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You can't stay awake forever

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After Season 9, will Twilight take over Luna's position as the princess of dreams?
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A lot of things in MLP don't make sense, the show's worldbuilding is not very good. I don't think that director of the final episode thought of it at all.

But if we try to fill in the blanks, almost all responsibilities of two princesses (except the ones that friends and Spike help her with) are on her now. So logically yes. But it can be different. Maybe she can give an access to do such a thing to a trustworthy unicorn? It doesn't sound impossible
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So how would you react to Twilight appearing in your dreams? And how would you react if a "trustworthy unicorn" did it, especially if it went down like this?

:iconrarityishappyplz: "Why, yes, darling! Nothing of what you've just experienced was real at all! The black hole leading to your inevitable demise could really have used some more décor in the corridors. Eh, I've certainly seen worse before, but I wish you sweet dreams, darling!"
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Positively! who wouldn't be happy to see Twilight is your dreams?

I don't think that Rarity would be a good choice for such a task, she is a designer after all. There should be a skillful unicorn on a same level as Twilight that sleeps at daytime and works at night. Maybe her old friend? Like Moondancer maybe?
fyre-byrd's avatar
Maybe Starlight could also do it... but we'd have to see how everypony would feel about a former communist doing the job, although she may very well make up for her past mistakes, especially when she rescued the Mane 6, Celestia, and Luna from the changelings.
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She, without a doubt, could do it, but Starlight is quite busy with school duties, I don't think that she will be very happy to work all day and then work at night even more. She needs rest.
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Then Twilight doing it may not work out very well either. Perhaps Luna could continue to do it and rule together with Twilight, but maybe she would prefer to just enjoy being treated like royalty, literally and figuratively, and enjoying the peace of suburbia while doing absolutely nothing, but she would likely need something to keep her occupied during her retirement lest she feel lonely.

(Funnily enough, I've actually had several dreams before involving Twilight and Luna expressing romantic feelings for me. Luna even told me she wanted to delegate her executive power away from herself and move to the suburbs... before S9E1 even aired.)

Moondancer would make another alternative, but she may not have the power required, although being the roommate of a ruler of Equestria could get her closer to the amount of power she needs through a spell of sorts (or possibly through the power of love alone, which is shown throughout the series to be more powerful than even the most powerful spells available).

Sunset Shimmer may be a good pick, though. She likely has graduated high school, as she was able to go on a cruise unsupervised, indicating she is 21 years of age or older, and we don't know what she does for a living, although she will likely stay in the human world for the foreseeable future, as Equestria is simply too predictable for her.

One possible idea could be to find someone to be a "Regent" of the dream realm before Flurry Heart takes over, but that would rely on several assumptions we would not get to see, although it could possibly work.
Klarseolt's avatar
I think Luna can continue working while Twilight is still getting used to ruling Equestria, but she is gonna retire sometime anyway.

About the Moondancer not having enough power.. We've seen magic taken away and regained by so many characters. I'm more than sure that there's a way to share power, maybe even through some artifact. And we haven't been shown explicitly what exactly you need to do or have to be allowed in other ponies' dreams. It's a very uncertain topic

Oh I completely forgot about the Flurry Heart, that's an interesting character to talk about. Princess of what will she be? Will she just rule Crystal Empire or maybe help with the whole Equestria?
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Could use some work, but it's nice! Glad that I can inspire people. If you want, I can show you how to do this better. What is your program of choice?
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My favourite program is Photoshop, but i also use for some final touches (such as texting).

And I'm glad you liked it btw! But how should I do it better?
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I can literally show you, it's just not very comfortable here. Do you use Discord? 
PenguinsN1Fan's avatar
Nope. Never used him. In what could I use him?
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It would be great to communicate there, it's a very nice program, kinda like skype, but better :)

Can you register on Discord? Here's the website

Once you are done, just click here - and join my server, Imma talk to you from there
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Uh, no thanks. I feel very satisfied with who I am now, but don't take it the wrong way.
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Alright, maybe you have facebook? Or twitter? or anything really, I just wanted to talk about your art, that's it. Sorry for being insensitive, you probably don't want to do these things. My bad.
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No one can escape time.
It delivers us all to the same end.

LOVE this!!!! Oh my gosh! Contemplating your ultimate fate! Facing your fear of death!
AND for once, something that sticks to canon and who isn't about that fanon about "immortal Twilight" that many bronies believe! This pleases me too because while I respect that fanon, I'm personally a canon guy, and as it's been officially stated that Twilight won't outlive her friends, I'll believe in that. I believe alicorns are mortal just like the rest. So well done voicing that point of view through art ^.^
But that's just one of the reasons why I love this so much. It just appeals to me on so many levels... The depth, the philosophy, the seriousness, and for a wallpaper with a main black colors it's really amazingly made and well composed. You totally nailed this!
Also perhaps I should mention that this theme reminds me of not one, but TWO of my most powerful Passions ever, aside of MLP. One is Final Fantasy 9 with the whole "facing your fear of death" meaning, and the other is Persona 3, with gaining power from facing it and summoning your inner persona to help you with the hardships of life (it's a game in which you shoot yourself in the head every single time you use a skill in battle, as a symbolism of facing your fear of death :D That game is my biggest obsession along with MLP)
Anyway, enough rambling. I just wanted to explain why I love this so much on a personal level :)
Amazing work with this, thank you for making it! ^.^
Klarseolt's avatar
Thanks, Makenshi. I'm glad that you like it

I was a little bit depressed last days. And this wallpaper came out. I remembered the scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Giant black lake full of dead people and no light at all.

And you got my idea right.
Makenshi179's avatar
Oh my, I'm sorry if was insensitive with my comment... :/ I didn't know that happened to you recently... I know what it's like to be depressed, it happens to me too sometimes. I hope you got through it ok darling, don't stay in the dark! Hang in there! And I know it's hard but whenever it happens again, anytime, you can try to reach out and I'll always be here for you if you need me :) Big hugs! And if I was near IRL I'd give you real ones too :D
Well, as I always say in such cases, if those dark feelings got you to express them through art, it's a good thing. I noticed the description had less than usual, I should've caught the hint instead of going on with personal things...
Oh, and I didn't watch any Harry Potter movie, sadly. But I get the scene, it's great how you managed to "ponify" it! :)
Take good care of yourself mate <3
Klarseolt's avatar
Thanks you so much for the kind words, Makenshi. It's very touching that you are paying attention on me. I'm really thankful for this. Don't worry, I'm okay now. :)
It would be just amazing to meet you in person and hang out! But I'm living in this dirty hole called Novomoskovsk...
And it's not cheap to fly to France (about 215$ only to get to you, for example). :(
And about the movies, I really recommend to watch those, or even better to read the books. They are very-very interesting. I remember myself reading them for the first time... Haha, I was reading them literally everywhere. Harry Potter books are so addicting!
Makenshi179's avatar
Good to hear you're okay now :)
And yeah I agree it would be amazing XD But I know right, flight tickets are expensive... Once I get a more stable situation and save money, that's definitely something I'll consider though ^^
So much interesting stuff to read, watch and play, I wish I had 1000 lives lol XD
Klarseolt's avatar
"So much interesting stuff to read, watch and play, I wish I had 1000 lives"

I'm thinking about the same thing :)
pinapplekid's avatar
woah your wallpapers are epic man!
Klarseolt's avatar
You are flattering me, thank you very much
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