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Hello to all my awesome watchers! Hope you are all doing fine.

Today I'm presenting you the second collab with my friend AntylaVX - Velocity.
Antyla, I'm sorry for taking so long with our collab. I've got no excuses. I must stop being a lazy slime and get back to arts.
Oh yes, go check this guy out, he makes really nice and colorful wallpapers.

I uploaded 1080p version and he uploaded 1440p version, if you have a giant monitor, this is just for you -


Vector is by

BG -…


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Made in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014

Thank you all for being here and watching my silly arts with multi colored horses.
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LOVE this one!! :D It's amazing!
I love how it looks smooth and refreshing, and at the same time I love all the complexity of it : the foreground patterns, the background patterns, the reflection, the wipe effect on the wing, the blur, the splashes, the lighting... and the choice of background picture!! :D
Awesome job guys, you should collab more often ^^
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Thank you for kind words, Makenshi!
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Nice doing collab with you. Best collab so far :D
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To be honest, I liked our first collab better :)
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