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I've drawn for most of my life (started when I was around 8 or 10) in my free time, but I've finally decided to work on it more and make it a hobby. I usually do traditional drawings, but I'm switching over to digital. I'm not the best at drawing, but I'm determined to keep practicing so I can make art that I truly enjoy! :D Aside from drawing, I know a bit of code (html and CSS) and I love taking pictures and cooking. I'm working towards a degree in Biotechnology, so art will always be a pastime for me, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do art ^^

Hello! I've got some characters up for sale and offer as I am in need of funds. Still haven't found a job, ripbozo They're all in these folders: https://toyhou.se/KkumKat/characters/folder:1639670 https://toyhou.se/KkumKat/characters/folder:1639669 https://toyhou.se/KkumKat/characters/folder:1639671 Of course money is a priority, but I am open to negotiation/offers!! Also, be aware that some of the characters in these folders are only available to trade for characters and/or art. Also have comms open for a pay what you want price. I have some fairly old art examples here, but my art is pretty much still the same. If you'd like more examples, or to message me about a character or whatnot, feel free to message here or on TH! (More responsive on TH) Thank you for your time!!
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Come check out this MYO event that the closed species Fountain Tiger is running right now! Here's a direct link to the discord channel if you're interested but don't want to jump in just yet ^^ I'll see you there!!
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Hello everyone! I've been sick for about 2 months now, still am sick with no idea what's going on, and have needed to take off from work very often due to the pain I feel from my ailment. The pain has since gotten worse, and it's caused me to have to stay home indefinitely now. Fortunately, I'm at home more and able to do more things I enjoyed before having to work long hours, like art! Unfortunately, though, I can't pay the bills when I don't work ;; I'm not able to scrape by any longer, and with no other way for me to make money, I'm asking for some commissions and selling a few characters. Commission Information - Basically doing almost anything. Just shoot me a message and we'll discuss what you'd like, what I can do, and the price for it. Art examples - https://www.deviantart.com/kkumkat/gallery and https://toyhou.se/KkumKat/art and https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/335559508594262017/1137985175767232523/image.png?width=1227&height=1325 Read my TOS :Oc
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Hi! Excuse me for bothering you, i just saw your faves and thought that it could be interesting for you because of your taste ^^ I create mystical hand drawn adoptables and some free materials for them - backgrounds, free gatcha raffles and other stuff ^_^

If you are interested in some of this - welcome on my page in the free folder :)If not - just delete this comment, and sorry for this massage ^^


hi😊 I found dragons and other magic creatures in your gallery and favs, if you like this topic, please welcome on my page, I will make Raffle with gifts and Dragon Gatcha soon on 2000 watchers ☺