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Here is food for thought on this Sunday.

:bulletred: ""I am not interested in showing my work to photographers any more, but to people outside the photo-clique. My pictures are not escapes from reality, but a contemplation of reality, so that I can experience life in a deeper way." - Bruce Davidson

I like that quote. A lot. A whole lot.

I like it so much that it is going to come full circle in the upcoming days with an editorial I am working on.

:bulletred: I firmly believe something must be done about the issue of © and people on DA going to Google and finding images of actors/musicians and using them in wallpapers. The faq says it isn't ok to do this, but now with this stupid 3rd party (in other words, DA needs to hear from the movie/TV/music studio themselves...~ahem~ as if) the stuff is never taken down. It has gotten completely out of control. Educating the community as a whole would be a good start with a hot topic and something people must read before signing up here. Won't ever happen though and the dog will continue to chase it's tail.

:bulletred: Why are Romanian women so utterly beautiful? If not the most beautiful? Just saying../random

:bulletred: "The Government's War on Cameras"--PetaPixel blog (which all of you SHOULD be reading) has a really interesting video piece about the war going on between police and America! This really opens eyes and shows actual footage (several instances) where police are harassing photographers.

:bulletred: Zoo photography vs Wildlife Photography---over on 1x there is quite an interesting forum post on this which I recently came across… I really do wish that DA would split the 2 galleries here, but it will never happen.

:bulletred: Want to kill time or have nothing to do? How about 150 awesome photography sites?…

:bulletred: I wonder if anyone else thinks like I do with feeling like they have outgrown DA and wants something emotes, no social networking aspects, just really good feedback on how to better yourself as a photographer? I will also be examining this in an upcoming journal too.

:bulletred: You know what is weird but more truthful than anything? The image you love the very most, will likely do the worst on here, the one you can't stand will likely do the best.

:bulletred: Backyard Bird Photography? Without long lenses? You better believe it and NPN shows you how to do it…

:bulletred: Drama. Big drama in the photography world and one very well known shooter.… My take; who cares what happened almost 30 years ago. We all make mistakes. It was 30 years ago!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday

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Oh, yeah, you wrote this a long time ago, I know. dA has lots of kids (some with many years of age, but kids). Can a site remain clean and good? Probably, if people have to pay or if entry is moderated. Or the neighborhood photo club.
There are plenty of people here that will give you great feedback and good critiques - if you care for mine ask, and I'll give you my honest comment. I'm know guru, but have snapped a few frames in 25 years of photography, and looked at some images. I don't really like photography in general (echoing Bruce Davidson) - but used correctly it can yield excellent art.
So whatever - this is a good post and I wish I'll have time to read the rest. I don't delete you posts before reading, but have accumulated 74...
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I think it would be great if DA split wildlife with zoo phtography. Easier to browse if I feel like looking at wildlife or if I feel like zoo photos.
I like those photog sites I'll have to check some out :)
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Guess I'm still young, I like this site for the most part. Bieng able to talk to other artist and such is fun. But I do dislike the porn and awkward photo's that are all over this site.
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I love that quote. Selfish as it may seem, I generally take photos for my own pleasure, for my own contemplation. In fact many are just my thoughts captured through the lens, and the vast majority of these thoughts never make it into the public (and thus not on dA).

As for copyright, I think this issue also ties in with the social networking thing. Many Deviant galleries are just like a Tinypic or Photobucket gallery, and their dA gallery is what you would expect to find on their Facebook page. dA "fave"= fb "like". I'm considering pulling my stock images off here, as I have no doubt they are being used on forum-based role playing games and other sim games - without credit to me. But then, I'd rather they steal my 'stock' images than my non-stock images.

Aside from a very few exceptions, most of my personal favourite images in my gallery are the ones I like less. So I have to agree with you on that one!

John, I hope that your influence will create change in regards to many things. The 'zoo' matter is one such issue that bugs me.

Have you noticed how much porn gets uploaded on here? Often I will refresh the front page (set to newest deviations submitted) to see works I would otherwise not see in the deviants/groups I watch. And I reckon maybe 1 in 30 images will be porn. Completely in violation of the TOS, and most definitely not 'artistic'.

I know what you mean about feeling 'too old' for this site. I now completely ignore the llamas, birthday cakes, 'fave for fave', 'muro' drawings, etc. At 29, I seem like an old fart amongst the age that is obsessed with Twilight and Hannah Montana. I'm not a completely serious killjoy though - I grew up with humour like Monty Pythons' Academy of Funny Walks.

I'll have to check out those photography website links later this week. Thanks for sharing them.
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Oh, you're German. I thought there was something wrong with you!
Es tut mir leid, but I just had to say that!

what will these emoticon artists come up with next?

John keeps telling us how good RedBubble is... I really should get around to uploading more images to it. tomorrow.
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Haha, nothing wrong, I've just recognised that I'm not the only one who grew up with Monty Python and who is obviously not obsessed by most of the contemporary comedy. ;)
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heeheehee Loved the Romanian comment....wish I were Romanian!! As for the rest...I have butted heads with DA about the third party copyright thing. I am now making it a point to try and contact the original artist so that THEY can file a claim. I expect sooner or later one of the BIG companies that is getting its products (such as cross stitch or needlepoint kits) infringed upon is going to react. I also expect that since DA is aware of said cases...and is making money off of the prints of the work that they refuse to remove...they will most likely get their asses sued.
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It's so true that the image you love the most does the worst while the one you hate does the best. It happens to me time and time again.
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Plenty of stuff to contemplate...

1. What a lovely quote! I can identify with feeling engulfed by the art circles, wanting to break out and just enjoy it, but very few of us reach that level of recognition that we no longer have to seek the safety of the art community. As it is, i feel better, more "understood" and more appreciated sharing my art in the art community...

2. I completely agree. All of it - stolen contemporary stuff as well as uploading scanned images of old painters into "Painting" gallery - disgraceful! But it would take a decided effort on dA's part to suspend such accounts. I think it is easily done, why they are not doing it - I can only speculate. But it is a disgrace.

3. Awww :) Yes, they are quite unique-looking, personally, I prefer Russian women, I like that blonde, full lips look, but it's wonderful there is something for everyone out there :D

4. There is so much wrong with all rich western capitalist democracies, I have given up on them. I just ignore the issue and live sort of underground and on the fringes. Just can't be bothered with brainwashing and Big Brother and stupid people who agree with it all anymore.

5. I totally agree, the galleries should be split, and actually, it shouldn't be very difficult to do. Maybe to put more pressure on dA, write a petition or some such, this one is most easily achieved out of your whole list :nod:

6. This one - not so easily achieved :D No spare time whatsoever, in fact, I am plotting how to free up some. Too many projects, too little time...

7. This has been my conundrum for weeks. I need more time to devote to writing, dA is sapping a lot of strength from me, and none of it is going on actual personal artwork. I am swamped by the social aspect of it, too many groups I'm in that I feel like getting out of but nice people and friends are keeping me in it. I am on the verge of quitting all but 3 groups (the ones I founded), I just ruthlessly took over 95% of groups I'm in off the deviations watchlist, everyone off Critiques watchlist, in desperate hope to clear up my message centre somewhat.
I really need to do something about this point, it's driving me mad.

8. Hahhaha :rofl: Yes, it used to happen to me all the time, maybe I've gone all commercial, but these days, it doesn't happen so often. But I so know the feeling, and it's like wtf :confused:

9. I have removed my bird feeder because my yard was under siege from at least 10 neighbourhood cats who used it as a trap! They even sat behind the bird feeder in my cherry tree waiting for the poor birds to land and than - zap!
So I thought it would be kinder to the birds to remove the feeder all together...

10. There is one thing I never forgive a photographer - sexually abusing the models. Which unfortunately leaves me with very little I can enjoy in fashion photography.
Makes me sad and angry...
White collar crime - unless it's the bankers - meh! I say :giggle:
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good stuff John..I like the Romanians too,
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Good stuff John,thanks for the links,will bookmark :pc:
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It's true... [link] is one of my favorites of mine but it does really terribly on most sites, haha. Oh well, I like it and it is a very meaningful image to me so I don't really care.
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Why are Romanian women so utterly beautiful? If not the most beautiful? Just saying../random
Haha, John. What made you say that?
Romanian women are beautiful indeed but I didn't know you appreciate their beauty so much.
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yeah, the third party thing in the copyright rule on here does piss me off. how in the world is one suppose to get contact with the movie studio themselves? and even so, like they have the time to care about such a pittly matter. i guess these explains all the wallpapers and what not from tv or movies that gets posted on here and it moslty goes unnoticed. so unfortunately, i can agree that copyright rules are getting way too lax here and that they should be tighten up here.

I don't think I have outgrown DA just yet, yes, I have expanded to others sites, but I still like posting my photos on DA and I still like coming here everyday. i guess mostly because I'm still young and still like the site too much. but I know, as a get older, I probably will outgrown DA eventually, just not right away.
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Why are Romanian women so utterly beautiful? If not the most beautiful? Just saying../random

Ahhhhh ! the power of God did spray above Romania & Poland many more magical dust than other places ....

Each time I see a speechless true natural Beauty ... I know they come from here. And I never made a mistake !
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It's annoying, even if you point it out to these persons that it's not OK what they're doing, they don't get it. They mistake their gallery with their personal blog or something - and it's a lot easier for dA to wait for an infringement report from the originator, because they would need to hire not just one admin for copyright issues if they would like to follow up every reported deviation.

Oh, and I totally agree on your view on Romanian women! :D
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They really don't get it. I just pointed out today, to one user, how his use of photographs showing actors from the TV show "Supernatural" was not ok to use. Something really needs to be done, and I really wish DA was proactive in this. It is just a matter of time until crap hits the fan, and studios start taking sites like DA to court for being hosts for copyrighted material. It is getting there. A hardcord stance MUST be taken on stuff like this [link]

I have no clue what is with Romanian women, but maybe I should move there lol
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It's the same with this one: [link]
I received it as a submission to my group and wondered because it didn't fit
to the submissions that I usually received from this user. I searched for it
with TinEye and Google and found it dozens of times. When I told her to put
it down she just withdrew the submission from the group. Problem solved. ;)

If not Romania, Poland is also recommendable. ;)
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See stuff like that should be automatically deleted, unless the deviant can PROVE it is theirs. I have no idea what is happening around here but DA is starting to become one big image hosting social networking site. I have an honest to God 0 tolerance for this kind of crap. Know what else I have 0 tolerance for? When 3 people on this website post that image and nothing is done about it [link] [link]
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I couldn't agree more!
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What you mentioned here is pissing me off too: "I firmly believe something must be done about the issue of © and people on DA going to Google and finding images of actors/musicians and using them in wallpapers. The faq says it isn't ok to do this, but now with this stupid 3rd party (in other words, DA needs to hear from the movie/TV/music studio themselves...~ahem~ as if) the stuff is never taken down. "
But it's not just that about dA. There is photos that not just don't belong to the photographer but support nazism which is also go under the defination of offensive.
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