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A gift from a friend.
A gift from a friend
The Doctor just turned down a big gift.  The echoes of it ring in his head while he's alone after.
'An army of your very own.  You can stop all the losses.  All the times you didn't save someone.'
The Doctor's eyes dropped.  He sits alone in the Tardis, thinking of all the things he could have prevented with the army he had been offered.  All the lost friends.
He wonders how the Cybermen would fare against the Daleks under his command.  If he could stop the time war before it started.
If he could have stopped Adric.
Saved Amy and Rory.
Astrid Peth.
His eyes welled up.  He hadn't seen her since his regeneration.  The Doctor wondered how many more meetings they would have until she told him she was going to The Library.  Until he would have to hand her the sonic.
And know that he would see her no more.
“A gift from a friend.”  The Doctor mumbled to himself, only half thinking.
A new box of chalk fal
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Vixnar stares at the hole literally blown into the perfection of his domain.  Those blasted adventurers were done daring to deny him his destiny.  He levels the staff of Mathias to the hole, preparing to blast the first thing through.  
Smoke settles slowly, and the figure rushing through the door is far shorter than expected.  Vixnar had aimed for where the chest of the massive warrior, or the head of the mighty mage would be.  The foe that suddenly shoots through the smoke is neither.  Instead, a dwarf.  His short stature works to his advantage.  His time amongst the elves of Thousand Hills Monastary makes him deceptively quick.  As a blast that would have instantly slain his taller allies blows a hole in the wall just above his head, Belgost quickly tackles the arch-mage to the ground, catching him so flush that the staff falls from Vixnar's fingers.
Bel stands, slower that Regnar would have done it, but still faster than the mage
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Family Photo
The Doctor's brow furrowed.  It seemed to stay that way around River.  His beautiful and sultry wife had a way of confusing him, since she had seen him much older than his current age already.  To be fair, he had seen how she would die, but that was beside the point.
Right now, his concern was with the incredibly broad grin spread across her painted lips as she lead him through the TARDIS' corridors.  She could have had the TARDIS just move the room next door, but she had said that ruined half the fun.  Making him wait.
The Doctor hated waiting.
Suddenly, they came to a stop in front of the TARDIS' photo room.  Inside, The Doctor knew, could be found millions of photos, taken in places across the universe, of his adventures.  Now River really had his attention.
With a shiver of excitement, River opens the door and The Doctor sees a photo in the middle of the room, done up in a frame of gold.  It's an impossible photo.  No one in the universe
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The Big Three are Doomed
Harry, Ron, and Hermione faced down the basilisk, the monster bearing down upon them. Hermione could feel the health draining from her, Ron was low on mana, and Harry had decided to save the sorting hat for the moment.
“It'll be more useful later, when it's weaker.” He kept explaining, as Ron, who had just run into a wall again, asked him to use it for the thousandth time.
“But I need mana and Hermione is dying!”
“Why do we all play Sorces?” Hermione asked candidly. “The best way to play is a balanced party. I'm going to play a different class next time.”
“Good, you do that.” Harry said, grinning. He knew she was bluffing. None of them ever played any other class.
“Well, can we at least get someone to run a hammer-din with us?” Hermione asked.
Harry knew her buddy from the next school, umm, Krum?... ran a hammer-din. He wondered what Ron would say.
“Pay attention, I don't want to redo this fight.” was a
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Mature content
Assassin's Creed: Hogwarts :iconklangadin:Klangadin 1 0
Wedding photo for mum
Amy and Rory sat in their little yard on a swing Rory had built, with little Anthony between them.  The day was sleepy.  Quiet.  Amy's flaming hair was just starting to get small bits of grey, little wrinkles around her eyes just starting to form.  Rory, being by far the easier to worry, had been turned fairly grey already.  Anthony's antics had aged him in a hurry.
Suddenly Amy started as a light, then a tube of azure energy materialized from thin air.  She grabbed Rory's arm, and gasped, but after a moment, she calmed down.  
"River, dear, it's so good to see you!   How are you doing dear?"  Amy speaks quickly and happily, eager for news from the pretty blond.
"OK, Amy.  Let River catch a breath.  Remember how the Doctor described those things." Rory spoke up.  His smile betrayed his excitement, however, as River waited for an opening to speak.
"Amy, Rory, I brought you something.  It's a photo for you to keep.  I
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Lost Mail
It's addressed to me.  That's for sure.  My name, handwritten on the front.  Although I have no idea who the person on the return address is.  The weird part is that return address.  It's my house.  
The cold chill down my spine makes me glance around to make sure no one is watching as I go about my business.
I take my letter opener, (I'm a sucker for anachronism) and slowly cut the envelope.  Inside is a single piece of paper, folded in three.  I notice that it's plain lined notebook paper.  I unfold the paper, the letter.  
A breathe of air on my neck causes me to look again, but I still see no one.  Turning back to the letter, I read the words, written by hand, in pencil.
Some fear creeps over me before the words on the paper register.  And as they do register, the fear isn't abated.
Three simple words.
I haven't been comfortable since.
Three words.
"I see you."
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8675309 Chapter 5
“Ok, look, Jenny, I know that you and my Jenny share a name, and I've got a solution.  I'm going to call you Flint while we are all together.”
“That's fine Doctor, but I think there's a bigger problem.”  Flint's face stops even the Doctor's grin from coming to his.
“What's that, Flint?”  The Doctor's face lines with worry.
“Well, miss... Jenny.  May I ask how you came to be here?” Vastra tries to be cordial given the awkward situation.
“Well, some time ago, dad over there...”Jenny begins.
“Dear Lord, I just can't.”  River, clearly bothered by Jenny and her calling the Doctor dad, wanders off into the TARDIS interior.
Vastra, on the other hand, puts a hand on Jenny's to stop her.  “No, dear.  I just meant here.  To this planet.”  
So Jenny repeated her explanation to Vastra , that she'd been following the Doctor through his career, and that she'd come here due
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8675309 Chapter 4
The world police force contingent arrives at the Animus' chamber moments later, only to find that the Doctor, River, and Jenny have disappeared. “Impossible.” Says the captain, before the Animus uses mind control to inform him that they somehow disappeared in a flash of light moments ago. “Teleportation. Must be. Men, send out an open armed and dangerous warning. Every corner of Philemon 9 must be made aware of The Doctor's presence. He's here somewhere, and the Animus demands that he be brought down!”
The Doctor, meanwhile, is now holding River's left hand with his right, while Jenny holds the other. The Doctor makes a horrible face for a moment, then recovers and verifies that they are alone. “I hate that thing. I really do. Vortex manipulator. Ugly, dirty means of travel.”
River's indignant face speaks volumes. “Ugly and dirty! Well, at least it got us here.” She looks up the road just a bit, at the TARDIS, but Vastra and Jenny Flint a
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8675309 Chapter 3
Vastra and Jenny arrive back where they started a short time later, but they no sooner step from the train than they are beset by dozens of people, each wearing gold jewelry of some sort. As the men, women, and children take hold of them, Jenny laments, “And me without my swords.”
[The Doctor et al]
The Doctor, River, and Jenny walk into the large prison. The gilded walls shine brilliantly, and The Doctor pulls out the sonic to scan for biosigns After a few fruitless moment, he finally gets one, right in the center of the cell.
Folding up and examining the sonic, The Doctor's facial expression changes immediately from one of jolly curiosity to one of immense fear. “No one touch the gold. River, Jenny, you hear me? Don't touch the gold. If you are wearing any, get it off, now!!”
River throws her earrings to the floor, “What is it, Doctor?”
“It's ancient. And deadly. But aren't all my enemies? This one however. This one has more potential than an
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Harry meets Death
Harry Potter meets the Sandman's sister,  Death. 
In the moments after the Battle of Hogwarts, a fair skinned, raven haired young lady wearing an  ankh walks slowly across the battlefield.  Her downcast eyes show the depth of her sadness, and the dead seem to all be fallen into her path.
Harry watches her, slowly sliding the Elder Wand into his robes.  The surviving students mill about, each in some level of shock at the scope of the tragedy around them.  No one seems to notice her.  No one comes close to her.
Her path leads her past lost friends and foes alike.  Tonks' hair, it's natural brown for the first time Harry remembers, lays limply for a moment in the woman's hand.  Fred's face loses color slowly, her slow path following the path of his settling blood.  Bellatrix LeStrange's wand rolls away from her foot.
Finally, she stops next to Voldemort.  As Harry watches, the spirits of the dead rise and slowly surround her.  T
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8675309 Chapter 2
The Doctor smiles a huge smile, adjusts his tie, and turns to River.  Where his smile quickly dies.  River's left eyebrow is raised high, her lips pursed, her right eye squinted in an expression that combines confusion and temporarily held anger.
“While back I laded in the... well, the future... and my genetic material was used to make a clone of me for the small army unit that was fighting a war with the Hath, wonderful fish like people, you'd love them.  Donna named her Jenny because she's a Generated Anomaly.”
“Oh, right.  You haven't met her yet.  You will.  You'll love her.  My best friend.  Also half time lord at some point.  Anyway, this young lady is essentially my daughter thanks to this.  But I thought you were dead?”
Jenny spends the whole explanation time smiling at River and nodding along with The Doctor's story.  When he finished, she continued his story from where he left
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Chapter 1
Dramatis Personae:
The 11th Doctor
Jenny Flint
Madame Vastra
River Song
The Doctor stepped from the Tardis, smiling and happy, with his wife River and friends Vastra and Jenny in tow.  “Philemon 9, the year 8million, 675 thousand, 309, a place of learning.  I promised you two a vacation you would love.  What better than a world where a whole continent is dedicated to studying the art … of … investigation?”  The Doctor's voice trails of at the end of the sentence as a black vehicle, apparently some kind of hearse, silently glides by.  The driver looks familiar, blonde hair pulled up under a hat and slightly thin face just sparking a moment of recognition before he let's it go.  
The time is not negligible, however, and is far from unnoticed by his allies.  
“Doctor,” Jenny starts, but quickly quiets herself when Vastra gives her a slightly stern look.  After a few seconds, she changes her quest
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Eniialos: Dark Throne
Eniialos: Dark Throne
“The orcs have taken everything from me, Aero.  What shall I do about it?”
The small pseudodragon's arrow-shaped head stuck out from his master's sleeve.  Their psychic link had grown stronger in the months since Eniialos was excommunicated, and his thoughts were already in his master's head.  This moment, however, was for the benefit of those around them.
The orc king stared pleadingly at the tiny creature.  His eyes told the story of the war Eniialos had single-handed led against his people.  The terror for his life and that of his children, wives, and people, were clear.  Aero remembered a time when that fear would have moved him.  Caused him to beg his master to show mercy.  No more.  The orcs had cost both of them too much.  Their own families.  Their homes.  Their loves.  All sacrificed before the orc cause.  And now, mere moments from their vengeance, the single creature most
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Neville's Fantasy
Neville's Fantasy
Neville Longbotton was an odd little wizard.  He was not only extremely forgetful,  and a skilled herbologist, but also had a liking for muggle video games.  Something other wizards thought was particularly strange since there were so many things to do in their world.
His favorite was Final Fantasy.  The old ones, since the new ones were getting into real world problems.  Neville played to escape reality, not to live it through someone else's eyes.  For the boy that took the most peer abuse in his year, reality was all too painful as it was.  Plus, as the bumbling son of two heroes, he could identify with many of the heroes of the early series, and hoped one day he'd get to prove himself somehow.
Most days he spent learning what his classes had to teach him about the wizarding world, from flying lessons he never got particularly good at to Defense against the Dark Arts, which he was downright terrible at.   He almost always felt
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The Hero of Time by Klangadin The Hero of Time :iconklangadin:Klangadin 2 0


Pikachu Anatomy- Pokedex Entry by Christopher-Stoll Pikachu Anatomy- Pokedex Entry :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 3,150 369 Bad Influence by RakkuGuy Bad Influence :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 3,131 725
Black and White
Nothing about the Doctor and River's relationship is black and white, except one thing...
River walked into the Tardis carrying a cluster of three white balloons. She tied them to the stair railing and walked out again.
She walked back in carrying a white vase filled with white flowers. She set them on the stairs.
“River, what are you doing?” the Doctor asked, watching this display in confusion.
She walked past him and silenced him with a kiss. For such a short, soft kiss it tingled him down to his toes.
He watched mystified as she walked off up the interior stairs farther into the Tardis.
She came back down lugging a large, ornate, straightbacked chair. She carried it past him down to the Tardis floor and arranged it in front of the wall scanner. She looked down, nodded, and walked out again.
She walked back in carrying a silvery cloth projector screen, and started setting it up behind the chair.
“River, what are you doing?” he asked again, completely be
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 43 14
Melody Song
Summary: River is turned into a child. She's six years old, cute as a button, and pissed off.
River stomped into the Tardis wearing a prison unitard, and seething. Her hair boiled around her head like an angry thunderstorm. Her vortex manipulator hung, clunky, on one slender wrist.
“You’d better be able to reverse this, Sweetie.” She frowned at the high, piping sound of her voice.
The others followed her in. The Doctor ran immediately for the console, his face wearing a sternly repressed, determined expression, fiercely biting down on the corners of his mouth that kept trying to tilt up. If he smiled, he knew he’d live to regret it.
Amy and Rory walked in, staring at River, both of them with gooey, besotted looks on their faces.
Rory shut the door. The Doctor threw the Tardis into flight.
“You’re just so cute!” Amy gushed, leaning over, reaching out to stroke the silky curls on River’s childlike, six-year-old head.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 56 10
Baby Pictures
Sequel to "Melody Song"
While River is stuck in the body of a six-year-old, Amy and Rory take advantage of the opportunity to take some baby pictures.
“There! That’s got it!” the Doctor triumphantly flicked a switch and gestured at the monitor.
River, transformed into a six-year-old body by an alien criminal justice system, stretched up on her stepstool and read the monitor screen.
“Oh, is that all?” she asked in her high, piping voice.
“What?” Amy asked from the sidelines, where she and Rory had been watching this child version of River, their child, as she and the Doctor had worked.
River turned to them, button nose, childish lips, bright dandelion curls, and smiled. “Piece of cake. We’ll have me back to normal in no time.” She jumped down off her stool with childish elasticity.
The Doctor spoke up behind her, his eyes following his newly kiddie
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 39 8
"River, what's your earliest memory of me?" the Doctor asked suddenly, out of the blue.
River turned and looked at him, then leaned her hip against the console. "Well, as I remember it, you were shaking my hand, and your hair was flopping in your face, and I thought you were the cutest thing I'd ever seen." She grinned at him, wiggling her hips, eyes bright and gleaming.
His eyebrows flew up, grinning back at her. Then he frowned, "Shaking your hand?"
She nodded. "Just before I insulted your bow tie."
He wracked his brains. When had he... That could have been any number of occasions. "And?" he prompted, those flyaway eyebrows going up, looking for more of a clue.
She tilted her head at him, and puckered her lips in thought. Eyes twinkling at him. "And then you kissed me, and I insulted your hair."
His eyes shifted in furious thought. Again, that could have been any number of occasions. Suddenly the light bulb went off over his head.
"Hah!" His eyes danced. He clapped his hands and poin
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 49 9
celtic dwarf by roblfc1892 celtic dwarf :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 460 87 Custom order by Pinkabsinthe Custom order :iconpinkabsinthe:Pinkabsinthe 10,577 463 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 155,633 11,691 Gambit COLOR by vest Gambit COLOR :iconvest:vest 626 19 SAVE THE BOOBS Stamp by maniacthelunatic SAVE THE BOOBS Stamp :iconmaniacthelunatic:maniacthelunatic 203 21 Fake Boobs Suck Stamp by TrippFoxx Fake Boobs Suck Stamp :icontrippfoxx:TrippFoxx 239 199
Live-Love-Write Writing Prompt 'Purple Haze and q
Featuring those who submitted to the September 30th to October 7th, 2011 writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, featured in style, along with information on the newest prompt.
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Last Week's Writing Prompt
"Purple Haze"
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Captain America by robpitts1969 Captain America :iconrobpitts1969:robpitts1969 17 11 work by krrobar work :iconkrrobar:krrobar 15 8
To My Father
You were always there to pick me up
No matter how far i had fallen
The strength you possessed
Rivaled that of the tallest oak
Or even the deepest ocean
But your love for others was the greatest of all
For it couldnt be measured by anything small
Your love has shown brighter
Than the brightest star in heaven
So now be at peace
With those who have gone before you
When our time finally comes
We will all meet again
Dearest Father, Brother
But most important of all
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I got two of the three done, and I'm pretty happy with it so far.  I need to do a little studying before I try the Percy Jackson one, so it'll be a bit, but it'll get done.


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