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Fluttershy with an Ermine

By KlaraPL
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Ah! Finally posting something on DeviantArt is such a good feeling! After so long, I present to You...


I wanted to try to draw a pony without lineart on one layer. Of course, I'm not good enough for that x3 Most of her is on one layer though.
I have a feeling that I spend too much time in art school and it makes me think about art history. Heh, but I'm glad I did this piece, I noticed a lack of pony versions of Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine". If You don't know the painting, here's the wiki page:…

Thank You to all of my watchers, I'm sorry I couldn't share my art for the past few months, I thought I could find time for drawing ponies, but I was wrong.
It's Christmas now, maybe I'll be able to submit something else? We'll see in the nearest future.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a fantastic holiday! ^^

EDIT: While I was snooping around the internet, I found a Russian website with my drawing on it. They gave the original source, so I wasn't mad. Then I looked at the comments and people down there made me realise how one part of my drawing looked odd. So I got rid of it. Thank You for Your help! ^^
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Thank You! ;D
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Your Very Welcome! ;D
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This is soo... Precious! And professional. Fluttershy is my favorite
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Yay! ;D Team Fluttershy!
Thank You! ^^
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Looks awesome! Good job! :D
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Thank You! ^^
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Aw, that's so cute!
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Bardzo dobry pomysł na pracę i takiej samej jakości wykonanie! Masz talent! Gratuluję i pozdrawiam!
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Dziękuję! ^^ Cieszę się, że Ci się podoba.
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Wow...Flutters looks so elegant... ❤
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Wow! It's so soft... :thumbsup: :wow:
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Jeśli chciałbym taką Flaterkę mieć wydrukowaną i zawieszoną na ścianie, to miałabyś jakieś preferencje jak mógłbym się odwdzięczyć za taką możliwość?
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This is how would the picture look, if Da Vinci lived in Equestria...
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Very beautiful work
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Thank You kindly ^^
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I believe many will agree, that this is one of your best pieces yet. XD
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Thank You! ^^ I really can't say, there are so many drawings that I love, but I like to think this is one of them c:
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