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Delta Rune

I am back. I decided to make something simple for the warm-up. 
And also, I really wanted to make something Undertale-related Undertale heart icon 
By the way, this picture has been made twice. TWICE!

I managed to corrupt the first PSD file somehow and when I opened it after, Photoshop said "It's not compatible with current verison of the program." Cool, right?
And that's why I haven't uploaded a speedart... What am I talking about! Nobody watches them anyway. So, I guess, it's not a problem after all.

Did you know that "Delta Rune" is anagram of the "Undertale"? :D


Delta Rune is from Undertale Wikia -…
Also, big thanks to my friend David for helping me with that SVG file


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Made in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014

I know that all my audience awaits pony stuff, but still I hope that you'll like it

//dogsong plays 
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I wish we had an option at Undyne's fight to reveal the angel form and ask her what does she want? Freedom or ashes?
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lol, there are many fanmade games out there, maybe there's one with such option
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omg im gonn a use it! >w<
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who is your favorite character in undertale? owo
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I wrote a lot of text here about the Papyrus and Sans and then removed it. You know, they all are very unique and awesome.

Undyne is rough and cool. Papyrus is innocent and kind. Sans is funny and very serious at the same time. Mettaton is fabulous and scary a bit. Alphys is a shy nerd. Toriel is so nice, just like a mom. Flowey is pure evil, he is truly scary. Asgore has a very soft temper, but he is kinda lost because of the sorrow. Asriel.. He is so generous and loving character. But he was fooled by the backstabber...

And so on. 

I can't pick the best one. It's like you... It's like you are picking a favourite from two of your best friends. This is not right.
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oh my i understand what you said owo
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