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So as you can all tell I've been gone for some time and since I want to share my ideas with you wonderful people, I'm going to start writing stories about the RPs (Roleplays) I have. I hope you enjoy reading them :D

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Everything you are about to read actually happened it is all real.

Back when I was a senior at high school there was this girl who I will refer to as B, B and I were never close we were more like acquaintances than friends. B was a pretty brunette, around 1.70 m tall with size 8 or 9 feet (size 8 = 38.5 EU, size 9 = 39.5 EU) I never actually asked to make sure.

So there was this thing going on where a person would ask their classmates to ask him/her any question and he has to answer honestly, one day I decided to give it a shot (it all happened via social media) So I went onto an app and let everyone know that I will be answering their questions honestly. A few hours later I received a text from B, "Do you have a foot fetish?" once I read the question I felt my heart was about to drop out of my chest, I did not know what to say, "No" and get away with it, or "Yes" and everyone I know would know I have a foot fetish. I sat there for around 15 minutes thinking of how I want to answer her question and at some point I was like 'screw it!' and I sent my answer, "yes" a few minutes later she read the text I sent and at that moment I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I was so nervous, I did nit know how she would react, I waited and waited, I checked my phone every 5 minutes to see if she texted me back, but she never did.

The next day I went to school although I really did not want to confront her after answering her question. I walked into the classroom prepared to be made fun of, but to my surprise it was like any other day at school, B even sat down with me and had a casual conversation with me about the school and our classmates, I did not hear the words "foot fetish" all day, which was surprising.

The next day was the same, and the day after and the one after that and the whole week and the week after and the week after that, at some point I thought she either forgot or decided to do nothing about it, until this day came where all the younger students went out of the school for a charity marathon except us seniors and a few teachers (The seniors didn't go because it was our last year and we had important exams to prepare for so we couldn't waste a school day) we had Biology sessions, Physics sessions and Math sessions, but our last two sessions for the day were PE (Physical Education) and Art. during our PE session both boys and girls decided to go to the football pitch (football as in soccer) we played for around 45 minutes before heading to the restrooms to wash up and then go to Art class. After i was done washing up I went back to the classroom to grab my bag and head to the Art classroom, but all of a sudden B came up to me and pulled me to the side as all our classmates went to Art class.

I'm going to try to recreate the conversations as best as I can  :D

B: " I was thinking we could skip Art class."

Me: "Why? I mean...I don't mind, but why?"

B: "I just don't feel like going to Art class and I would really appreciate the company."

Me: "Uhhh...ok, I'll keep you company."

We sat down and talked for a while before she started the following conversation,

B: "Soooo...foot fetish huh?"

Me: "Y-Yeah...I mean i-it's not weird or anything....I can't, I can't really explain it..."

B: "Relax...I'm ok with it, and I obviously didn't tell anyone."

Me: "Then why did it take you that long ton have a talk with me about it?"

B: "Well I didn't want to judge you before I know anything about it, so after you told me I started to do some research and watching videos and stuff...some videos were really really weird....but it's fine."

As she said that, she slowly took her shoes off (she was wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Black and a pair of black ankle socks) I noticed her taking them off, (now just so you guys know, I have seen her dangle flats before and I have seen her bare feet when we go to the pool with our classmates, and with all honesty her feet are amazing! She has long toes, pale feet with beautifully shaped toenails and amazing soles.) just the sight of her taking her shoes off got my heart racing. She then started to wiggle her toes in her socks a bit while maintaining the conversation, talking about all the research she has done and whatnot, I was mostly focused on her feet just nodding my head as she spoke.

B: "Alright, how about you lie down for me."

Me: "Lie down? where?"

B: "On the floor...come on, I always wanted to try this!"

Me: "Uhm...Uhh...ok..."

I got down on the floor looking up at her as she smiled.

B: "Are you ready?"

Me: "Uhh...sure"

She then stood up and stepped up on my chest starting to walk all over my chest and abdomen before she walked back over my chest looking down on me.

B: "Am I too heavy?"

Me: "Uhh...I mean..."

B: "'t answer that question." she laughed

My answer would have been 'no' if she didn't ask me not to answer it because she was fit...she was thin, had a great ass and was generally really fit and beautiful. She went on trampling my chest for a while before she placed her left foot on my face, covering my nose, eyes and mouth, but she then lifted it up a little.

B: "I-Is this ok?"

Me: "Y-Yeah...Yeah."

B "Good..."

She lowered her foot back on my face

B: "M-My feet are kind of sweaty after PE...are you sure this is fine?"

I just gave her a thumbs up with both of my hands because I really didn't want her to lift her foot off my face again. I felt like I was in heaven, under the feet that I admired for quite a long time. After a while she lifted her foot off my face and sat back down keeping both her feet on my chest. She then reached down to her feet and took her socks off keeping them in her hands.

B: "Y-You want to taste them?"

Me: "Yes please..."

My face started to turn red as she moved her hand above my face holding both her black ankle socks with her fingers, I opened my mouth and she just lowered her hand placing her socks gently in my mouth, her socks were kind of sweaty but i didn't mind one bit. She kept her socks in my mouth for a while keeping her bare feet resting on my chest. She then moved her hand towards my face to take the socks out, but I kind f moved my face away to keep her socks in my mouth for a bit longer.

B: "Oh come on...I want my socks back...come on if you give me my socks I might just let you kiss my feet..."

I was astonished...I mean I knew at some point we would get to this, but I was still amazed by it. I opened my mouth and she took the socks out and placed them in her shoes. She then lifted her left foot up and started to slowly move it towards my face, moving it in a circle, wiggling her toes a bit until her foot was millimeters away from my face. I was just laying there staring at her sole.

B: "Go on...we don't have all day."

I put my lips together and kissed the middle of her sole, and then i did it again and again, I then reached out with my hands to her other foot, grabbing it and gently massaging it as I kissed the other one, I even managed to give it a few licks before she pulled her foot away placing it back on my chest, then lifting her other foot away from my hands and placing her toes on my lips

B: "Give them a few can go in between if you want..."

I wouldn't missed this chance for anything so I stuck my tongue out and licked her toes one by one then I started to slide my tongue between her toes, I even licked the ball of her foot a few times, but after a while she pulled her foot away and placed it back on my chest, grabbed her socks and put them back on, yet again placing her socked feet on my chest as she reached for her shoes putting them back on and placing them back on my chest before lifting them both placing them above my face.

B: "Give them a kiss or two before i go."

With no hesitation I kissed her shoes a few times before she got up, grabbed her bag and went out. I just sat there for a moment trying to wrap my head around how this happened and thinking how lucky I was that nobody walked in on us.

Well...that was it. Of course the conversations didn't go exactly like this, I just tried to recreate them in the best way I can.

Unfortunately I am currently not in touch with B, after high school we went to different universities.
 Android 18 is a beautiful blonde female android, she is married to Krillin (bald, no nose, 6 dots on his head). One day Android 18 was going on a girl's night out with Chi-Chi (Goku's wife), Bulma (Vegeta's wife) and Videl (Gohan's wife). All girl's were supposed to meet up at Bulma's house as Vegeta was out training with Goku.

 When Android 18 reached Bulma's house she made her way inside where all the other girls were waiting patiently.
"You are late again 18" Said Videl with a smile.
"Sorry about that...I had to put Marron to sleep." Said Android 18.
"Don't worry about it." Said Bulma with a mile on her face.
"Alright...since we are all here how about we get moving?" Asked Chi-Chi.

 Android 18 did not like how Videl treated her for the past few days and decided to get her revenge. "Why are you all so weak?" Said Android 18. "Where did that come from?" Asked Videl. "I mean you girls are so weak I can defeat you all without breaking a sweat." Said Android 18 mocking the other girls. "Alright I'm going to show you who is weak!" Said Videl angrily while approaching Android 18, when Videl was in range of Android 18 she swung a punch which Android 18 easily dodged. "It's my turn now." Said Android 18 right before she kicked Videl to the face, Videl fell to the floor "See? You're weak." Said Android 18 laughing. Videl tried to get up but every single time she attempts to get back on her feet Android 18 kicks her back down. "What are you doing 18?" Said Bulma while trying to stop her. Android 18 slapped Bulma and pushed her down to the ground, she then proceeded to take Chi-Chi down as well. Now All three girls were on the ground while Android 18 was standing tall, Android 18 kicked the girls in a position where they were all laying on the ground beside each other and every time one of them tries to get up Android 18 kicks her in the face. As soon as the girls gave up on getting back to their feet Android 18 took her shoes off, and then took her socks off revealing her perfect feet. "Don't try to resist what is to come, because if you do, I will hurt you a lot more than I plan to." Said Android 18.

 The girls just laid there not knowing what is about to happen to them when suddenly, Android 18 stepped on Videl's chest.
"W-What are you doing?! Get your filthy feet off me!" Yelled Videl. Android 18 was unhappy with what Videl said and so she started to trample her. Android 18 was now full weight on Videl jumping on her and trampling her, she then stepped on Videl's face forcing her to sniff her feet. "I SAID GET OFF ME!" said Videl pushing Android 18 off of her. "I told you not to resist." Said Android 18 with frustration. Android 18 was furious and decided that Videl deserves to be punished for disobeying her orders. Android 18 stomped Videl's body over and over again, then she aimed for the face stomping and foot slapping Videl's face repeatedly, putting Videl in extreme pain. Android 18 then proceeded to kick Videl's sides repeatedly and as strong as she can. Android 18 loved the feeling of Videl under her feet. Android 18 then stepped back on Videl and said, "Are you going to obey me now?" Videl looked up at Android 18 and said, " more...pain...please." Android 18 smiled and placed her feet on Videl's face and said, "Lick." Videl did not want to lick Android 18's feet but she did not want to be in anymore pain and so she started to lick Android 18's foot.

 Android 18 looked at the other two girls and said, "Don't think I forgot about you girls." Android 18 stepped off Videl and sat on a couch, pointed her finger at her feet and said, "Come over here and lick my feet." All three girls crawled over to Android 18's feet and started to kiss and lick her feet. Android 18 placed the heel of her left foot in Videl's mouth while Bulma was licking the sole of and Chi-Chi was licking between the toes of the same foot. Android 18 smiled while all three girls were licking her left foot. Android 18 pulled out three leashes and collars from her purse and placed one around each girl's neck. "Don't worry are all my bitches now, look at the bright can lick my feet clean every day." Said Android 18 while laughing. Android 18 then pulled her left foot away from the three girls' mouths and said, "Alright now Chi-Chi be my foot stool while Videl worships my feet and Bulma go fetch the TV controller for me." All girls did as told, Chi-Chi was her foot rest, Videl licked and sucked her feet and Bulma fetched the TV controller.

 "Good Girl." Said Android 18 patting Bulma's head "You know...I always liked you Bulma so open your mouth let me give you a gift for being such a good slave today." Said Android 18 looking at Bulma who was on her knees next to the couch. Bulma opened her mouth as told and Android 18 spat in her mouth and said, "Now swallow it." Bulma swallowed Android 18's spit. "Good Girl...what do you say?" Said Android 18. "Thank you 18." Said Bulma looking at Android 18. "I am Goddess 18 to you slave!" Said Android 18 angrily. "I apologize Goddess won't happen again." Said Bulma begging Android 18 not to hurt her. "It better not! Now go lick my shoes clean slave." Said Android 18. Bulma obeyed Android 18's command and started to clean her shoes. "Hey you two." Said Android 18 to Chi-Chi and Videl, "Lay on the floor!" Videl and Chi-Chi did as told. Android 18 got up and stepped with her right foot on Videl and with her left foot on Chi-Chi. Android 18 then started to jump up and down on them, then started to stomp them. Android 18 continued to trample the two girls for over half an hour. Android 18 then stepped off of Chi-Chi keeping her other foot on Videl's throat and said, "Chi-Chi I want you to lick and kiss my left foot while I gag Videl with my right foot." "Yes Goddess" Said Videl. Android 18 was happy with Chi-Chi's obedience.

 Chi-Chi started to kiss the top of Android 18's left foot, Android 18 looked down on Videl and said, "Open up bitch." Videl opened her mouth and Android 18 spat in her mouth and directly after, shoved her toes into Videls mouth. Android 18 then pulled Videl's leash up and pushed her right foot deeper and deeper in her mouth, Videl started to gag and tried to pull Android 18's foot out of her mouth, but Android 18 pushed her foot even deeper into Videl's mouth and just to make it more humiliating she started to spit on Videl's face while she gagged on her foot. Videl's face was now covered in Android 18's spit and tears fro gagging on Android 18's toes for so long. Android 18 finally pulled her toes out of Videl's mouth and spat one last spit in Videl's mouth and said, "Don't you dare wash your face, if you do I will stomp it until you bleed, understand?" "Yes Goddess 18, thank you Goddess 18." Said Videl broken and humiliated. "Bulma come over her and put my socks and shoes on for me." Bulma crawled over to Android 18's feet, kissed them and then put her socks and shoes on for her, then kissed the tops of her shoes one last time. "Good Girl." Said Android 18, "Well it was a lovely girls' night out...I had fun slaves, see you next week." Said Android 18 right before she left the house. At this point the three girls were so humiliated they started to compete to be Android 18's favorite slave, as the favorite slave will be the least one to get hurt. All three girls just laid on the floor and fell asleep with the smell and taste of Android 18's feet and spit.

Part 2: Android 18 Foot Domination (Dragon Ball) [Part 2]
Part 3: Android 18 Foot Domination (Dragon Ball) [Part 3]
I hope you enjoyed reading this one :)
Want part two? let me know in the comments
This story was a request from: lola321EE
 Hello there...before you start reading the story i would like to make some points clear:
1- This is a fictional story (obviously)
2- The lead character in this story is Goddess Amarie:…

Hope you enjoy reading my story :)

 Gods and Goddesses lead lives too...even if they are superior to humans some Gods and Goddesses prefer to live here on Earth with the humans occupying it. Goddess Amarie is one of these Goddesses she enjoys living with humans although some of them are twats she likes the kind ones, the ones who admire her and the ones who happen to be her friends. Goddess Amarie likes humans almost as much as they like her, as long as humans are respectful when talking to her she will be the kindest Goddess but once the humans start talking shit and being disrespectful Goddess Amarie will destroy them with all her might, she wouldn't bother to hold back as they do not deserve to live.

 One morning Goddess Amarie left her house for a walk, on the street about 2 miles away form her house a group of men started to look at her body and curves which Goddess Amarie did not completely dislike as she does like to be admired and worshiped. But one unlucky man from the group started to hit on Goddess Amarie. Goddess Amarie hated men who hit on her, she believes that although she is extremely beautiful men could at least be respectful when complimenting her beauty. Goddess Amarie tried to ignore the man but he did not stop and so Goddess Amarie was frustrated and decided that such scum doesn't deserve to live on the same planet as her and as there is no other planet currently available for such humans Goddess Amarie flicked her wrist and by doing so broke the man's neck with one swift crack.

 The other men in the group were baffled their minds couldn't explain what they have just witnessed...their friend was killed by one flick even they knew that was impossible to be done by a human, the men were frozen in place they wanted nothing but to run but it felt like their legs turned into solid stone and so with nothing else to do the men got on their hands and knees and begged Goddess Amarie to spare their lives. Goddess Amarie believed that these men did not deserve to die as they have not wronged her so she said, "How about this...I will spare your lives if you remain in your current positions till I reach the end of this road, if you disobey you will follow your friend." The men were already terrified so terrified that most of them pissed their pants, but after such a threat they were frozen in their positions they couldn't move even if they wanted to it was as if their brains are forcing their bodies to remain in place just to stay alive. The men were trembling in fear as Goddess Amarie went on with her morning walk.

 As soon as Goddess Amarie reached the end of that road the men collapsed on the floor pants wet with piss and tears flowing from their eyes onto the ground and as soon as the men stood up thinking that it is over Goddess Amarie walked back to where they were. The men were once again so terrified they couldn't blink and all what they heard was Goddess Amarie's voice saying, "I'm not done with you...I want you to kiss my shoes right here right now as a way of apologizing." In normal cases the pride of these men would stop them from doing such a thing but unfortunately for them Goddess Amarie doesn't care for their pride. "I don't have all day! Get on your knees and crawl towards me and once you are at my feet I want you to kiss my shoes! NOW!" The men dropped to their knees and crawled to Goddess Amarie's feet and each one of them kissed her shoes like there was no tomorrow. Goddess Amarie now stands tall as a group of men are on their knees kissing her feet. "You belong to me now, you are my slaves and I am your Goddess you obey all my commands. Do you understand?" The men simply shook their heads and continued to kiss the tops of her shoes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter I would really appreciate it if you gave your opinion in the comments and whether I should right more chapters or not.

Thank you.


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Hello! I hope you are all doing well.

Just wanted to let you know how it will be on my page.

Other than the awesome foot fetish stories in my Journals you can also find amazing feet pictures. Feet pictures will be submitted daily so if you are not already a watcher then start watching that way you can be the first to see the perfect feet pictures submitted :)

Thank you
[This is a new series completely unrelated to the Queen of Olympus series]

After being worshiped by all humans on Earth, Goddess Amarie wanted to expand her territory and the only plan in mind to do that is to aim to the sky...literally.

Goddess Amarie knew that if there were any other Gods and Goddesses she would be considered as a threat who needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. And she was right.

In a few minutes Goddess Amarie was teleported to a beautiful golden city a city on a mountain in the sky, Mount Olympus. "So you are the so called "Goddess" Amarie eh?" Said Zeus. Goddess Amarie looked Zeus in the eye and said, "Yes, Yes I am." Zeus was furious knowing that humans would worship her more than they worship him and that was a good enough reason for him wanting Goddess Amarie dead.

Zeus whistled and through one of the doors came a giant, golden eagle The Aetos Dios Zeus' animal companion amd as Zeus wishes Goddess Amarie's killer. The Aetos Dios attacked Goddess Amarie full speed but to Zeus' surprise Goddess Amarie was faster than his eagle and was able to chop it's head off with a single strike.

"That was MY EAGLE YOU JUST KILLED!" Yelled Zeus. Goddess Amarie smiled and said, "It is your fault he is put him up against a Goddess with intense strength and extreme beauty." Zeus looked confused yet furious and said, "How is your beauty relevant?" Goddess Amarie smiled and said, "My power is matched only by my beauty, therefore it has no limits." Zeus got even more infuriated by the fact that Goddess Amarie thought she had limitless power and so he created a bolt of lightning in his right hand and prepared for a fight.

Zeus started the fight by rushing towards Goddess Amarie at full speed. Goddess Amarie dodged Zeus' first attack gracefully and punched Zeus in the gut. Zeus was not affected too much by the punch and was still standing. Zeus created another bolt of lightning and immediately threw it at Goddess Amarie. Goddess Amarie caught the bolt of lightning right before it touched her beautiful face. Zeus was astonished as no one has ever caught one of his bolts before. Goddess Amarie destroyed the lightning bolt by applying more force on it.

"It is my turn now." Goddess Amarie attacked Zeus from all sides at extreme speeds. Zeus was punched and kicked all over and this time it did affect him, a lot. Zeus fell to one knee and that was when Goddess Amarie kicked Zeus to the side of the head dropping him completely to the floor. Goddess Amarie then stepped on Zeus trampling him and then stepped on his throat with one foot and lifted the other inches above Zeus' face and said, "I would spare your life if you kiss my foot and beg me to do so." Zeus frowned and said, "Not a chance." Goddess Amarie frowned and stomped Zeus' face as hard as she can completely shattering Zeus' nose and cheek bone, and then lifted her foot up again and said, "Kiss my foot!" This time Zeus did as told and started to beg Goddess Amarie for his life. Goddess Amarie smiled and said, "You know what after thinking about it...I'll kill you anyways." Goddess Amarie lifted her foot as far as possible still stepping on Zeus' throat with her other foot and stomped Zeus' face so hard she shattered his skull into a million pieces.

Thank you for reading :) (Smile)
Goddess Amarie:

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Sakura Haruno is a beautiful pink haired girl living in the Hidden Leaf Village. One hot day Sakura was training in the training field, she trained and trained for hours and after she was done sweat was dripping from her forehead.

On her way back home Sakura was attacked by a masked ninja. The Ninja tried to punch Sakura but she dodged all his hits easily. She knew that he was not as good as she was so she wanted to end the fight quickly but to her surprise the Ninja landed a punch on her which made her angry and so she changed her mind and decided to beat him up well.

Sakura kicked the ninja to the side as hard as she can and then connected with a strong punch to his face. The Ninja seemed beaten and almost fell to the ground but he pulled a kunai and threw it at Sakura. The kunai hit Sakura's left arm. Sakura was furious and so she approached the ninja and pushed him to the floar. The Ninja was beaten but Sakura wad not done with him. Sakura lifted her left foot up in the air and then stomped as hard as she can on the Ninja's crotch. The Ninja was in extreme pain but Sakura did not stop she kept on going she kept on stomping his crotch over and over again.

After a few minutes of ballbusting, Sakura took her sandals off and stepped on the Ninja's chest and said, "You hace two choices, you either worship my feet or I go on crushing your balls." The Ninja took his mask off and said, "I will worship your feet." Sakura smiled and forced her sweaty toes in the Ninja's mouth and said, "Suck them clean." The Ninja obeyed and sucked the sweat off Sakura's toes. Sakura pulled her toes out and stepped on the Ninja's face and said, "What is my name?" The Ninja said, "Sakura Haruno" Sakura stomped his face and said, "Wrong! kiss my foot and beg for my forgiveness and then try answering my question again!" The Ninja kissed the soles of Sakura's feet and begged for her forgiveness and then realised what his mistake was and said, "Your name is Goddess Sakura Haruno." Sakura smiled and said, "Correct, I am you one and only Goddess and you worship me and only me do you understand little foot slave?" The Ninja kissed Sakura's feet and said, "Yes Goddess Sakura."

Sakura stepped off of the Ninja and sat on a chair and pointed to her feet amd said, "Crawl over here and worship my feet. They are very sweaty and I want you to lick them clean!" The Ninja got on all fours and crawled to Skaura's feet. He licked the tops of her feet and then started with the soles he then started to lick between Sakura's perfect toes. After half an hour of public foot worship Sakura put her feet over the Ninja's head and said, "Good slave, now you will put my sandals back on my feet and then follow me to my house where you will live in a corner in my room and worship my feet whenever I order you to do so." The Ninja obeyed and once Sakura got up and started walking he got up and followed. Sakura kicked the Ninja's crotch and said, "GET ON ALL FOURS YOU STUPID SLAVE!" The Ninja was in so much pain and so got on all fours. Sakura then spat on the floar and said, "Lick my spit off the floar you useless waste if space." The Ninja licked the spit off the floar. Sakura smiled and started to walk again so the Ninja followed on all fours this time

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Do you guys think I should write more foot fetish stories? Let me know in the comments.

(If you haven't read them yet they are all in my Journals.)
Hello there! So I decided to open for commissions and since I am still new all will be free just send me a note of your request.

The dominant character must be female.

The dominant character must be fictional.

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One day Amarie went out for a walk. As expected all the people in the street dropped everything they were doing and got down on their knees in front of her. Amarie smiled and continued walking.

After a while she saw something that disturbed her. A man was just standing there he wasn't on all fours so she approached him and said, "Aren't you going to bow down?" Eric smiled and said, "Why would I?" Amarie looked him in the eye and said, "Because I'm a Goddess!" Eric laughed and said, "A Goddess? Ok how about this...prove that you are superior to me and I will become your personal slave." Amarie thought of the idea of having a personal slave and she liked the idea so she accepted.

In a split second Amarie grew to tower size. Eric was shocked he didn't believe his eyes he didn't know what to do, he was frozen with fear. Amarie looked down on Eric and said, "Bow down!" Eric was so afraid for his life that he just dropped to all fours in front of her. Amarie returned to normal size and patted Eric's head and said, "Good boy, now follow me." Amarie went back to her house with Eric. Once they entered Amarie's house she sat down on her couch and told Eric to sit on the floor in front of her which be did obediently. Amarie then lifted her foot in front of Eric's face and said, "Lick my heels clean." Eric didn't want to do it but he wanted to stay alive so he started licking Amarie's heels he cleaned them and sucked on the heel. Amarie then said, "Take my heels off." Eric obediently did as told, once he took both heels off Amarie placed he foot on Eric's face. She place Eric's nose between her toes and lifted the other foot and pointed her toes to his lips and said, "open wide slave." Eric didn't open his mouth so Amarie said, " your mouth or get crushed under my foot, your choice." Eric thought of his fate if he didn't do as told and he did not like the thought of getting crushed so he opened his mouth as wide as possible. Amarie smiled and shuved her toes deep in Eric's mouth. Eric was now gagging on Amarie's toes and started to resist, so Amarie pulled her foot out of his mouth and stood up. She walked to her closet and pulled a leash and collar out. She put the collar around Eric's neck and attached her leash to the collar. She sat back down and said, "Open up." Eric opened his mouth and Amarie shuved her toes back in his mouth as deep as possible. Eric was gagging again and tried to resist but this time Amarie pulled the leash towards her. So now Amarie was pulling the leash and pushing her foot deeper in Eric's mouth. Eric was suffering but Amarir was nowhere close to done with him. She pulled her foot out of his mouth and kicked him to the floor. Eric layed down on the floor beaten and tired. Amarie looked down at him and spat in his mouth. Amarie smiled at the sight of Eric swallowing her spit she then stepped on him and started to trample him. Amarie kept this up for a while but she eventually got bored and ordered him to get on all fours so she can use him as a foot stool. Eric did as told and was now a foot stool for a Goddess.

The next day Amarie woke up and found Eric sleeping on the floor next to her bed so she stoped him and walked all over him waking him up, she held the leash and took him outside she then walked him like a dog around the whole town. Once she was done walking she went back home and made Eric lick her shoes clean and prepare breakfast for her. This was Eric's new life now and he started to accept his fate.

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Goddess Amarie:


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One summer day Eric was walking in the city center when all of a sudden he bumped into a woman.

The woman had red hair and a beautiful face and a pair of perfect feet and her name was Amy. When Eric bumped into Amy she fell over and got hurt, so Eric helped Amy up and said, "I'm so sorry." Amy looked into Eric's eyes and said, "If you really want to apologise and make me feel better get down on your knees and kiss my foot." Eric and Amy were both standing in the middle of the street and many people were around them.

Although Eric was surrounded by people he still got down on his knees and kissed the top of Amy's foot. Amy smiled and said, "keep on kissing them." Eric obeyed and kept on kissing the tops of Amy's feet. "You feet are very dirty, if only I have a slave to lick them clean.....oh wait, I DO! start licking my soles slave!" Said Amy with a wide smile on her beautiful face. Eric hesitated a bit but after a few seconds he started licking Amy's perfect soles. People started to stop walking and just stare at Eric while he worships Amy's feet some people even pulled out their phones and started taking pictures and recording videos.

Amy moved to the side of Eric and kicked him onto his back. Eric was now laying down on the floor in front of amy. Amy lifted her foot and placed it on Eric's face then lifted the other foot and placed it right next to her other foot on Eric's face. Amy trampled Eric's face for a few minutes before moving to the rest of his body. Amy trampled Eric for a whole hour before lifting her foot above Eric's face and saying, "Open wide slave!" Eric did as told and the next thing he knew was Amy's foot deep in his mouth. Amy was gagging Eric whith her foot. She then pulled her foot out of his mouth and said, "Beg me to gag you with my feet. BEG ME!" Eric looked up at Amy and said, "Please Goddess Amy. Please gag me with your perfect feet!" Amy smiled and said, "Good boy, now open up!" So Eric opened his mouth and Amy shuved her foot in his mouth after a few minutes she stepped off of him and let him go.

Thank you for reading!
Amy is:
 Hinata was sitting down in the Huyuga residence when all of a sudden a man who looked about 18 years old walked in. The moment he walked in he noticed that Hinata was in the room and said, "Oh...I'm so sorry I didn't know anyone was in here." Hinata looked at him and said, "Uhm...It's ok...y-you can stay if you want to."

 "My name is Hinata" said Hinata. "Hello...nice to meet you Hinata, my name is Eric." Said the young man. Eric approached Hinata and sat in front of her. Hinata stretched her legs in a way that her feet would face towards Eric of course she didn't do it on purpose. Eric was baffled by how beautiful Hinata's soles were they are smooth and perfect. Her feet are a bit pale but her soles are a bit red. "My feet hurt....I've been walking around all day." Said Hinata. Eric knew this was his chance and said, "I could give you a foot massage if you want." Hinata looked surprised and said, "Really?! You would do that?" Eric smiled and said, "Of course."

 Hinata put her left foot in Eric's hands and so Eric started to rub it. Eric could feel how smooth her soles are. "D-Do the smell?" asked Hinata while blushing. "No not at all." Said Eric. Of course Eric was lying Hinata's feet were sweaty and they smelled but he loved their smell. "H-Here massage the other one please" Said Hinata putting her right foot on Eric's lap. As soon as she put her foot on Eric's lap she touched something hard by mistake, she thought it was something in Eric's pocket but after looking closely she realized it wasn't. Hinata realized that Eric liked her feet so while Eric was massaging her right foot she lifted her left foot and placed Eric's nose between her toes.

 Eric was astonished, Hinata's perfect foot was on his face the next thing he heard was even more surprising, "S-Smell it." said Hinata so Eric smelled Hinata's left foot and massaged her right foot for five minutes. Hinata was starting to get bored so she pulled her right foot from Eric's hands and put it on his face. Now Eric's face was covered with Hinata's feet she kept her feet on Eric's face for him to smell for a few minutes the she got up. Eric thought it was over, Hinata walked up to her closet and opened it she pulled out a leash and said, "I usually use this leash on my dogs...I hope you don't mind." Hinata put the collar around Eric's neck and attached the leash to it and said, "W-Well I use this on my dogs and that is what you are right?" Eric looked up at Hinata and said, "Yes, I am all yours Hinata." Hinata looked down at Eric and said, "C-Call me Goddess Hinata from now on." Eric nodded.

 Hinata started walking so Eric got up to walk with her but then he got swept off his feet by Hinata who said, "Dogs don't walk on two feet." Eric smiled and got on his hands and knees and crawled wherever Hinata walked. After a minute or two Hinata said, "Lay on the floor dog." Eric did as told and Hinata stepped on his chest and started to trample him. Hinata jumped on Eric a few times and then she place her left foot on his throat and her right foot on his face she held that position for a few minutes and got off when Eric started to struggle and said, "Bad I that heavy?!" Eric looked at Hinata trying to catch his breath and said, "N-No...You're not Goddess I'm sorry." Hinata stepped on Eric again And said, "It's time for your punishment." Hinata placed her foot above Eric's face, pulled the leash and said, "Tongue out." Eric stuck his tongue out and Hinata drove her foot on his tongue cleaning every bit of her perfect foot. Eric licked her soles and between her toes he sucked her toes one by one leaving no sweat on her perfect feet.

 "Open wide slave." Said Hinata. Eric opened his mouth as wide as possible and Hinata shuved her toes deep in his mouth gagging him, Hinata pulled the leash up and pushed her foot down. Eric was now gagging on her toes. Hinata giggled and said, "Good boy...choke on your Goddess' feet." Hinata kept this up for a few minutes then got off of Eric and said, "You are now my slave, you will clean all of my shoes before and after I put them on and you will clean my feet whenever I ask you to, you will live in that cage for the rest of your days with this leash on to show you're mine, you will do whatever I say." Hinata walked Eric to the cage and put him in it locking the cage door.
 One morning in the leaf village Shizune was heading towards the Hokage Residence, on her way there she thought of how boring her life is, everyday she helps Lady Tsunade. Shizune thought that it is time for things to change.

 Shizune entered the Hokage Residence and went into the Hokage office where she found Lady Tsunade sitting on her chair. Lady Tsunade said, "You're late Shizune." Shizune frowned and said, "I apologize." Lady Tsunade noticed that there is something wrong with Shizune so she asked, "What is wrong?" Shizune just kept silent. "I can tell you are upset...alright how about this, to make you feel better I will do whatever you want." said Lady Tsunade. "Whatever I want?" asked Shizune. "Yes you have my word." Replied Lady Tsunade.

 Shizune was happy, she never thought the chance would present itself to her like this. Shizune sat on Lady Tsunade's desk and put her left foot on Lady Tsunade's lap. "What are you doing Shizune?" asked Lady Tsunade. "You will be my foot slave for the rest of your days." replied Shizune. "Oh...You thought all this through...You are smart I'll give you that." Said Tsunade while closing her eyes. The next thing that Tsunade felt was a slap right to her face. "Shut up! You only speak when spoken to slave!" Said Shizune furiously. "As you wish Shizune." Said Lady Tsunade with tears in her eyes. "You call me Goddess Shizune from now on! You understand slave?" Said Shizune. "Yes Goddess." Replied Lady Tsunade quickly. "Good girl." Said Shizune with a wide smile on her face.

 Shizune still had her heels on, and with her left foot on Tsunade's lap she pulled her right foot up to Tsunade's face and said, "Open your mouth bitch." Tsunade did as told, and Shizune stuck the heal of her strap on in Tsunade's mouth and said, "Suck it."
Tsunade started to suck the heel of her new Goddess' shoes she never felt more humiliated in her life. Shizune pulled her heel out of her mouth and said, "Now lick the bottoms of my shoes clean!" Tsunade looked disgusted but she stuck her tongue out and started to lick the bottoms. She kept licking until they were completely clean.

 "Take my heels off now." Said Shizune, and Tsunade unstrapped Shizune's heels and next thing she new was Shizune's bare foot on her nose so she started to smell it. "Good girl you're smelling it without me even telling you to." Said Shizune with a smile on her face "Now keep on smelling that foot while massaging the other." Said Shizune. Tsunade did as told she was smelling Shizune's foot and massaging the other for 5 minutes. "Alright you can start kissing my feet now." Tsunade started to kiss the top of Shizune's left foot when she was pushed off her chair by Shizune who said, "Slaves don't deserve to sit on chairs lay down on the floor at my feet." Shizune sat on the chair and Tsunade laid down under Shizune's feet. Shizune put her left foot on Tsunade's face and the other on her throat. Tsunde continued to kiss Shizune's foot. Shizune would apply pressure on Tsunade's throat every now and then. This kept going for 10 minutes before Shizune pulled her foot from Tsunade's face and stepped on Tsunade's body and started to trample her.

 "You know you should be grateful to be under my perfect feet." Said Shizune. "Thank you for trampling me Goddess Shizune." Said Tsunade. Shizune smiled and said "Open your mouth I'mgoing to give you a present." so Tsunade opened her mouth and Shizune looked down on Tsunade and spit in her mouth. "Now swallow my spit slave" Said Shizune. Tsunade swallowed and said, "Thank you Goddess." Shizune kept on trampling her slave and then she put her right foot on Tsunade's mouth and said, "Open up!" Tsunade opened her mouth, so Shizune shuved her toes in her mouth and started to gag Tsunade with them. After a few minutes of toe gagging she pulled her toes out of Tsunade's mouth and said, "Now stick your tongue out it's time to clean my soles." Tsunade stuck her tongue out and Shizune drove her soles on Tsunde's tongue. After a few minutes, Shizune's soles were clean so she sat back down on the chair and said, "I'm done with you....but you are not allowed to leave, I am the new Hokage now and will stay there under my feet all day long and you will worship my feet whenever I want you to." Tsunade looked at Shizune and said, "Yes Goddess I shall be your faithful slave till death."

And that's the end of this one. Hope you enjoyed :) if you did let me know in the comments.
 One hot day Ino was training hard. She trained and trained for hours. She worked on her jutsus and kunai and shuriken throwing.

 After a few hours she was done training and went to the girl's room to shower. When Ino walked into the girl's room she felt that she was being watched, so she looked around and to her surprise she noticed a figure looking through the window. Ino smiled and acted normal for a few seconds then said, "Do you like what you see?" the figure went away from the window for a few seconds the went back to the window. Ino looked at the figure and said, "I asked you a question." the figure panicked and said nervously, "Uhm....yeah." Ino smiled and said "How about you come in?" The figure said happily, "Yeah sure!"

 Ino noticed a teenager walk in he was 18 years old and he was a bit short. Ino sat down and said, "Come here." The guy went to her and said, "Hi, my name is Eric." Ino looked him in the eyes and said, "Well nice to meet you I am Ino." Eric's face turned red. Ino looked at him and said, "Sit down." Eric was about to sit next to Ino but before he sat down she pushed him and said, "No. You don't get to sit next to me, sit on the floor in front of me." Eric did as told.

Ino looked down at Eric and said, "You're a pervert...and I don't like perverts. I am going to teach you a lesson for peeping through the girl's room window." Eric was shocked and so he attempted to run but as soon as he stood up, Ino knocked him out.

A few minutes later Eric woke up on the floor in front of Ino. He realized that his hands and legs were tied up so he couldn't move he nervously said, "Please let me go...I'm sorry." Ino smiled and said, "No" Eric was now afraid of what she would do to him so he said, "Please I would do whatever you want." Ino looked at him and said, "Ok" Ino put her hand on Eric's chest and used a jutsu suddenly a red seal appeared on Eric's chest Ino smiled and said, "It worked! Now you are mine...If you don't do what I say you will feel great pain." Eric was terrified.

Ino took her sandals off and held them to Eric's face and said, "Smell them." Eric shook his head and the next thing he felt was extreme pain so he screamed in pain Ino said, "Do as told and it will stop" So Eric pushed his face towards Ino's sandals and smelled them, the pain stopped and Eric was relieved. "Good boy...No lick the bottoms!" Said Ino. Eric did not want to experience that pain again so he started licking the bottoms of her sandals. Eric licked the bottoms till they were completely clean, Ino grinned and said, "Good job now kiss my feet slave." Eric looked at Ino and said, "Slave?" Ino replied, " are my slave now. Start kissing!" Eric kissed the tops of Ino's sweaty feet for five minutes.

"My feet are very sweaty from my training so I want you to lick them clean." Eric looked disgusted but he know that he had to do it for his own sake, so he stuck his toung out and touched Ino's heel with it and drove his tound up to Ino's toes he then licked between her toes and sucked on them for 15 minutes. Ino then put her other foot on Eric's face and said, "Now this one." Eric started to lick the other foot. Ino then said "Open your mouth wide." So Eric did as told and Ino shuved her toes deep in his mouth and gagged him with her feet.

"lay down!" Said Ino, Eric laid down on the floor and Ino stepped on Eric and started to walk all over him and then she stepped on his croch and said, "Wow you are rock hard, you're enjoying being under my feet aren't you?" Eric's face turned red and he said, "Yes I enjoy being under you Ino" Ino looked mad and said, "You call me Goddess Ino from now on!" Eric was surprised he never thought Ino could be this dominant and said, "Yes Goddess." Ino continued to trample her new slave and after a few minutes she stepped on his face and said, "Worship my feet." So Eric licked and kissed her feet then she forced his mouth open with her toes and shuved her toes in his mouth gagging him again but this time while having one foot in his mouth and the other on his throat making it much harder for him to breath.

Ino then stepped off of him and said now leave, "I need to shower and go back home...but remember I own you and if you don't do as told you will experience great pain. You will come to me when I want you to and you will worship my feet when told. Now go!"

Thank you for reading :) Did you like the story? Let me know in the comments.

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Amarie Tinuviel used to be a normal woman just like all other woman (she is more beautiful though) until some people started worshiping her (that's us! Her deviantart followers) Amarie enjoyed being worshiped so she let them go on and worship her more until more and more people started worshiping her.

One day Amarie was sitting on a couch when the impossible happened...she grew taller and bigger just by thinking of it (she was thinking of what would happen if she was tall and big) at first she was astonished but after a while she loved the fact that she can grow by only thinking of growing.

Amarie kept her deviantart account and so more people started following her and worshiping her. As the worshipers increased her growth increased until one day she grew as tall as a building!

Amarie set her mind on getting more worshipers so she decided to go to crowded place...a monument where if something was to happen people from all around the world would know about it. So she left her house got in a car and drove to Big Ben in London.

Once she got there she got out of her car and looked around. What she saw made her happy. She saw a huge amount of people of all nationalities. So she happily walked towards the clock tower and stood next to it.

She thought of growing she wanted to grow as much as possible so she became 9068194 meters tall which compared to the clock tower is....HUGE!

Some people started running, some stood still not knowing what to do or say, some were crushed under her shoes while she was growing (their deaths are for a good cause which is Amarie's satisfaction)

Amarie didn't want them to run or stand up so she pointed her finger to the ground and said one word, "Bow" and most people bowed down, but some were still running which bothered her so she gave them another chance and shouted, "BOW DOWN!" so some people stopped running and got down on all fours in front of her.

But some were still running so she said, "Excuse me for a moment" and she took one big step and crushed all the people running away under her shoes.

Amarie noticed that there was a helicopter flying around the was a new helicopter. Amarie looked at the helicopter and said, "I am your Goddess now, you worship me! Just like these people who are groveling on the ground in front of me." People all around the world saw that amd feared for their lives. What made Amarie happy is that more people left their houses just to bow down in front of her.

Amarie...I mean Goddess Amarie was satisfied with what she saw, but something bothered was her shoes they were all bloody and had some bldy parts on the soles, she didn't want that to get into her house so she said, "Now clean my shoes, since it is blood I can't ask you to lick it of as that would be considered cannibalism. But I'm a nice Goddess so you can call a fire truck instead and just wash it all off." So one person got up and called for a fire truck, it arrived shortly after. The fire men were nervous...they had to spray the shoes of a Goddess with water they were afraid if making her mad. Goddess Amarie sat down on the street and put her feet in a way that her soles are facing the fire men. The fire men grabbed the fire hose and started cleaning all the blood and body parts were washed ofg her shoes and are now on the street.

Goddess Amarie stood up and made sure she didn't step on any people this time and said "Good bye my slaves, I will be back in a few days. Next time you better get me some gifts." Goddess Amarie went back to her house and layed down on her bed (she went back to her human size of course) Goddess Amarie thought to herself, "These people are so lucky...they got to bow down in front of my beauty. But the luckiest people alive are my followers on deviantart...they got to be my first worshipers."

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed

Goddess Amarie:

One morning Amarie Tinuviel woke up and felt like being worshiped she just wanted to be a Goddess to all the people, so she got out of bed and went to Big Ben in London.

 Amarie looked around and all what she saw was people...a lot of people all around her and she thought to herself, "Perfect" Amarie smiled and sticked her arms to both sides and surprisingly to all the people around her she started to grow...she started to got taller and bigger after a few seconds she was towering above all the people and she thought to herself one single word which was "Pathetic" that is all what she thought of all the inferior people around her.

 Amarie was a bit taller than Big Ben so she leaned on it and looked down on the people and said, "Worship me" the people felt baffled and they just stood in their places and stared at Amarie. Amarie didn't like that so she yelled, "I said worship me!" All the people were afraid some even started running away, but most of the people around got on all fours and groveled infront of Amarie.

Amarie smiled while watching so many people from all around the world bowing down in front of her. Amarie notice a helicopter flying around her. She knew that it had a cameraman on it which meant that she was live on the news which meant that people all around the world were watching her. Amarie stood up and said, "That's right! Bow down in front of me! I am your Goddess! My name is Goddess Amarie! and all of you people are my slaves!" All the people bowing down started to say, "We are your slaves Goddess Amarie, please spare us." over and over again in hope that the towering Goddess spares their lives.

 What was interesting though is that the helicopter landed and the pilot and everyone in it got out and bowed down in front of Goddess Amarie...they all bowed down out of respect and of course to stay alive.

 From that day people all around the world worship Amarie Tinuviel as their Goddess.

This was a very short story...hope you enjoyed 

Dear Amarie, If you liked the idea of this short story I can make a longer more detailed version of it just let me know. 

Goddess Amarie:…

One morning Poseidon asked to see Aphrodite and Hera in private, so the three of them entered a room and a conversation started.

"Good morning Aphrodite. Good morning Hera." Said Poseidon.

"Ugh...What is it that you want Poseidon?" Asked Aphrodite.

"What? Is it not ok for me to see my two favorite Goddesses?" Asked Poseidon.

"It is not like you to say "Good morning" especially not to the two of us." Answered Hera.

"Well yeah...fine I'll tell you what I want from you." Said Poseidon.

"We don't have all day long...go on." Said Aphrodite. 

"I plan to assassinate Goddess Amarie tonight." Said Poseidon.


"No I just don't like being ordered around by her." Answered Poseidon.

"SO you prefer to get killed?!" Asked Hera.

"I expected you to agree with me Hera...After all she is the killer of your husband Zeus." Answered Poseidon.

"I'm in." Said Aphrodite.

"See? Aphrodite agrees...come on sister we will make it fast and painless. Trust me." Said Poseidon.

"No means no!" Said Hera.

 Hera left the room in rage but what Poseidon does not realize is that Hera is in fact worried that he might end up like Zeus.

 The sun settled down and the moon rose. "It is almost time...are you ready Aphrodite?" Asked Poseidon.

"Yes, let's do this." Answered Aphrodite confidently.

 Aphrodite grabbed two swords and left to the throne room with Poseidon. Poseidon looked down the hallway leading to the throne room and saw twelve guards. He approached them hoping they will allow him to pass.

"Not so fast." Said one of the guards.

"You are no longer in charge here...your brother is dead." Said another guard.

"Fine then I'll just go in by force then." Said Poseidon with a smirk on his face.

 Poseidon pulled out his trident and stabbed on of the guards in the heart. "Who is next?" asked Poseidon. Two guards rushed towards him with their spears pointed straight forward aiming directly at his heart. "Not today." Said Poseidon after killing them both with water bullets. "When water is shot at the right speed it could break concrete." Said Poseidon while laughing. More of the guards attacked him all at once, but two of them were eliminated by Aphrodite's sword leaving only seven guards for them to fight. "Poseidon could you just wash them away? I am getting bored." Asked Aphrodite. "Sure." Answered Poseidon right before he completely destroyed the guards with one huge wave. 

"Well that's all of them." Said Poseidon.

Poseidon and Aphrodite continued walking towards the throne room when suddenly two hellhounds appeared. "What in the heavens are these things?!" Asked Aphrodite.

"They are hellhounds sent straight from hell...They have black fur and a nasty odor. But the worst thing about them is their super strength and the ability to turn invisible." Answered Poseidon.

"From hell? So Hades sent them?" Asked Aphrodite.

"Yes he most definitely did...I bet he is sitting down on his throne laughing his ass off" Said Poseidon.

The hellhounds disappeared and started growling "Here they come watch out Aphrodite these things have some nasty bites." Said Poseidon warning Aphrodite. But little did Aphrodite know that a hellhound was right behind her ready to strike. Aphrodite heard a heavy growl from behind but when she turned it was already too late since the hellhound has already taken her arm.

Aphrodite screamed in pain and tried to stop the bleeding. But the hellhound will not stop till she was dead so it striked, but right before it took Aphrodite's other arm it was hit with a spear tow the heart. 

"So you changed your mind eh?" Asked Poseidon.

"Not really...I still think this is a bad idea." Answered Hera.
"It doesn't matter...just tend to Aphrodite's wound. I'll take care of the other one." Said Poseidon to Hera

"I am the Goddess of women I am not a healer you idiot." Said Hera to Poseidon.

"Then do something to stop the bleeding." Said Poseidon.

 Poseidon made sure to spread water all over the floor to make sure that he knows where the hellhound is by watching the disturbances in water.

"You really think it will fall for that?" Asked Hera.

"Hellhounds are vicious beasts but are not smart...So yeah I think it will fall for it."

Poseidon noticed a disturbance in the water and threw his trident directly above it piercing the hellhound's heart but barely 

"See? it worked." Said Poseidon 

"Want to know what is worse than a hellhound's smell? A dead hellhound's smell." Said Hera while covering her nose.

"Did you take care of Aphrodite's wound?" Asked Poseidon

"I did what I could...I made sure to stop the bleeding but she past out because of blood loss." Answered Hera.

"Well then let us leave her here and go on." Said Poseidon.

Poseidon and Hera continued walking towards the throne room and opened the golden doors. 

"Hello Poseidon." Said Goddess Amarie gracefully "I expected you."

"Of course you did we weren't quiet while fighting." Said Poseidon

"So what do you want?" Asked Goddess Amarie.

"I am here to kill you." Said Poseidon. 


"Oh assassination has to be secret." Said Poseidon.

"You are definitely not the brightest between your siblings are you?" Said Goddess Amarie 

Poseidon looked at Goddess Amarie with hate and was ready to strike but he was slower than her as she already decapitated Hera with her whip. Hera's body fell to the floor while her head was resting a few meters away with nothing between them but a trace of blood. 

"HERA!!" screamed Poseidon with tears in his eyes "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO HER?!" Asked Poseidon.

"You are the ones who are trying to kill me I am simply defending myself" Answered Goddess Amarie 

"WHY YOU..." Said Poseidon right before he charged at Goddess Amarie

Goddess Amarie hit Poseidon's leg with her whip dropping him to the floor.

"Now now...let us stay calm we don't want anyone else to die now do we? You already are the reason behind Hera's death and Aphrodite's as well." Said Goddess Amarie while stepping on Poseidon's face.

"What? Aphrodite isn't dead." Said Poseidon.

"I ordered Hades to send more hellhounds to kill her...I am pretty sure she is dead by now." Said Goddess Amarie

Poseidon looked at the golden doors and saw blood flowing under them.

"Oh no." Said Poseidon. 

"Just so you know I am not planning to kill fact I like you so I am going to keep you as a pet." Said Goddess Amarie.

"I will never be you pet! I AM THE GOD OF THE SEA!" Said Poseidon

"Oh after I am done with you, you will wish that your mom never opened her legs." Said Goddess Amarie.

Goddess Amarie broke Poseidon's feet and dragged him to a dungeon where she tied him up to a pillar and started to whip him from head to toe. Poseidon was in extreme pain and agony.

"So did you change you mind yet?" Asked Goddess Amarie.

"Never." Said Poseidon with blood running down his cheeks.

"Good...I still have many "Activities" to do with you" Said Goddess Amarie with a smile on her face

Goddess Amarie prepared some blue fire (Blue flames are known to be the hottest part of the flame.) which then she placed and iron whip in.

"You know...a whip does hurt but an iron whip hurts more, but just to top it off I will make sure it is white hot for you to enjoy every second of it. Let us see if your water can withstand this heat." Said Goddess Amarie 

After a few minutes Goddess Amarie pulled the whip out of the flames (Of course she had gloves one want her to burn her perfect hands.) 

"Ready? You know what never mind I don't care anyways." Said Goddess Amarie 

Goddess Amarie hit Poseidon with the white hot whip multiple times. Unfortunately for Poseidon the whip was extremely hot that it vaporized any water that Poseidon tried to defend himself with. After a few minutes of white hot whipping Poseidon gave in.

"Ok ok I give up I am all your's do whatever you want with me." Said Poseidon.

"That's a good boy...from now on you are my slave. You will lick my boots whenever they are dirty and you will greet me by kissing my feet." Said Goddess Amarie with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Wait what?! You did not mention that before!" Said Poseidon 

Goddess Amarie held the whip again "So what is your choice?" Asked Goddess Amarie.

"I-I'll do it." Said Poseidon fear in his eyes.

"Good." Said Goddess Amrie while untying Poseidon. 

"Now get down and prove it to me." Said Goddess Amrie while pointing to her feet.

"But you broke my feet I can't even stand up." Said Poseidon.

"Have you ever seen a pet standing on two feet?" Said Goddess Amarie "Now get down and do it!"

Poseidon got on his hands and knees and kissed Goddess Amarie's foot which sealed their agreement.

I hope you enjoyed the third part 

Goddess Amrie's profile:…

If you have anything to say leave it on the comments I'll make sure to check it out.

When the voting finished Hades took his leave and went back to the Underworld, all the twelve Olympian deities left the throne room except Athena who was asked to stay. 

"What exactly do you want Goddess Amarie?" Athena asked, "Well, you see you are known to be the Goddess of strategy and wisdom, so I need by my side when in war." Answered Goddess Amarie. Athena smiled and replied saying, "It would be an honor to help you during wars. Now if you would excuse me, I have some important tasks to take care of." Goddess Amarie smiled and allowed Athena to leave. 

"Now that I have an insanely powerful army and the best strategist among the gods on my side, I am practically invisible." Goddess Amarie thought to herself. An Olympian Servant rushed into the throne room saying, "The human council on Earth is ready your Highness." Goddess Amarie stared at the servant and said, "So you are just going to rush into my room without even bowing down? I'll think of a suitable punishment when I come back from Earth." Goddess Amarie left the throne room and dropped to Earth.

The human council were waiting in a fancy newly built mansion especially made for Goddess Amarie. As soon as Goddess Amarie reached her destination she shrunk herself to fit in the mansion and walked straight into the council room where humanity's smartest strategist and most devoted worshipers waited. Goddess Amarie opened the doors and said, "So those are humanity's smartest strategists? They don't look so smart if you ask me." All the humans stood up and bowed down to Goddess Amarie. "Good boys." Said Goddess Amarie. One of the council members said while bowing down, "Dear Goddess we are here upon your demand to meet us, so what can we do for you?" Goddess Amarie sat on her chair and said, "You will be my strategists on Earth, and you will be in charge of all matters concerning Earth. You better do a good job unless you want to be squashed under my foot." The council members rose and said, "Yes Goddess." Goddess Amarie was pleased and went back to mount Olympus.

Although it has been peaceful ever since Goddess Amarie became Queen a dangerous enemy is lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike.

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After Goddess Amarie stepped on Zeus showing her superiority and dominance over him, a council was heald to decide who the new Ruler of Olympus is.

Goddess Amarie started the council by saying, "So I heard that most of you disapproved the idea of me being the Queen is that true?" The gods looked at each other and after a moment of silence replied, "Aye" Goddess Amarie looked at them and asked, "If I the Goddess who beat Zeus am not worthy of being the Queen, then who is?" The God of war Ares stood up and said, "I believe that I should be the new king, not only that I am a son of Zeus but I am also The God of War." Athena looked at Ares and said, "You never change do you? All what you care about is winning wars and slaughtering your enemies. We can not allow you to be the king." Ares sat back down after seeing that all the Gods agreed with Athena.Poseidon stood up and said, "Well if you want to crown a new king I believe I am the most suitable, since I am the brother of Zeus and the God of the Sea which makes me stronger than most." Seven of the twelve Olympian Deities agreed, so Poseidon stood up and walked towards the throne, but was interrupted by a bright flame.

When the bright flame went out a figure in a fancy black suit appeared, the figure was The God of the Underworld Hades. Poseidon looked irritated and said, "Why are you here Hades?! and what is with that outfit?" Hades smiled and said, "Hello to you too brother, anyways I was invited to this council by Goddess Amarie. I believe my outfit is perfect for this occasion." Poseidon looked at Goddess Amarie and asked, "Why?" Goddess Amarie answered, "Hades is the eldest son of Cronus and Rhea so I thought that he had the right to be part of this council." The Goddess of marriage Hera said, "Fine by me, so dear brother in law would you kindly give us your vote?" Hades laughed and said, "Did you just call me brother in law? Well that is a first, anyways I vote for Goddess Amarie." The council was shocked, Poseidon asked, "And why is that Hades?" Hades smiled and said, "Well she has it all." Athena asked, "What do you mean?" Hades looked at the gods and said, "Well she is more beautiful than Aphrodite who happens to be the Goddess of beauty, more chaotic than Ares, more wise than Athena and she definitely is more fun than The God of Wine and Celebrations Dionysus. Not only that but she also defeated Zeus." All the Gods looked at Goddess Amarie and agreed that she was better than all. Goddess Amarie smiled and asked, "I plan to become Queen of Gods, so who is in favor?" All the Gods and Goddesses in the council replied saying, "Aye" except Hera, Poseidon and Aphrodite.

Goddess Amarie smiled and said, "That settles it, I am the new Queen." Goddess Amarie gracefully sat on the throne and looked at the council while they bow down to her.

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