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Trixie's dueling personalities FINISHED

Decided to try and come up with something that will show this character ACTUALLY BEING IN-CHARACTER. Frustrated and disappointed with herself and full of herself: these are the two sides of Trixie's character the show gave us.

Now, there was a 3rd side: sad and defeated. But to make it theme-related I only needed two.

EDIT: finally getting to finishing the unfinished. I am a horrible person indeed.
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Dec 23, 2013, 11:08:14 PM
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Even as a rabid Trixie fanboy who greedily devours almost anything relating to Trixie in any way Lulamoon enthusiast, It always disappoints me that people almost always seem to portray her stage persona as the character and not try to delve any deeper with her beyond being boastful and talking in the third-pony.

I understand that we haven't really been given great insight on what actually makes Trixie who she is outside of her performances, but not very many people seem interested in at least filling in the gaps
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*waiting for a third episode*
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Let's cross our fingers and hope!
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Sorry, hit submit by accident. One of the many downsides to only being able to access dA through mobile.

Anyway, it seems like not too many people are interested in at least filling in the gaps with even the bits we've been given of Trixie's actual personality. You're one of only two people I know of who actually did that, and I've just gotta give you props for it. I've got my own ideas about who Trixie really is (shared with my friend who happens to be that other person I just mentioned) but I'm always eager to see other people's interpretations.