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The Past

2nd collab with this cool guy SPltFYre, check him out, he makes great stuff ;D


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This is gorgeous!!
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you very much!
SilverWing27's avatar
O3O Words to live by. Awesome job! :D
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you very much
Snaysme-Niogky's avatar
Wow muy good  is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

NicolasDominique's avatar
Really nice done wallpaper :)
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Thank you, we did awesome job on this wallpaper indeed ;D
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So true. I used to work in mental health and so many of my clients were like broken records: going around in circles and forever stuck in the past.
Klarseolt's avatar
That's the idea of this wallpaper :)
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Wow, awesome wallpaper and message!! :D
Yeah, we must be careful not to live in the past... It's a so common mistake ^^
The present moment is for us to grasp!
Great work :D
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you very much, Makenshi!
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