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Green Dragon by kkolmakov Green Dragon :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 5 1 Thorin from the Hobbit by kkolmakov Thorin from the Hobbit :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 0 1 Happy Holidays! by kkolmakov Happy Holidays! :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 1 These Two Again by kkolmakov These Two Again :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 1 A Find by kkolmakov A Find :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 0 0 Cosy Jumper by kkolmakov Cosy Jumper :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 3 1 Perfect Roommates by kkolmakov Perfect Roommates :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 5 3 Mermaid Surprise by kkolmakov Mermaid Surprise :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 2 1 MerLove by kkolmakov MerLove :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 2 3
Here Be Dragons. Silly Hobbit Fanfiction. Ch. 3
King Thranduil was lounging in his antler decorated throne as usual, and Tauriel approached him. Legolas was lingering behind her, his face haughty. The two of them had just returned from the Lake Town; and were thankfully allowed in, despite all the security measures that had been taken in Mirkwood.
"I see the two of you found your way back," the Elvenking said in his habitual lazy drawl; and Tauriel threw a quick look at Legolas. Surely, he was better equipped to deal with the Sinda - especially, in the light of the decanter being empty on the table by the King's elbow.
"We have discovered that an army of Orcs is moving toward our lands," Legolas finally stopped impersonating the statue of himself. There were plenty of those around the Halls; there was no need to add another. "They are bringing Wargs and bats with them."
"What of the dragon then? Will it join them?" the King asked; and Legolas and Tauriel exchanged awkward indecisive looks. Tauriel still thought it would be better co
:iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 3
Here Be Dragons. Silly Hobbit FanFiction. Ch. 2
Thorin edged towards a scaly side of the tail, and considered poking it with the sword. On the other hand, there was a chance that the dragon’s epidermis, with its smaller and gentler? - scales, was more sensitive than that of Smaug, which they had unsuccessfully tried to penetrate with Dwarven axes and spears a hundred and seventy years ago.
“Um… my lady?” Thorin tried calling to the beast again. Another long shuddered sigh came from the coils. “Would it be possible to… perhaps, discuss the question of a potential transfer of your real estate property?” Thorin thought that was a good line of negotiations. Trade was good - Thorin knew trade.
The horned head moved, and one eye peeped from behind yet another… curve? - of the serpent’s body.
“Do you mean, you want me to sell the Mountain to you?” The tone was uncertain. Finally, Thorin thought, some cogs were moving in that incrustated belfry.
“I don’t have much
:iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 0 3
Serpent Guard and Viper by kkolmakov Serpent Guard and Viper :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 5 Woodman by kkolmakov Woodman :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 2 Werna, daughter of Lyr (original character) by kkolmakov Werna, daughter of Lyr (original character) :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 2 2
Here Be Dragons. Silly Hobbit FanFiction. Ch.1
Author's Note: This is just a silly little fic born out of a delightful conversation with my dear friend citadela on, and out of a funny doodle I made.
"And those who doubted us will rue this day!" Thorin roared, shaking the Erebor key in his hand, the secret door finally ajar in front of him, and the company shouted and cheered in their triumph.
Which ebbed couple hours later when the Halfling, who'd gone down to find the Arkenstone, didn't come back. And then the level of enthusiasm from the company dropped even lower, when a deafening rumble of what definitely wasn't an earthquake rushed through the mountain.
Balin softly nudged Thorin towards the door, claiming that they needed to make sure the burglar was alright. Thorin swallowed his suggestion for the old geezer to go and check on the Halfling himself, and made a few cautious steps towards the door.
"I fear for you, Thorin," Balin continued droning at the background. "You're not yourself."
He'd be a roasted mu
:iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 1 0
Wren and Mr. Thornton by kkolmakov Wren and Mr. Thornton :iconkkolmakov:kkolmakov 2 2


Frankenstein by faQy Frankenstein :iconfaqy:faQy 113 16 Bard and the thrush by Norloth Bard and the thrush :iconnorloth:Norloth 50 2 The Haunted Flat by Sceith-A
Mature content
The Haunted Flat :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 199 9
Kitsune by Sceith-A Kitsune :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 285 10 Persimmon (starvation) by Sceith-A Persimmon (starvation) :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 307 5 Ittan-momen by Sceith-A Ittan-momen :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 375 7 Yuki-onna by Sceith-A Yuki-onna :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 461 3 Bakeneko by Sceith-A Bakeneko :iconsceith-a:Sceith-A 396 8 Aragorn by kimberly80 Aragorn :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 460 53 Bag End by Emiljart Bag End :iconemiljart:Emiljart 66 4 seline.kells by kgwa seline.kells :iconkgwa:kgwa 2,050 140 Alchemist Sally by Skirtzzz Alchemist Sally :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 6,207 462 Rehearsal by chacckco Rehearsal :iconchacckco:chacckco 1,018 20 Richard Armitage by SosiNonoo Richard Armitage :iconsosinonoo:SosiNonoo 37 18 Tolkien Bw Set by rantz Tolkien Bw Set :iconrantz:rantz 124 9 Tolkien 1 by kormak Tolkien 1 :iconkormak:kormak 62 7


Thorin from the Hobbit
As big of a fan of Richard Armitage as I am, this is what Thorin, son of Thrain looks like in my head. 'The Hobbit' is my favourite book since I was six. Here's just a small coloured pencil drawing I doodled for my son the other day. He of course prefers the modern, sword swinging version Giggle and who can blame him! 
Happy Holidays!
Just a little card I made at the end of December 2017. Happy whatever you celebrate! Cheers! Clap 
These Two Again
These are my original characters, John and Wren, born out of my fanfiction writing for the Hobbit (you can find links to my accounts on my blog I thought it would be funny to draw them as kids. I think if they went to school together, they'd be inseparable and cause a lo-o-o-ot of trouble :D (Big Grin) Her hairstyle is the homage to the glorious hair of my friend G.
A Find
I miss autumn, my favourite time of the year, with its sweater weather, and long walks in the woods. I'm still very much intimidated by watercolours, but they are definitely fun, though challenging.



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