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Hey everyone, I made a new wallpaper finally! Ugh, I spent too much time making it.. Photoshop crashed again and I had to remake it.
But I'm happy with the result.

I tried to make unique styles of magic for every princess. That was kinda interesting to do! 

Also, big shoutout to this awesome guy theGraid. He helped me a lot!


Celestia is by

Luna is by

Twilight is by

Fire 1 is by

Fire 2 is by tirasco-madawa -

Nebula -

Starfield stock is by

LED strip light streak stocks are by WMill -

Electricity is by


Made in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014
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1920x1080px 2.11 MB
© 2016 - 2021 Klarseolt
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like the dresses in canerlot boutique Cadance once again left out

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oh my gosh. i love the effects, are you willing to do it to my O.C picture for free. (I'm sorry for asking "free" but i'm struggling in the money depart meant)
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Google Translate? Ahaha, this is too funny to read! xD

I guess you wanna request a wallpaper? Tell me more about it.
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well i wanted to ask if you can make amazing wall paper of this please…
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I'm sorry, but I can't do a wallpaper with this. I require a decent vector/drawing without background. 
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when you say that do is hand drawn an option to or no?
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Yes, of course. I can accept that. But its quality should be at least "okay". I'm not asking you for a spectacular drawing of your oc. I just don't want to do wallpapers with MS Paint drawings (and also the ones which were made by using bases).
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I'm sorry, but I can't use this
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 ^^ muy good  is so beautiful I like Flower pink glitter RWBY Gif - Coco Flower pink glitter 

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I'm glad that you like it :)
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I'm glad that you like it :)
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When fighting is the only option.
Peaceful but not harmless princesses.

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Where's Cadence ;-;? Anyway, it looks really nice :D
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Cadence is a lie! GLaDOS Pixel Icon, I guess. haha

But thank you, I'm glad that you like it :)
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That freaking pun why

Don't diss Cadence ;-;

You think you're doing some damage? Two plus two is..... TEN. IN BASE FOUR, I'M FINE!
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GLaDOS Pixel Icon, I guess.  Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Maybe you should marry that thing since you love it so much. Do you want to marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU! How does that feel? Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
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The only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart. Maybe we should settle for that and we'll just call it a day. I guess we both know that isn't going to happen.

Vital testing apparatus destroyed.

(Portal&Portal2 is best game (grammar are best) ;o;)
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At the end of the experiment, you will be baked, and then there will be cake. 

(Portal was really good back then. But when Portal 2 came out, it was just perfect! One my favorite games.)
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You chose this path. Now I have a surprise for you. Deploying surprise in five... four... - Time out for a second. That wasn't supposed to happen. Did you see that thing that fell out of me? What is that? It's not the surprise. I've never seen it before.

(Yeah. According to Steam I've played Portal for 53 hours annnnd Portal 2............. FOR FREAKING 519 HOURS!!! Yep, I am obsessed with Portal 2. I still play it even after all that lol)
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I've played Portal 2 for 84 hours, it was very cool. I don't know about first one because I pirated it xD
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