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A few days after Cobra visited Nani, Cobra was at Kiki's coffee hut minding his own business having his favorite drink on one of the tables. On this specific day, Kiki's coffee hut was filled with customers, and well, Nani was one of them. All the tables were occupied so Nani had nowhere to sit and have her coffee, but before she lost hope, she saw Cobra sitting all alone on a table and decided to walk over to him and have a 'chat'.

"Hi there stupidhead." Said Nani as she stood in font of Cobra.

"H-Heyyy...wait, what are you doing here?!" Asked Cobra nervously.

" that how you want to greet your Goddess?" Said Nani in a rather loud voice.

"Shh...Shh...keep your voice down!" Said Cobra.

"You do NOT get to tell me what to do!" Said Nani.

"Ok...ok...just keep your voice down Goddess Nani, w-what do you want?" Said Cobra almost whispering.

"Well, I wanted to drink my coffee, and as you can see there are no free tables, but lucky for me, my slave has a table for me, don't you slave?" Said Nani with a smirk on her face.

"Y-Yes of course Goddess Nani, we can share a table and have our coffee together, please sit." Said Cobra in a quiet voice hoping nobody hears their conversation.

Nani smiled and sat down, "You see....I was planning on doing things a bit differently. I want you to sit on the ground in front of me, while I have my coffee." Said Nani. Cobra just sat there staring at Nani as he said, "P-Please don't make me do that Goddess Nani! Please!" Nani just smiled as she said, "Well you don't have much of a choice, unless you want everyone here to know about our 'meeting' a few days back." Cobra sighed as he got out of his chair and sat down on the ground in front of Nani. "Good slave." Said Nani as she sat cross legged dangling her left foot in front of Cobra's face. At this point some people started to look at the two wondering what's going on, but not many people cared. Cobra ignored the people's stares as he sipped his coffee trying not to look at Nani's feet. Nani was wearing her sandals so Cobra could see her olive skinned feet which kind of turned him on. "Slave, how about you give my feet a few kisses? Now!" Said Nani as she sipped her coffee staring at Cobra. Cobra couldn't say no, so instead of getting himself into a pointless conversation he swallowed his pride and landed a few kisses on the top of Nani's left foot, he even kissed the sandal a few times. At this point much more people were watching Cobra as he kissed Nani's foot. Some people laughed, some just stared, others walked away, but Cobra was completely embarrassed. Nani enjoyed humiliating Cobra like this, in front of all these people.

A few kisses later Nani pulled her foot away from Cobra's feet as she grabbed his coffee. "Hmmm, smells nice." Said Nani as she pulled Cobra's cup of coffee up to her face, "I believe it needs more 'taste' though." Said Nani with a smile on her face. Nani collected as much saliva in her mouth as she could before spitting it all into Cobra's coffee, she then stirred the coffee using a spoon. "Here you go, I hope you like it, because you HAVE to drink it all." Said Nani as she handed Cobra his cup of coffee. Cobra looked up at Nani with pleading eyes, but Nani just stared into his eyes unfazed. Cobra gulped down his entire cup of coffee in a few seconds. "Good boy, I bet it tasted better than the original." Said Nani giggling. Cobra just nodded. Nani pushed her foot into Cobra's face saying, "Kiss my foot some more." Cobra remained silent as he kissed her foot some more. Nani then kicked Cobra's face saying, "Alright, that's enough kissing. As you can see, my sandals are quite dirty so make your tongue useful and lick them clean for me." Cobra reluctantly stuck his tongue out as he licked the sides of the sandal in front of his face. Now that Cobra has started to lick Nani's sandal, the people were all watching, every single customer in the coffee hut was watching him lick it clean. Cobra was completely embarrassed, but he just went on licking the sides before laying down on the floor under her foot, lifting his head up so that his face was right under her sandal's sole. Cobra licked the sole thoroughly, sliding his tongue up and down, side to side getting any dirt stuck to it. "'re enjoying this aren't you?" Said Nani. "y-Yes Goddess Nani." Said Cobra not whispering any more since everyone already saw him worshiping Nani's feet. Nani then slammed both her feet on Cobra's face, dropping his head to the ground as she rested both her sandalled feet on his face. She then started to rub the soles of her sandals on Cobra's face saying, "You know, your face makes a good foot rug." Cobra kissed the bottom of her sandals a few times as she rubbed them on his face before sticking his tongue out licking the soles. Nani then took one foot off Cobra's face and plaed it on the ground next to his face, as she rubbed her other sandalled foot on his tongue making him lick the bottom of her sandals some more. 

A few minutes later, Nani finished half her cup of coffee. She then placed both sandalled feet on the ground next to Cobra's face saying, "Since you've been a good slave today, I allow you to lick my toes before I go." Cobra looked up at Nani saying, "Thank you Goddess Nani." before laying down on his stomach licking Nani's toes, sliding his tongue between her toes, licking the marks of Nani's toes on the sandals as Nani lifted her toes up a bit. Cobra then started to suck on Nani's toes one by one. Nani the stood up wanting to go back home, but she still had half her cup full so she just spilled it all on Cobra's head before stepping up on his back walking over him as she left the coffee hut saying, "You better lick that up, slave." Cobra just lied there humiliated as all the people watched him licking the coffee off the floor.

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  Cobra Bubbles is a social worker who wants to take Lilo away from her older sister Nani as he believes that she is not fit to raise Lilo due to her temper and lack of maturity, but Cobra gave Nani three days to convince him otherwise. Cobra is known to be a tough man, he is a former CIA agent but not much more is known about his background. Nani had to figure out a way to change his mind but she just couldn't think of any thing she could do that would impress him enough, but one day Cobra came over to Nani's house and everything changed.

  Nani sat down with Cobra as they started to discuss the Lilo situation,

  "So...have you found a job yet?" Asked Cobra
  "No, not yet..." Answered Nani
  Throughout the conversation, Nani sees Cobra occasionally looking at her sandals as he speaks, " fail to...impress me again." Said Cobra. As soo as she realized what was going on Nani came up with an idea to change Cobra's mind. Nani slowly took off her sandals saying, "Uhh it has been a long day and my feet really hurt." Cobra just couldn't help but stare at her olive skinned feet as she took off her sandals. "I-I can give you a f-foot massage if you want..." Said Cobra hoping that Nani would accept his offer. Nani smiled as her plan has worked as she lifted her feet off the ground and placed them in Cobra's lap. "Well, go on then." Said Nani as she rubbed her soles on his lap.

  Cobra gently grabbed Nani's left foot as he started to caress it before starting to rub her sole applying a bit of force. Nani laid back and relaxed as Cobra rubbed her feet.

"I had no idea you were into feet Stupidhead." Said Nani.

"I-I'm n-not into feet!" Said Cobra nervously.

"Oh? Are you not?" Said Nani teasingly as she slowly lifted her right foot up to Cobra's face, pinching his nose between her toes. Cobra just couldn't hold back no more, and kissed Nani's sole a few times. "HAH!! I knew it!! You get turned on by feet!! By MY feet!!" Said Nani as she pulled her feet away from Cobra, jumping out of her chair. Nani's plan was going as smooth as possible. "Alright stupidhead, I want you to lie down on the floor for me, NOW!" Said Nani in a demanding voice. Cobra did not expect things to go this way, he thought he can keep his foot fetish under control, but Nani's feet were just too attractive. Cobra got out of his chair and onto the floor as told. Nani couldn't believe that her feet, the lowest point of her body, could control a tough man like Cobra. Nani wasted no time, and as soon as Cobra was on the floor, she stepped up on his chest and started to walk all over him, Nani just stomped all over his body not caring where her foot landed, she stomped on his crotch a few times, she even stomped on his throat, she just went on stomping on his body for around ten minutes, with every stomp Cobra would grunt in pain. Nani had no idea that she would actually enjoy this, but with every minute that passes she enjoys it more and more.

  After Nani had her fun stomping on Cobra, she turned her attention to his face, "Well stupidhead, I want you to kiss my feet now, and you better do a good job or I will stomp your crotch so hard, your balls will turn to dust!!" Nani lifted her left foot off Cobra's chest and placed it on his face, covering his eyes, nose and mouth. Cobra did not start kissing yet, he was taking big whiffs of her foot. Nani did not feel her foot getting kissed so she just lifted her foot up in the air before starting to stomp Cobra's face over and over again saying, "I. SAID. KISS. MY. FOOT!!!" after she had stomped his face a few times she just placed her foot back on his face, "If you don't want me to kick your face in, you will start kissing my foot NOW!" Cobra did not want his face to get stomped any more so he immediately started to kiss Nani's sole as her foot rested on his face. "Good boy stupidhead! That wasn't so hard, was it?" Said Nani with a smile on her face. "No Nani, it wasn't." Said Cobra between the kisses. "You just made another mistake! But because I am so kind and generous, I will point out your mistake instead of punishing you for it, but if you make the same mistake again, I will break your face." Said Nani. "Th-Thank you, what was my mistake?" Said Cobra as he continued to kiss Nani's sole, "Well, you are currently under my foot kissing it, that makes you on a lower level than I am, therefore you do not get to address me like that anymore, from now on I am Goddess Nani. Understand?" Said Nani as she rubbed her foot all over Cobra's face. "Y-Yes Na....Goddess Nani." Said Cobra. "Good boy stupidhead, turns out you learn a bit faster than I thought. Now, stick your tongue out, my feet need cleaning." Said Nani. Cobra did not hesitate for a second and immediately stuck his tongue out as this was the moment he was so patiently waiting for, the moment when he gets to taste Nani's beautiful feet. Nani passed her sole over Cobra's tongue making sure it got any sweat or dirt which was on her sole. Cobra loved the salty taste of her foot sweat as he stuck his tongue out a bit farther eager to lick more of her feet. Nani then sat down in her chair, keeping both her feet on Cobra's face. "Did I order you to stop licking? No, I did not so get to work!!" Said Nani. Cobra passed his tongue over all the spots he can reach on Nani's feet as they rested on his face. Nani saw how pathetically Cobra was trying to lick up her soles and get to her toes so she decided to help him a bit by sliding her feet down his tongue till her toes were touching his upper lip. "You better do a good job on my toes, stupidhead." Said Nani as she laid back in the chair. Cobra slid his tongue between Nani's toes getting any sweat and dirt in there before he took her toes in his mouth sucking on them to his heart's content. Nani got a bit bored so she decided to have a bit of fun with Cobra as she shoved her left foot into Cobra's mouth pushing it in until she can feel his uvula touching her toes, "Gag on my foot stupidhead, GAG ON IT!!" Nani laughed as she saw tears building up in Cobra's eyes as he started to gag on her toes. Every now and then, Nani would pull her foot out of Cobra's mouth before shoving it down Cobra's throat again gagging him some more. A few minutes of gagging have passed when Nani pulled her foot out, and placed it on Cobra's chest before leaning over until fer face was over his. "Now, I want you to beg me to spit in your mouth." Said Nani looking down on Cobra. "Please Goddess Nani, grace me by spitting in my mouth, let a lowly slave like myself have a second of happiness as I swallow your spit, please Goddess Nani." Said Cobra before opening his mouth. "Not bad, you can definitely do better, but being the generous Goddess that I am, I will spit in your mouth." Said Nani as she collected as much saliva in her mouth as she can before spitting it all into Cobra's mouth. Nani then spat on Cobra's face, rubbing her saliva all over his face with her feet as he swallowed the spit in his mouth.

  Nani then stepped up on Cobra's chest looking down on him as she said, "Since I have turned you into my foot bitch, you are going to let Lilo stay with me, am I right? Because if you don't then I am afraid everyone is going to know about this." This is exactly why Cobra wanted to keep his fetish under control, but it was too late now, he had no choice but to do as Nani wants. "Y-Yes of course Goddess Nani, whatever you want." Said Cobra. "Good boy, you make a not so bad slave stupidhead, I might just keep you for now." Said Nani as she stepped off Cobra. "Now, get out of my house." Said Nani kicking Cobra as he slowly got up and left the house.

So as you can all tell I've been gone for some time and since I want to share my ideas with you wonderful people, I'm going to start writing stories about the RPs (Roleplays) I have. I hope you enjoy reading them :D

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Everything you are about to read actually happened it is all real.

Back when I was a senior at high school there was this girl who I will refer to as B, B and I were never close we were more like acquaintances than friends. B was a pretty brunette, around 1.70 m tall with size 8 or 9 feet (size 8 = 38.5 EU, size 9 = 39.5 EU) I never actually asked to make sure.

So there was this thing going on where a person would ask their classmates to ask him/her any question and he has to answer honestly, one day I decided to give it a shot (it all happened via social media) So I went onto an app and let everyone know that I will be answering their questions honestly. A few hours later I received a text from B, "Do you have a foot fetish?" once I read the question I felt my heart was about to drop out of my chest, I did not know what to say, "No" and get away with it, or "Yes" and everyone I know would know I have a foot fetish. I sat there for around 15 minutes thinking of how I want to answer her question and at some point I was like 'screw it!' and I sent my answer, "yes" a few minutes later she read the text I sent and at that moment I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I was so nervous, I did nit know how she would react, I waited and waited, I checked my phone every 5 minutes to see if she texted me back, but she never did.

The next day I went to school although I really did not want to confront her after answering her question. I walked into the classroom prepared to be made fun of, but to my surprise it was like any other day at school, B even sat down with me and had a casual conversation with me about the school and our classmates, I did not hear the words "foot fetish" all day, which was surprising.

The next day was the same, and the day after and the one after that and the whole week and the week after and the week after that, at some point I thought she either forgot or decided to do nothing about it, until this day came where all the younger students went out of the school for a charity marathon except us seniors and a few teachers (The seniors didn't go because it was our last year and we had important exams to prepare for so we couldn't waste a school day) we had Biology sessions, Physics sessions and Math sessions, but our last two sessions for the day were PE (Physical Education) and Art. during our PE session both boys and girls decided to go to the football pitch (football as in soccer) we played for around 45 minutes before heading to the restrooms to wash up and then go to Art class. After i was done washing up I went back to the classroom to grab my bag and head to the Art classroom, but all of a sudden B came up to me and pulled me to the side as all our classmates went to Art class.

I'm going to try to recreate the conversations as best as I can  :D

B: " I was thinking we could skip Art class."

Me: "Why? I mean...I don't mind, but why?"

B: "I just don't feel like going to Art class and I would really appreciate the company."

Me: "Uhhh...ok, I'll keep you company."

We sat down and talked for a while before she started the following conversation,

B: "Soooo...foot fetish huh?"

Me: "Y-Yeah...I mean i-it's not weird or anything....I can't, I can't really explain it..."

B: "Relax...I'm ok with it, and I obviously didn't tell anyone."

Me: "Then why did it take you that long ton have a talk with me about it?"

B: "Well I didn't want to judge you before I know anything about it, so after you told me I started to do some research and watching videos and stuff...some videos were really really weird....but it's fine."

As she said that, she slowly took her shoes off (she was wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Black and a pair of black ankle socks) I noticed her taking them off, (now just so you guys know, I have seen her dangle flats before and I have seen her bare feet when we go to the pool with our classmates, and with all honesty her feet are amazing! She has long toes, pale feet with beautifully shaped toenails and amazing soles.) just the sight of her taking her shoes off got my heart racing. She then started to wiggle her toes in her socks a bit while maintaining the conversation, talking about all the research she has done and whatnot, I was mostly focused on her feet just nodding my head as she spoke.

B: "Alright, how about you lie down for me."

Me: "Lie down? where?"

B: "On the floor...come on, I always wanted to try this!"

Me: "Uhm...Uhh...ok..."

I got down on the floor looking up at her as she smiled.

B: "Are you ready?"

Me: "Uhh...sure"

She then stood up and stepped up on my chest starting to walk all over my chest and abdomen before she walked back over my chest looking down on me.

B: "Am I too heavy?"

Me: "Uhh...I mean..."

B: "'t answer that question." she laughed

My answer would have been 'no' if she didn't ask me not to answer it because she was fit...she was thin, had a great ass and was generally really fit and beautiful. She went on trampling my chest for a while before she placed her left foot on my face, covering my nose, eyes and mouth, but she then lifted it up a little.

B: "I-Is this ok?"

Me: "Y-Yeah...Yeah."

B "Good..."

She lowered her foot back on my face

B: "M-My feet are kind of sweaty after PE...are you sure this is fine?"

I just gave her a thumbs up with both of my hands because I really didn't want her to lift her foot off my face again. I felt like I was in heaven, under the feet that I admired for quite a long time. After a while she lifted her foot off my face and sat back down keeping both her feet on my chest. She then reached down to her feet and took her socks off keeping them in her hands.

B: "Y-You want to taste them?"

Me: "Yes please..."

My face started to turn red as she moved her hand above my face holding both her black ankle socks with her fingers, I opened my mouth and she just lowered her hand placing her socks gently in my mouth, her socks were kind of sweaty but i didn't mind one bit. She kept her socks in my mouth for a while keeping her bare feet resting on my chest. She then moved her hand towards my face to take the socks out, but I kind f moved my face away to keep her socks in my mouth for a bit longer.

B: "Oh come on...I want my socks back...come on if you give me my socks I might just let you kiss my feet..."

I was astonished...I mean I knew at some point we would get to this, but I was still amazed by it. I opened my mouth and she took the socks out and placed them in her shoes. She then lifted her left foot up and started to slowly move it towards my face, moving it in a circle, wiggling her toes a bit until her foot was millimeters away from my face. I was just laying there staring at her sole.

B: "Go on...we don't have all day."

I put my lips together and kissed the middle of her sole, and then i did it again and again, I then reached out with my hands to her other foot, grabbing it and gently massaging it as I kissed the other one, I even managed to give it a few licks before she pulled her foot away placing it back on my chest, then lifting her other foot away from my hands and placing her toes on my lips

B: "Give them a few can go in between if you want..."

I wouldn't missed this chance for anything so I stuck my tongue out and licked her toes one by one then I started to slide my tongue between her toes, I even licked the ball of her foot a few times, but after a while she pulled her foot away and placed it back on my chest, grabbed her socks and put them back on, yet again placing her socked feet on my chest as she reached for her shoes putting them back on and placing them back on my chest before lifting them both placing them above my face.

B: "Give them a kiss or two before i go."

With no hesitation I kissed her shoes a few times before she got up, grabbed her bag and went out. I just sat there for a moment trying to wrap my head around how this happened and thinking how lucky I was that nobody walked in on us.

Well...that was it. Of course the conversations didn't go exactly like this, I just tried to recreate them in the best way I can.

Unfortunately I am currently not in touch with B, after high school we went to different universities.
So as you can all tell I've been gone for some time and since I want to share my ideas with you wonderful people, I'm going to start writing stories about the RPs (Roleplays) I have. I hope you enjoy reading them :D


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