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Before clicking the next tube, wait for the horn to finish playing so to not overlay the sounds.

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See the no loss of quality and no Flash version. the image itself >>> [link] <<<

Sound samples and cutouts from Lustmord - Black Star

stock used: Mjarnum_stock

The atmosphere this music gives gave me chills since i first heard it.
To tell the truth, Lustmord is so powerful. All my images i ever drew in dark-surreal were drawn while listening to the looping sounds of lustmord.

I DONT allow any of my clubs to display this in their galleries.

Done for *my-dark-desire dark surreal contest. Vote here: [link]
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Zoiexx's avatar
What is a Lustmord?
Tunerbot's avatar
Ah, I remember this musician. He scares the life out of every small brained animal that i play this to. Good job on the artwork, by the way.
Subaqueous's avatar
I will favourite this so that I may play with it later. =]
Shub-Yoggoth's avatar
The work inspires and induces me with awe.
I've never been able to see any Lustmord compositions with such a surreal illustration.
Subtitle eeriness with a bold surreal image. <3
Spinewinder's avatar
Love it, excellent work
sioux-she's avatar
Superb - eeriness :heart:
Wojo55's avatar
I did not favorite this first time I found it and have regretted it. This piece has stayed with me. Exceptional and haunting.
randomaxes's avatar
wow, so dark and surreal.
the music is perfect.
truly a masterpiece.
cepums's avatar
absolutely fantastic.. i spent like 15 minutes with it.. and i still can't get enought :)
HDO's avatar
i must admit, this isn't the form of art, i usually like. but this specific piece has really enchanted me - i just want to see it again and again. this is one of the best piece of art i've seen here. seriously, it's just awesome. i would just like to have the original picture as a wallpaper, but it's too small.

keep up the good work!!!
AF-studios's avatar
I featured your beautiful work here - [link]
:love: :kiss:
KKL's avatar
Thank you muffin!
inspiredimperfection's avatar
wow, dude. you're artwork is just incredible, and you've matched it to the PERFECT ambiance to create a totally immersive experience. watching you for your vision, and sure i'll be staying for what i havent seen yet! :giggle:
loremjay's avatar
this is really awesome!
XnevermoretheraeX's avatar
I love this. Great job.
KKL's avatar
;) Glad you liked it
catieisavampire159's avatar
holy hell.
i must say that the music is creepy as all get out.
the image is amazing and fits so well.
i love all of it.
it gives me the shivers but i can't seem to get enough of it!
i love it so much!
KKL's avatar
I think you just got the feeling i see in this image and this noise.

I listen to it everyday practicaly. gets me going and gives me inspiration
catieisavampire159's avatar
i think i did too.
and i love it.

i think that would freak me out a bit!
haha. it would definitely inspire my art though!
Tellaine's avatar
wow! this is...just amazing! very cool picture and the sounds make it perfect! :+fav:
KKL's avatar
Thank youu ^^
Tink-ling's avatar
:clap: :clap: Fantastic work, Congrats!! :clap: :clap:

Featured here! [link]
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