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Monk Meets Psyche Chapter Six
Natalie Teeger's Point of View
So, we met the rival. He had those nasty blue eyes - as cold as Captain Stottlemeyer had tried to explain. He also had this swag as though he was superior to everyone present, and had warmly invited everyone inside, though without a single smile to Captain Stottlemeyer.
I know that Gus had the honour of telling the amazing tale on how Monk had discovered some very huge dirt on Captain Stottlemeyer's rival, whom the captain had very well-described to us, Director of the Supreme Court of California's Investigation Unit, Director Dixon. He had been rather mad. His look was seething with fury, blue ice-cold irises melting into burning red ones, a gaze worthy enough to make the hardiest person shudder.
Monk had his eyes fixed on the psych, Shawn. I would say that he is cute but Monk had more to say other than the fact that he was a inconsiderate breaker of rules on the streets. It was something more hurtful; it was that, Shawn the psych was not a psych.
It hap
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Perrysketchy1 by Kkobra Perrysketchy1 :iconkkobra:Kkobra 0 0
Monk Meets Psyche Chapter Five
Burton Guster's Point of View
It was one thing to be mentally prepared for a warm welcome by the Governor of California and to have your smile to be welcoming and to shake his hand with great honour and not wash your hands after that. But it was a completely different story if you walk up the steps and before you can open the door, you are being arrested. For what, I have yet to find out.
"Captain, arrest them for inconsiderate driving and littering."
The man standing in front of me was probably the neatest man I have ever seen. He had no facial hair, his clothes were well ironed and not even a single crease. It was even creepier if his hands were interlocked in a way that was rather much symmetrical. This really increased his professionalism and was for a neat man, rather intimidating.
Shawn was not in the least impressed looking at the man, taking off his shades and then trying his very best to look like he was giving a very conceited and very Hollywood-style of condescending look.
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Phineas Stargazing - Edit by Kkobra Phineas Stargazing - Edit :iconkkobra:Kkobra 13 19
Monk Meets Psyche Chapter 4
Natalie Teeger's Point of View:
The sun had not yet started to rise and the streets were still dark. Yet, I was up in the morning at five, ready to fetch Mr. Monk at six. We were due at the California Court. This time, I made sure that I got there early so that I can wake Mr. Monk up before he postpones yet the trip yet again for waking up late.
It was only five forty five when I heard the ringing of first a digital clock with a persistent beep. Then, I heard a second ringing of a classic bed time clock with the loud tingling chiming. Next, I heard the sound of a bird coming out of the Grandfather's clock, which I never knew Monk had possessed. It was a symphony of noise in its own way and yet again I used the word, 'Noise', which meant that there was going to be complains.
The apartment below the block of Monk's had its lights turned out and then very loudly followed, "Who turned on the alarm on this thing!" Well, case solved. This might not end up really well. So, I immediately parke
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Monk Meets Psych Chapter 3
Burton Guster's Point of View
The originally white walls with a slight yellow hue of the Santa Barbara was now being painted white, by workers who have recently been employed with their blue jumpsuits and the huge paintbrushes on their hands. Inside the corridors, walls have not only been painted white. Everything was cleaned. Everything was white. Everything was new.
Shawn, carrying the two Subway Sandwiches, was nothing more than glancing around. He was looking left and right, looking for something. At first, I was naïve enough to think Captain Kara. About time the man learnt something about time.
Then, at the next second, he was bursting out loud.
"Jules!" he cried out, hands already apart, more than ready to give a hug of friendliness to Julia O'Hara.
Julia O'Hara was one of the few people that actually believed in Shawn. There must have been private moments between them that Shawn was hiding, because for the next few moments, there was an awkward silence. Shawn was blatantly
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Chapter 2, Monk Meets Psych
Chapter Two:
Henry entered the house with a huge box, a pile of boxes actually. Each one on top of one another, balanced on top of two hands. Henry Spencer made sure to keep that delicate measure of balance as he used his back to support the door.
He turned slowly into the house and then headed for the sink in the kitchen. Each step was taken with extreme caution and careful as they slowly and lightly landed without a sound on the tiled floor.
"Is that my birthday present?" Shawn yelled out from behind Henry.
Henry jolted, obviously shocked as the pile of boxes tumbled onto the floor. He looked angrily at them as Shawn and his best friend's, Gus, head bobbed out from behind then kitchen table.
"No… Shawn, what are you doing up now? Shouldn't you be in that zoo trip with your school?" Henry asked obviously seething as he bent over to pick up each box.
"I told Ms. Mahame that there was a family emergency."
"Which is?" By now, Henry Spencer had already picked up each and every box
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Chapter 1, Monk Meets Psych
Chapter One: Mr. Monk wakes up late.
Natalie Teeger's Point of View
I was waiting at the doorsteps of Mr. Monk's house at the usual time of eight. Mr. Monk as you have to know is a very demanding boss. Amongst the binder of rules he had given to me, one of them was the most important, the time that I have to report at his doorstep.
Mr. Monk was very particular. He had given me a watch on my first day at work with him. It had the same time, the cheap plastic watch had as the rest of the clocks in the house and also the time on his watch. It was the Monk's Universal Time. Eight though might be early to many of you was chosen with intense calculation.
That was an understatement.
Mr. Monk had to choose from a list of even numbers of times. From six in the morning, two minute pass six, four minutes pass six, eight minutes pass six… all the way till ten in the morning. I had merely done him the favour by choosing eight, which had both symmetry and was even.
I knocked on the door twice,
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But yes.

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As of 27/9/14.

Yeah, yeah, I'm open to requests. I'll see if there's anything I can come up with which isn't exactly horrendous. And free practice for me, product for you. Win-win.

But as of now, I'm almost married to my books. For 2 months. So, toodles~

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