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The lost part

Yes, I'm not dead!

I worked on this wallpaper very hard, hope you'll like it

The beautiful drawing of Dashie made by :iconpondisdant: -

Programm: Photoshop CS5
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Your wallpapers are really beautiful!
How long does it takes to make a wallpaper like this?
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Thank you for kind words, CoolRainbow20!

Usually it takes an hour or two to make them. But it depends. Sometimes I can work on the same wallpaper for 3 days and EVEN after that think that it's not ready :)
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Thank you for your reply! Your are soo wonderful...

What image manipulation program do you use? Photoshop?
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I always reply, because why not? That's kinda fun! Aww, you are flattering me, stop it :3

As you can probably see, it's written under every single image, ahah. Yeah, it's Photoshop.
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Such an old wallpaper! I'm glad that people still look at my old stuff.

Thanks, man!
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Haha yeah. Just saw it in the sidebar when I was looking at one of your newer wallpapers. :XD:
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Спасибо, друг! :>
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Very nice work man!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Yay, new wallpaper! I like it ;)
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I'm just out of inspiration last time...
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