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[closed 0/9] [OTA] orikero adopts!

i just wanted to have fun making adopts : D

you can offer on as many as you like but you may only receive a max of 2! there are no autobuys!

my toyhouse is here!

what u can do:
change the design
give away

what u cant do:
claim that u designed them
re-sell for a higher price (unless character has more art)

money (paypal) & art preferred, points are fine too. not really interested in designs.
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other comments here please! : D

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bro your brain...massive
these designs go hard
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himbos shouldnt be allowed to post to deviantart
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im allowed this ONE post before the himbo police get me

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these good,,,,,, i die
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these literally slap SO hard bro...
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Bro i love these.....ur designs delicious......
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offer for split here!!

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lucas i will give yuo everything. i have no limit.  i will not let anybody else get this frog. i will give you all the images of sagigi that you will ever need to live. i will create a sagigi acrylic charm for you adn add it to the package im sending you. i will do evrytihng. anytihng. nobody is tkakign this frog from me .

like 90% of images i do r coloured fullbodies anyway s so. taek thme . i do not know how many. 2 . 3 . 4  . more. i ahve money. you arent safef. i will do everything and then not stop
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offer for sharp here!!

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2 full bodies with fun patterned background like dis
Commission - Jarkster415 by wrathberries  

and 2 ref pages like dis
(GLITCH EFFECT) Commission - Jarkster415 by wrathberries   Peskypooch Reference Sheet Commission by wrathberries  
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offer for vsco here!!

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im so sorry!! but the adopts have closed i completely forgot to update the description again im so sorry : (

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Ah ok. It’s all good! No worries. 
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offer for night here!!

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offer for bow here!!

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discord offer of 3 shaded full bodies and 3 lineless full bodies!!

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offer for monster here!!

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im so bad at what to offer but UHHHHHH 2 or more fullbodies ??? with my simple background thing i usually do....
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offer for pop here!!

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2+ Fullbodies!!! I love her,,
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offer for stripes here!!

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