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Sorry to delete the lineart when it was at like 880 favs, but mugen's face was really bugging me, and I honestly didn't think it'd end up so popular being just lineart and had still planned to colour it.. oops T_T;; sorry!!! I read all the old comments and appreciate the feedback I've already received, I just don't want both versions cluttering up my gallery. Sorry T_T!!

I think mugen finally looks right, after poking at it FOREVER. A lot of people suggested he should look more blank and careless but I like his aggressive side more <3 so a catty smirk is fine too. prrao. This is seriously the best Jin I've ever drawn, that guy is freaking hard. And their CLOTHES! Their clothes are so hard for me. The fabric is thick, you can't have folds describing their bodies underneath or anything, you have to concentrate purely on building a balanced blocky-ass shape with the right weight to it. maybe the next time I draw them I'll start with the colours and THEN do the lines.

I'd make this a print but I don't think you're allowed to sell fanart through DA. *wetnosebaby will be selling them at Anime North for me though n_n

Lineart was done in pencil and the colours were done in opencanvas pretty much with the pen tool.

Aaaand comments disabled because apparently "critique discouraged" to a lot of people means either whinge that you liked the first version better or give me a completely lame suggestion when you can't actually draw or colour your way out of a wet paper bag yourself. Not you, no, just those tools over there, the ones who draw mary-sue fan characters on lined paper and have never majored in colour theory. They're the ones I don't want commenting, but I've simply run out of blocked user slots TnT;;

Thank you if you actually like it <3 I do too <3 we should have a party! with male strippers. drinks are on me.
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March 28, 2007
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