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Hello everyone! So today I'm proud to introduce a collaboration work between BrainlessPoop and me. He is actually a very nice person, go check him out!

And about my recent inactivity. I'm not dead. I'm just out of ideas. Absolutely. But I will try to be more active in the future. I promise. 

Applejack is by FilPaperSoul -
Fluttershy is by Myardius -
Pinkie is by spier17 -
Dashie is by Parclytaxel -…
Rarity is by PC012 -
Twilight is by RosaIine -


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Made in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014

Thank you all for support

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Makenshi179's avatar
Nice S1 feel :D Great work you two! (also why am I reminded about Wipeout)
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you! ^^

Well it has "tech" look, that's why (If you are talking about the game)
Makenshi179's avatar
Yeah I was talking about the game ^^ (don't know anything else that is called Wipeout lol XD)
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you, Mith :)
PC012's avatar
Wow... This is actually a very, very good wallpaper. Good enough for me to use it, even though I don't usually use show-style wallpapers. Their colours compliment each other nicely and you two brought it out beautifully here. The whole thing has a very polished and professional look. And I do love the title! :D Brilliant work, I love it! (Also, thank you for using my vector! :3)
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you for your commendation, PC012! It was a pleasure to work with your vector.
PC012's avatar
Just as it will be a pleasure to see your wallpaper on my desktop. :3
minhbuinhat99's avatar
Dat title 0_o
You two did an amazing work. Awesome wallpaper!
Klarseolt's avatar
Title is by me ;D
Thanks mate!
minhbuinhat99's avatar
Well what can i say, you're really good at getting a title for wallpapers ;)
Fody-Zessel's avatar
The wallpaper is amazing I love it
Klarseolt's avatar
Thank you, Fody
Fody-Zessel's avatar
You're welcome, djapplejsound
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