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Rolling out some updates in my shop this week and next week so folks can take advantage of 30% off their cart total at checkout (deal ends Dec. 8th). Added the first 7 of the spooky movie marathon paintings this year, with more to come! :)

Hey DeviantArt friends- I recently put together a Patreon!…

It's very basic at the moment, and pretty much a place for me to get more of my thoughts down when creating work. (And hopefully start some conversations, I'd love to get to know more folks!)

The different reward tiers WILL have actual different rewards in the future (outside of patron-exclusive posts), but that will be a few months down the line at least while I get things organized and sorted. But if you would like to support me and my work, and get a more in depth look at my process- take a look!
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And it's still pretty meh.

But after lots of family drama, moving shenanigans, and life being convoluted, I'm finally a good deal more settled and starting to get going on more art. A lot of things in progress, several ideas getting sorted, y'know. ART. Or something. So hopefully I'll be frequenting dA a bit more with all kinds of new things!
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It's boring and dumb and it pays the bills.

It's also so mindless that when I get home I still have energy to make my own stuff. So that's cool.
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I have 432 messages. My last update was around a year ago now. 

That's not very good. 

So what's new? I graduated last summer, I've held a few random part time positions, and I've recently decided "hell with it" in order to try getting by on commissions full time. It's kind of working. Kind of. I still have a few things up my sleeve and am not yet calling it quits (and if I was, eesh, two months is a pretty sad run at this). At any rate I can't go back to serving popcorn to people with terrible taste in movies. Not yet.

But if I'm creating freelance work, where's all the new artwork? Well, I've delved back into my high school hobby of customizing model horses. I definitely did not need a degree to continue doing that. However that's a story/rant/complaint/thought process for another time. I'm not quite sure just how to go into explaining the model horse hobby (I swear, this is an actual thing), so I'll just post a few random links for you to either:
[a] point and laugh at
[b] feel strangely amazed at
[c] ignore completely……   (<--my stuff)

Then what about illustration-y things? Thaaat's.....a bit more hazy. Believe me, I'm getting more time to work on paintings and sculptures than when I worked part time. But it's still tricky to split my time and attention between what I love doing and what actually pays the bills. There are projects that are slowly coming together though, and upon completion, I SWEAR they will be posted here. 

Think that's about it for now....
Ok, high school whining aside, updating sites takes a while.  dA for whatever reason is lower on my list of things to do...still trying to adjust that.  The semester's finally evened out to a cruise in time for break in a couple of weeks which is nice.  I'm expecting to create some new movie and tv show posters over break because they're DAMN fun.  Moving along though....
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Quiet rain day in Columbus and an effort to bring things up to speed here!  Just uploaded three new landscape pieces from class this year, with lots more to come soon :)  Will be updating more regularly here as required by a class on marketing yourself online essentially.  Plus it's been in the back of my mind to do so.  For a while.
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Well ok it's been quite a while since I've posted anything here but I can't bring myself to close down anything just yet.  Seeing how I'm now writing a journal thing I'm guessing this means I'll be posting some updates here in the near future.  We'll see what goes.  But with my main stress source eliminated for the rest of this summer and a lot of free time I'm working on a lot of new art and hopefully I can make up in part for my extended absence.
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This first month of school is making my brain explode- both in homework and personal projects.  That's my excuse for a lack of internet updates at any rate- but between tumblr, blogger, and dA it's a bit much to begin with.  I'll be attempting to update dA and blogger once a week if I can- I certainly have enough new work each week to throw around.  
All in all this is a bit of an apologetic post for my lack of activity here (boring and trite I know) but felt like it was owed.
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Second week of school- for some reason feel very out of it in classes but that might just have something to do with not having many actual art assignments yet (wtf) and being completely engulfed in a Sherlock obsession (all Rowkey's fault  Either way there's a few things in the making- both class related and not- so hopefully I'll be updating here with some worth while material sometime soon.
Forest Lawn is AWESOME.  I went once it finished raining here so it was grey and slightly foggy and the mood was incredible.  No one was there and I got within 8 feet of a young stag and 10 ft of a red tailed hawk that just got a squirrel!  And GUESS WHO DIDN'T HAVE A CAMERA.  Oh time I guess but definitely going back a couple more times while I'm still in Buffalo to draw more grave markers.
So far anyway.  Demon a day is...well....moving along and keeping me drawing at any rate.  As long as the weather permits tomorrow though I think I'll venture out to Forest Lawn cemetery with my trusty sketchbook!  I've spent far too much time watching MST3K, The Office and South Park on Netflix.  Walking's healthy, right?
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Ok well a few classes remain but it's the last week with no more finals due so it's close enough.  Only been on dA for a fraction of that time- hopefully I'll keep my account here up to speed as I hurtle into next year.  If you want to peruse my flailing as an artist earlier this school year head over here:…
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I guess getting a DA account and actually using it has been a long time coming but it's finally here lol.
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