now I am working on three more larger scale stories.

The flash sale price is now permanent so if someone wants one please send me a note!  Thanks again to all those who commissioned one.


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conmany44 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018
You should do a Rwby story sometime

I'd be awesome
klatuk4u Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I am not a fan of Rwby
NicWaterfill Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
Hello, great writer of AR stories
klatuk4u Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, thank you for the compliment~
NicWaterfill Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
I just love your stories
klatuk4u Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Well thank you I appreciate it!
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conmany44 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
How much for a 1 page story commission
Conmanay Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
Do you do requests?
I would love an age regression story with the Rwby characters
klatuk4u Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I do not.
RareSox Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018
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