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:star: Announcing The Official deviantART Photography>APN -"Natures Natural Textures" Contest! :star:

:bulletred: That is right, deviantART and the Photography>Animals, Plants, and Nature Gallery is proud to bring to you the first "Natures Natural Textures" photography contest!

Community Relations Stamp by communityrelations Natures Natural Texture by Tepara Natures Natural Textures by 0-kelley-0 The Photography APN Contest by Tepara APN stamp chatty chat by Tepara

:onfire: The Detailed Goodness! :onfire:

help by VenustasSomnium When does the contest start and end?--- The category you can directly submit images to will be open on the 24th of June and closes on July 24th at 11:59:59PM PST So tomorrow, you can begin to submit your deviation directly to the category under "Contests>Natures Natural Textures"

help by VenustasSomnium Ok so what is the theme?--- The theme is "Natures Natural Textures" which basically is what says, textures that occur naturally within nature, think about the textures found on leaves and plants, trees, in fur on wildlife, even in landscapes and scenics, and you start to get the idea.

help by VenustasSomnium So what do you mean by "Natures textures"? Can you show us some examples?--- Yes I certainly can! "Natures Natural Textures means things that occur, well, naturally in nature, with texture. For some great examples, check out the images below.

Drifting IV by wroth Top Model by SeaWhisper :thumb124550808:

:thumb124549108: Landing Pad by dandelgrosso Jumper Portrait by ironmanbr

help by VenustasSomnium What are the prizes?--- The prize breakdown is as follows:

:star: 1st place - 1 yr subscription & $50 devcash

:star: 2nd place - 6 months & $25 devcash

:star: 3rd place - 3 months & $15 devcash

:star: Runners up - 1 month subs & emoticon button pack

:star: ALL with be featured in more than 150 journals from all over DA, a listing of who will be featuring can be found in this poll here

help by VenustasSomnium What is "devcash"?--- (What is a Polarizer?...sorry inside joke, had to! lol) DevCash is essentially the cash currency of DA, it is as good as money, you can renew or purchase subscriptions with it, buy prints with it, T-shirts, tote bags, hats, any devwear, name it.

help by VenustasSomniumWho are the judges?--- This was very hard for me to choose, but in the end I chose 4 judges who are all VERY accomplished nature photographers.

:spotlight-left: :iconiamidaho: :iconinebriantia: :iconfubecando: :icontrbphotographyllc: :spotlight-right:

help by VenustasSomniumHow do you we submit images?--- You will be able to upload your image directly to the "Contests -> Natures Natural textures" area as you would upload anything else.

help by VenustasSomniumHow many images may we submit?--- You may submit ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPH for the contest, so make sure it is your absolute best!

help by VenustasSomnium What are the image requirements?--- A few things on this, and after much brainstorming here is a list of guidelines I have come up with:

:bulletred: Images should focus of textures

:bulletred: HDR is allowed, as is B&W, Sepia, Monotone, & tints. Selective coloring is NOT allowed.

:bulletred: Photographs should be photographs and not manipulations.

:bulletred: Macro photography IS allowed

:bulletred: Images MUST be within gallery guidelines of being 400px ANY side minimum as per gallery guidelines in FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?

:bulletred: The photograph can be taken at any time, there is NO time constraint.

:bulletred: Obviously the photograph MUST be taken by you.

:bulletred: The photograph may already reside in your gallery.

help by VenustasSomnium Where may I find out more info?---  Feel free to stop in the #PhotographyAPN Chatroom where we will have a special section set up for judges and ask your questions, most regulars within the #PhotographyAPN chat are well versed about the contest.

help by VenustasSomnium How big will this be?--- Honestly, I think this will be quite a huge contest, it will also be a VERY good way for you to get your work seen by the community as a whole, and self promotion is always a good thing!

help by VenustasSomnium Do you need any help?--- Actually YES I do! If someone wants to use a few of the stamps about the contest, go right ahead, and if anyone wants to copy and paste this news article or link to it, go right ahead! I seriously welcome that! Also, if you wish to features the finalists in a journal, please add your name to the list in the poll… More the merrier folks!

Natures Natural Texture by Tepara Natures Natural Textures by 0-kelley-0 The Photography APN Contest by Tepara

help by VenustasSomnium Can we enter the contest if we feature the winners in our journal??--- Oh heck yes! You most certainly can! You aren't judges, so yes!

Now folks, get shooting and be thinking about textures that occur naturally in nature!

-- :iconkkart: Your Gallery Moderator of Photography>Animals, Plants & Nature
© 2009 - 2021 kkart
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Alicewood's avatar
Excuse me, where I can see who was the winner?
MrHSingh's avatar
do we know who won yet????
jsmith-jc1's avatar
Link just in case : [link]
Soleyes's avatar
I entered the contest yesterday with a photo already in my gallery but I uploaded it as a new photo with another name. Now, having read through some of the comments here, I have discovered that all I really needed to do was to change the category of the original photo already in my gallery. So, I have deleted the second copy of the pic from the contest and changed the category of the original pic to the contest category. However, I now can't see this pic entered in the contest. Can someone please confirm that [link] has been entered in the contest.
Ilikethefair's avatar

entered, link just in case
photographer-jan's avatar
[link] , Submitted, the link is just in case
Gaaralover10's avatar
oh,and how do i see the entrys? well,if i can
ThE-uNiQuE's avatar
Kumiko-Art's avatar
I have a question.
I just entered mine and want to change my entry...
Can I change the entry? If yes, then how can I change?
Omega-ltd's avatar
Hi I ve seen people entring this contest with more than one photo, so what would you do in this kind of situations?
Reply please!
Jazzhead's avatar
I thought I entered. Do you have a link of all that entered. If you refuse an entry do you tell the artist there image didn't make the grade?
BlackEyesSnowAngel's avatar
I have submit a picture to the contest.
But I have recently made another which is better.
Can I the first take it out and submit the other pic?
I'm not so sure.
NewMoon12's avatar
Can we submit sky texture? :?
pireplies's avatar
hi im interested in your contest but i can't understand where to submit my deviation..what is the link of this contest?..
EmceePhoto's avatar
You can upload your entry, and when you do, make the category Contests>Nature's Natural Textures!
Talescaper's avatar
Just read about this contest on the community relations news. I'm always taking photos of textures as fingerpractise. I'll see if I can upload something :P
BarrelGirl101's avatar
Is is one entry per account or per person?
BarrelGirl101's avatar
kkart's avatar
It's person but honestly, per account would mean you were entering 2 images as you are 1 person. Be fair, and just enter 1
BarrelGirl101's avatar
I will :D Just didnt want to break the rules :D
BarrelGirl101's avatar
I will be entering. Probably on this account :D Maybe my other.
Psychadellic's avatar
One thing I didn't see up there- how many submissions can we have? I have a few I could submit, I think. :D
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