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I have 432 messages. My last update was around a year ago now. 

That's not very good. 

So what's new? I graduated last summer, I've held a few random part time positions, and I've recently decided "hell with it" in order to try getting by on commissions full time. It's kind of working. Kind of. I still have a few things up my sleeve and am not yet calling it quits (and if I was, eesh, two months is a pretty sad run at this). At any rate I can't go back to serving popcorn to people with terrible taste in movies. Not yet.

But if I'm creating freelance work, where's all the new artwork? Well, I've delved back into my high school hobby of customizing model horses. I definitely did not need a degree to continue doing that. However that's a story/rant/complaint/thought process for another time. I'm not quite sure just how to go into explaining the model horse hobby (I swear, this is an actual thing), so I'll just post a few random links for you to either:
[a] point and laugh at
[b] feel strangely amazed at
[c] ignore completely……   (<--my stuff)

Then what about illustration-y things? Thaaat's.....a bit more hazy. Believe me, I'm getting more time to work on paintings and sculptures than when I worked part time. But it's still tricky to split my time and attention between what I love doing and what actually pays the bills. There are projects that are slowly coming together though, and upon completion, I SWEAR they will be posted here. 

Think that's about it for now....
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Submitted on
May 26, 2014